Recruitment Info

Join one of our Organizing Committees!

Volunteered with us before and want to get more involved? Join one of Academic, Social, or Seminar Committees to help us bring the Psychology Community together!

The Psychology Students Association is looking for members of our community to join our social, academic, and seminar organizing committees. Applications will be open till Sep 2nd and interviews conducted on a rolling basis. We hope to recruit students going into their 2nd academic year or above that can demonstrate a passion for the psychology community on campus as well as a talent for event organization. Any questions can be directed to As always students of all levels are welcome to join us as part of our volunteer team.


Coordinators Victoria Antinucci and Jenny Shao

Interested in the behind the scenes of what goes into running a course union? Are you organized and are looking for a way to get involved within the Psychology community? The you are eligible to apply for the PSA’s Presidential Subcommittee! You’ll be working closely with the President and Vice President, Victoria and Jenny, of the PSA to make the year run smoothly! It is a great opportunity to build connections and leadership skills. 

To apply please send an email including your resume and/or CV to with the subject: PSA Presidential Volunteer Application. 

Academic Committee

Coordinators Elizabeth Ko and Ibrahim Hamid

Are you interested in networking with our professors? Developing your  management or leadership skills? Or adding community involvement to you resume?

If you are, become a volunteer for the PSA Academic Sub-Committee! You’ll be working with the Executives of the Academic Committee, Elizabeth and Ibrahim, to run events such as the Dr. Freud Competition, graduate school information sessions and more. All volunteers will receive a letter of reference at the end of their volunteering session.

Apply by sending  your resume or CV  to

Social Committee

Coordinators Stephanie Choi and Valentina Mihajlovic

What do I need to apply:
Please send an email to with your resume, timetable, and a brief paragraph containing the following information (max 400 words):

  • Your year of study
    Subject POSt(s)
    Why you want to be involved with us
    Any relevant experiences
    Overall, we are looking for committed and friendly individuals. Experience is great, but not necessary.

Responsibilities as a Committee Member:

  • Assist with the planning of pub and game nights, our annual formal mixer, tea with professors, and any other events we organize
    Attend events and assist with the logistics on the day of each event (buying food, communications, running errands, etc.)
    Attend regular committee meetings and work together with other members to ensure events run smoothly and are enjoyable for all parties involved
    Contribute your ideas, experience, and feedback to help improve what we do
    Help promote our events and bring people out. Bring a positive attitude!

What you can expect as a committee member:

  • Opportunities to connect with other psychology students, professors, and PSA executives
    Experience organizing events for a recognized student association and exposure to booking with various on-campus and campus-affiliated venues
    The chance to build a stronger sense of community within the psychology student body at U of T
    Official PSA reference letters!

Seminar Committee

Coordinators Barron Pan and Freda Jian

What do I need:

  • Resume or cover letter detailing past courses, research, or any other relevant experiences with psychology/mental health/health care related organizations.
  • Schedule/Timetable for both semesters or a list of available times to participate in seminars.

What will I do:

  • Assist in organizing seminars throughout the school year
  • Liaise with professors, grad students, campus groups etc.
  • Attend and promote seminars that we organized!

What will I get:

  • Ample experience with booking campus space, organizing and promoting campus events
  • Familiarity with the psychology department and its members
  • First-hand experience with inspirational researchers and mental health advocates on campus
  • Opportunity to flex those tech-savvy muscles you have with live streaming, video recording, social media promotions.
  • PSA reference letters!

How to apply:

  • Please send an email with the required materials attached to