2017-2018 ELECTION

Here are the platforms for each of the candidates for the 2017-2018 Executive Team!


Anh: President

My name is Anh-Thu Ha, and I am hoping to be elected as your President. I am currently a third year Psychology Major, and also the Secretary of the Psychology Students’ Association. My responsibilities include responding to emails, posting advertisements, and being a communication channel for the students to the Executive Council. My involvement with the PSA as secretary has allowed me to gain experience working in co-operation with the President and Vice-President in addition to the rest of the Executive Council in planning and advertising of events. My organization, determination, and leadership skills shown through my experience will be used to shape a new and improved PSA.

As President, my goals are to increase the visibility of the PSA, and re-organize the outdated internal infrastructure of the Council to ensure that the students receive information, resources, and opportunities in the most accessible way. In addition, I hope to focus our goals towards creating events that endorse inclusivity, the de-stigmatization of mental health issues, and providing academic and social support for our constituents. My objective is to reinvigorate the Psychology Students’ Association so that it will continue to engage the active participation of its constituents, and work towards creating a community of diverse, and supportive academic peers.


Barron: Vice President

Hi everyone! My name is Barron Pan, a third-year student majoring in Psychology and Employment Relations. For this current academic year, I have been actively involved with the PSA as the Seminar Coordinator. With the help from my colleagues and the seminar committee, more than seven events were successfully held which attracted substantial numbers of attendees and yielded positive feedback. Moreover, these events contributed to increasing the PSA’s publicity and building a scholarly and interactive environment in the student community. Having been an executive member has familiarized me with the general administration of the union, thus gave me an advantage of assisting the new executive team with their in the coming year. In short, I strongly believe I have the qualifications and experience that are needed for my future performance as the PSA Vice-President. I will take on a proactive role in assisting the President in supervising the union and liaising with the Department. I will also ensure PSA keeps being an inclusive and positive space for every student on campus.


Anna: Secretary

Hi everyone! I’m currently a third
year neuroscience and psychology double major and I’m running to be one of PSA’s secretary. I love being a part of the PSA because it’s great being able to communicate with other students who share the same passion for psychology. I’ve been working with the
PSA this past year as a part of their presidential committee as well as working closely with the current secretary. Because of that, I feel that I am definitely well suited to be one of the next secretaries. For the upcoming year, I want to continue to promote the PSA and its events to increase student interest/activity and to help make more students aware of the PSA.

Cheryl: Secretary

WHY VOTE FOR ME: My name is Cheryl Quan, I’m currently a second-year student majoring in psychology, and I’m running to be your Secretary for the 2017 – 18 academic year. I’m a passionate and dedicated student, and would like the opportunity to get more involved with the Psychology Students’ Association to build community, share my knowledge, and gain experiences.

I am currently one of the executive directors of LGBTOUT, an organization I’ve been working with for the past two years. My job includes recruiting volunteers, planning events, and collaborating with other organizations (both on- and off-campus). Part of my role requires me to communicate via email and other social media with various other groups in order to discuss initiatives, finance, and events, as well as keep in touch with over 40 volunteers. I believe that my attention to detail, organizational skills, and experience make me well-suited for this role. I have also had experience volunteering and holding office hours with the PSA, engaging and connecting with other students in the Psychology program. As your Secretary, I will make an effort to reach out to a larger population of the community and keep students informed and updated. I will do my part to ensure that the PSA operates smoothly and efficiently, and support other executive members in any way that I can. My goal is also to improve the visibility and accessibility of the PSA amongst the community so that students feel engaged, included, and comfortable reaching out.


Cassandra: Treasurer

Hello everyone! My name is Cassandra and I am currently in my third year studying to complete a double major in psychology and criminology.

I discovered the PSA community in my second year and had an unforgettable time volunteering as an office hour holder. I was able to make friends with a wide variety of people whether they were younger or older, pursuing the same degree as me or studying something completely different. They shared with me their seemingly endless wealth of knowledge about anything ranging from academics to philosophy to life experiences in general.

This past year, I had the pleasure of working on the PSA executive council as a volunteer coordinator. Not only has this experience allowed me to build upon my leadership and time management skills, but it has also given me the chance to get to know better my fellow undergraduate peers – something that is extremely hard to do given the sheer size of our campus.  

