Mentorship Program


The Mentor Program is a very exciting initiative for this year! We are looking for caring 3rd and 4th year students who are willing to share their extensive knowledge and wisdom with 1st, 2nd and 3rd year psychology students. We believe that guidance provided by upper year students can be very valuable to younger students. As most of our initiatives, the secondary goal of this program is to build a stronger psychology student community. We believe that this program will be beneficial for everyone involved. Mentors can help out their mentees with content material from classes, tell them about their own experiences in the psychology program, as well as provide them with useful tips about university life. Subsequently, mentees will benefit from the valuable guidance and expertise from their mentors. Providing guidance builds character and allows one to experience a sense of responsibility. Furthermore it deepens your ability to care for and understand the needs of others. We sincerely hope that you consider joining our mentorship program.

For mentors:

To become a mentor please email with the subject line: Mentorship Program – Mentor. Say what year you are in and what program — if specialist: what 2 seminar courses are you taking/planning to take, if major: 2 favorite 3/4th year class taking/taken what you are studying and why you are interested in mentoring.

For mentees:

To become a mentee please email with the subject line: Mentorship Program – Mentee. Please tell us what year, which major you are in or want to be in -> minor/major/specialist/undecided, most interested in which 2 of the following: (developmental, social, personality, abnormal, learning &memory, cognitive, psychobiology)

Also, depending on the numbers of applicants, we won’t be able to start (or at least very slowly) the program until we get our committee established.


Our applications are CLOSED. Come and join us in the following school year! 



Peer-mentorship Program at CPA

This mentorship program offers psychology undergraduate students the opportunity to engage in peer-mentorship relationships with mentors (graduate students). The primary purpose of this program is to facilitate the exchange of information and the sharing of personal and professional experiences amongst CPA Student Affiliate Members with varying levels of education across Canada.

Some examples of the benefits of peer mentorship can include, but are not limited to:

  • Acquiring area-specific information in psychology (e.g., Clinical vs. Counselling Psychology, etc.)
  • Learning about the importance of research and knowledge dissemination
  • Gaining insights on graduate school admissions and application processes
  • Obtaining guidance on funding and scholarship information
  • Gaining professional and leadership experience
  • Increasing networking opportunities
  • Gaining perspectives on career opportunities outside of psychology
  • Receiving emotional support, friendship and personal feedback

Also, you can find more information at their website,