I am running for the position of Treasurer because I’d like continue lending my support to the PSA – a community which has done so much for me already. Managing and accurately recording funds is essential to making sure that the PSA can continue to run seamlessly. If I am elected, I will aim to make certain that we do not incur any debts; I will also see to it that the funds allotted to us are used appropriately—namely, in making PSA a safer and more enjoyable space for students.


Alec: Volunteer Coordinator

My name is Alec Stirbisky and I currently hold office hours for the PSA. I’m a second year student, pursuing a double major in Psychology and Molecular Genetics & Microbiology. I am running for the position of Volunteer Coordinator for the 2017-2018 academic year.

As a Volunteer Coordinator I have three main objectives: (1) I plan to actively encourage student participation in the PSA by promoting the organization. In this way, I hope to get more students interested in and excited about psychology. (2) I aim to create a supportive and inclusive environment for all students visiting the PSA. The PSA should be a place that all feel welcome to visit and be a part of, and I hope to continue the amazing work the past executives have done in this direction. I also plan to continue assisting students in relation to student life at UofT. (3) I hope to give an opportunity for students to come to a place that allows them to interact and become friends with others in our program. In this way, I hope to create a sense of unity and connectedness in the student body that is sometimes absent due to the size of our program.

Zhuyi: Volunteer Coordinator

Hi, there!
I’m Zhuyi Wang, a first year student in Life Science. Now I’m running for the PSA Volunteer Coordinator.

I’ve been a PSA office hour volunteer for almost a year, but I haven’t met someone come here for help. Though I enjoy socializing with all volunteers, my goal is to get psychology students learn more about PSA and the volunteers here for them.

The PSA office at SS509 is our home. I want it also to be the home for all psychology students!

Come and vote for Zhuyi!

Vicky: Volunteer Coordinator

Hi, I’m Vicky and I’m running for volunteer coordinator for the upcoming PSA executive team. I’m in third year, double majoring in Psychology and Linguistics. For the past two years, I have been an office hour holder– an opportunity that was made aware to me through my friends in the PSA. Similarly, I hope to increase awareness of the PSA to recruit more volunteers to become office hour holders, class representatives, and committee members, which are all crucial roles to the PSA.

Natalia: Volunteer Coordinator

Hi! My name is Natalia Calderon-Komine and I’m in my second year at UofT. I am currently in the process of completing a double major in Psychology and Criminology. For this year’s PSA Election, I am running for the position of Volunteer Coordinator. As a current PSA Volunteer Office Hour Holder, I learned a lot about the PSA through interactions with other students and volunteers. Based on the welcoming and positive experiences volunteering with the PSA, I am running to further support, bring awareness, and encourage involvement from other students. Through volunteering, I also have a strong idea of the responsibilities associated with this position and I think I am suitable for this role in more ways than one. I am reliable, hardworking, and organized meaning that I can pull through with any given task. I would also consider myself as creative, approachable, and open-minded. As a result, I hope to use these qualities to increase awareness and involvement with the PSA for upcoming academic term as a PSA executive!   

Jonathan: Volunteer Coordinator

I am Jonathan Tavares and I am running for volunteer coordinator at the Psychology student association (PSA). I am a first year aiming to get into the psychology specialist, and sociology major. I have volunteered both semesters for the PSA and you have probably seen me because of presence within the PSA. My time at PSA has helped me become knowledgeable for many psychology and UofT related things so I should be able to help you. Aware of what a volunteer coordinator does, I can ensure that this year’s volunteering will be just as a good or even better than what previous volunteer coordinators have done. As a volunteer coordinator, I will try to make the few hours that you spend in the PSA as fun and thought-provoking as possible. You should vote for me if you want to see new ideas implemented and have a fun enjoyable experience.


Betty (Yiqi): Academic Coordinator

I will specialize in Psychology in my second year. I am a member in PSA Academic Committee now, and I helped organize PSA academic events, including two Dr. Freud events (with Professor Dolderman and Professor Denton), Mentorship Program, Study Hall event and seminars. Currently, I am responsible for external communication including: contacting professors, booking events, and collaborating with other PSA members. With one year’s working experience in PSA Academic Committee, I am familiar with their goals and tasks; I plan to improve and add events relevant to students’ needs. Firstly, for Dr. Freud competition, I suggest to replace paper by electronic devices to increase efficiency, accuracy, and minimize response distraction. This change will be implemented on March 28th, and will be continued next year if it is successful. Secondly, I plan to increase collaboration with other committees to address students’ needs on different stages (program selection workshop for 1st year students, career talk for 4th year students etc). Lastly, besides making sure to provide aids in academy and career, I will initiate the committee to apply Psychology to benefit students’ daily life. In particular, I want to collaborate with clubs such as Peer2Peer and add talk sessions (one-on-one or in groups) to help students distress and enhance mental health. With my experience in PSA and new ideas to be operationalized, I won’t let you down.

Ming Ma: Academic Coordinator

Hi everyone, my name is Ming Ma (Donna), and I am running for the position of Academic Coordinator for the PSA. I am in my second year, completing a Psychology Specialist and a Statistics Major. I am currently a committee member of the PSA’s Seminar Committee.

        As the Academic Coordinator, my main goal is help YOU and other Psychology students succeed academically. I plan to build an Upper Year PSY Course Guide to help you better choose courses, and a PSY Exam Tips Guide that will contain strategies for answering different types of questions as well as things to pay attention to for different courses. I will also work to expand the PSA Syllabus and Past Test Bank. In addition, I hope to work together with the Seminar Committee to organize seminars and panel sessions to provide you with as much information about research and graduate studies in Psychology as possible.

        Last but not least, I want to increase the scale of our Dr. Freud competitions so that more of you can participate! I have been the President of my high school’s Student Council and I am currently also a member of the Events Department of another campus organization. Therefore, I have rich event planning experience and time management skills.

        I hope you can give me the opportunity to implement these ideas. Vote Ming Ma (Donna) for Academic Coordinator!

Akanksha: Academic Coordinator

I’d like to throw my hat in the ring for the position of “Academic Coordinator” for the PSA.

My name is Akanksha George and I’m a first year student of the undergraduate program for psychology. I’m also currently a volunteer with PSA. If I had to describe myself I would say that I love meeting new people, helping out (broken wing syndrome!) and if I’m not typing away furiously at my keyboard, I’m usually binge watching on Netflix, reading or shopping (but not always in that order).

Well, to begin with I’m passionate about whatever I set out to do. I’m organized responsible, diligent and more than willing to go the extra mile. At high school, back in Singapore, I have planned, directed and managed a variety of events, led co-curricular activities and was a mentor to my peers and juniors.

In the recent past, I was a research assistant at the Impett Relationships and Wellbeing Lab in UTM.

If elected, apart from discharging the charter of duties to the best of my ability, my focus would also be directed at leveraging our academic faculty to help students gain a better understanding of the opportunities that a degree in psychology can provide; my personal experience as a fresher has given me insights into how impactful the role of an academic coordinator can be – to consolidate thoughts, set directions and facilitate events so as to provide a better learning experience for all students.

Harrison: Academic Coordinator

Hello everyone! My name is Harrison Duong. I am currently a 2nd year student, double majoring in psych and neuroscience. I am extremely familiar with the duties of an academic coordinator, as I have worked closely alongside the academic team as part of the subcommittee. PSY100 was my first psychology course at UofT and it will always have a special place in my heart. My passion for psychology extends well beyond my studies as I am always advocating the field while looking out for the psych community. Even though I may not be part of the PSY100 course, I am still affiliated with the course behind the scenes. Gathering up my experiences with organizing the larger events that PSA is known for such as the Dr. Freud Competition, I believe I have what it takes to become PSA’s next academic coordinator. As an executive member, I will aim to tailor the academic related events according to what you as psych students desire. To ensure that PSA is fulfilling those needs, I will put in the most amount of effort into maintaining a two-way communication line between PSY100 students and PSA. Ultimately, I believe that your individual voice matters because like an unconditioned stimulus, I won’t fail to respond with academic events that will optimize your experience taking psychology. Thank you for considering my candidacy!


Tom Russell: Seminar Coordinator

              My name is Thomas Russell and I’m a second year neuroscience/psychology student, and I’m running for seminar coordinator for the PSA. All three of my previous relationships have been ruined by my overly-aggressive nature, and I plan on using that crippling character flaw to help provide the students with the best access to seminars on U of T’s current research in psychology. My plan is to produce a schedule early in the year so students can easily find out about all the planned seminars occurring during the semester. I plan to organize at least one seminar per month, throughout the entire school year. In addition to this, I plan to host informative seminars (i.e. grad school seminars, research opportunity seminars, etc.) multiple times throughout the year. By doing this I hope to ensure that more students get access to important information for their academic success. I am a proud man of this proud community, proudly giving back through hard work, dedication and pride. Vote Tom Russell for Seminar Coordinator!

Humna: Seminar Coordinator

As a first year student here at UofT, my first exposure to Psychology at a university level was the PSY100 course. This course absolutely made me fall in love with the vast concepts of understanding human behaviour and cognition. As many first year students are, I was completely lost and had no sense of what I wanted to major in. This course helped me realize my passions in subject areas of Neuroscience and Psychology; which I hope to pursue in the future. The Psychology Student Association for me provides a platform for students to engage in important conversations that will further help them realize their passions, make connections and be a part of a community. This is why I am running for the position of Seminar Coordinator for the 2017-2018 school year. As the Seminar Coordinator, I will ensure that the committee holds meaningful, informative and interesting events that will help students to engage with professionals and be an effective part of the Psychology community here at UofT. As a part of the committee, I will aim to organize a seminar for every month focusing on a different theme that will appeal to a variety of students across the university. Having been a part of the general committee for various clubs this year and having many years of event-planning and organizational experience; including events such as Relay for Life and fundraising events for social justice and environmental issues, I have the skills and passion to execute this responsibility effectively.

Becky: Seminar Coordinator

Hi! My name is Becky Gross, I am a second year student majoring in psychology and neuroscience, and I’m running for the seminar coordinator position. During this year I have volunteered with the PSA as a mentor and an office-hour holder. However, I have also been using the different services the PSA has to offer, and therefore understand the wants and needs of both parties.

        I found that I had to take many courses in psychology before realizing what’s the best fit for me. I believe that I would have been able to make this process much easier if I had access to little “crash-courses” – seminars, if you will –  targeting different areas in psychology. As the seminar coordinator, I will work toward not only communicating with different faculty members to bring those crash-courses to life, I will also heavily advertise and promote these events so that every student will have access to them.

        As a seminar coordinator I plan to continue the excellent job the current seminar committee is doing in providing us with networking options with faculty members, and work to increase the presence of professors available to learn from and communicate with, as well as the marketing for such events.

        I recognize how important the role of a communicator between faculty members and the student body is. I believe I am the right person for this position because I am driven, ambitious, dedicated, able to problem solve, and work in stressful situations.


Audrey: Social Coordinator

“Hello, everyone. My name is Audrey and I am running for Social Coordinator for the next academic year. I am currently in my 2nd year, double majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology. I started becoming involved with the PSA last year as a volunteer and you may have seen me at some of PSA’s past events. As someone who was an active member of various groups in the past, I have the experience and familiarity with social event organizations. Notably, I was part of groups that were responsible for organizing bake sales, Grad After-Party, and Prom. In a big school like UofT, I know that it is hard to meet people with similar interests or see the same people more than once. Thus, as a PSA executive for the next academic term, I want to create a social space—an environment—where psychology students can gather and get to know each other. I want to make this space an opportunity to meet and mingle with other people from the psychology program, free from any academic pressures that students often encounter. Most importantly, it will be a fun environment where everyone can forget their worries, away from the stress of school work. In addition to the annual semi-formal, you can look forward to movie nights, mixers, destressors, and more! If you have questions or simply want to know more about my ideas for the next school year, come chat with me at the PSA Office! I am usually there Monday afternoons.”

Danielle: Social Coordinator

Hello everyone!! My name is Danielle Lim and I am running for the position of PSA social coordinator for the 2017/2018 academic year. As a 3rd year psychology research specialist here at UofT, I remember spending much of my 1st year wandering through the all too familiar vastness of our program. I remember feeling lost, like a number, like there was nowhere to belong. The PSA was what provided me with a home at UofT when I needed it most, with a place to gain support, to get involved, to find that sense of belonging. If elected social coordinator, my main goal will be to increase the visibility of this wonderful home, so that more and more students within the undergraduate psychology collective can realize that this is a place where they are always welcome. Having served as an office hour holder, and serving as the current volunteer coordinator, I have learned how well the PSA acts an access point for connection between psychology students, particularly through social events, so I hope to reach my main goal by planning and executing a variety of events for students to attend throughout the academic year. As a former director of two stage plays, I am equipped with the organizational and collaborative skills needed to fulfill and go beyond the required large-scale event-planning duties of this position. I will ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience with the PSA, that this home does not disappoint. Happy voting, and good luck to all candidates!