2018-19 Election!

18-19 Election


PSA: 2018-19 Election

Vote for your next PSA executive team! Here are your candidates:


Anna Chu

“Hi friends! My name is Anna Chu and I’m running to be your president for the upcoming 2018-2019 year. I’m currently in my fourth year as a psychology and neuroscience double major. I’m also the PSA’s secretary, meaning some of you may have interacted with me this year, via email or through our Facebook page. I love interacting with all of the students in our program and I love sharing my knowledge and experiences with you all.

PSA has grown in the past year and we’ve done some incredible events geared to helping students discover more opportunities for their own growth as well as addressing important topics that have not always been discussed. Our goal has always been to help the students. Every event we have done this past year has been for the benefit of the students in the psychology program, and it’s amazing to see how we impact our community.

My goal as your president would be to maintain the current values of our team and to expand what we currently do. I want to be able to provide more resources for our students by collaborating with other course unions to expand our own knowledge, and to hold more events where they feel engaged and welcomed. My main goal is to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed and has a chance to grow not just as a student, but as an individual, whether it is through opportunities to learn, or just meeting the people in our office.”


Betty (Yiqi) Luo

“My name is Betty (Yiqi Luo) and I am entering my third year as a Psychology specialist and Education minor. I am running for the Vice President of PSA’s 2018-2019 executive team, and I need your vote! With two years of experience, I have witnessed the growth of PSA, and coordinated a lot of PSA events (such as Mentorship Program, Dr. Freud competition, Facilitator Program etc.) as an Academic Coordinator this year. I am excited about what PSA could offer more to students, and the ways that the executive team can work together to bring out the best next year!

I will work towards the followings if I am elected as the VP:

  1. Enhance communication and collaboration within the PSA executive team and between executives and students;
  2. Monitor all PSA events and schedule executive meetings;
  3. Promote mental health among executives and students by various means (one-on-one meetings, team-building activities amongst others)

I am very passionate about PSA and what I can do for all Psychology students! Please come to the PSA office and vote for me! I really appreciate your trust in me, and I won’t let you down!”



Jonathan Tavares

“Hello, my name is Jonathan Tavares and I am a second-year Psychology specialist and sociology major. This year I am running for treasurer for the PSA for the 2018-2019 year. Some of you may know me as the volunteer coordinator for the PSA during the 2017-2018 year. I hope to bring my knowledge of PSA from this year into next year and use my organizational skills to be a good treasurer for the PSA. As treasurer, I will make sure to fulfil all my duties on time and provide everyone with smooth transaction processes. Remember vote for Jonathan Tavares to be treasurer for the PSA!”


Omar Elfarseisy


Maureen Huang

“Hey guys! My name is Maureen Huang, a first-year student going into a psychology specialist, and I am running to be one of your secretaries next year.

Being an office hour-holder this year has made me realize how much I love the community at the PSA, and how much I want to contribute and give back. By joining the executive team, I hope to preserve the inclusive and diverse community that I had the privilege of experiencing this year. I also aim to increase student involvement from those already in the PSA, as well as from students that may not be aware of all that the PSA has to offer.

As the secretary for my house council this year, and having taken part in many leadership positions before, I am ready to take on the job of secretary in the PSA. I have many ideas I want to put forth, such as providing more support to PSY100 students who may not have study groups or feel engaged in the class but would like to be connected to the PSA and other psychology students. All in all, my aim is to help the PSA thrive and grow in any way that I can.

Thank you for reading this, and don’t be a-Freud to cast me a vote!

[TL; DR – Hi I’m Maureen and I live and breathe psychology… please vote for me I’ll ensure there’s lots of memes and free food and fun at events (and just in general too)]”

Christina Wang

“Hi friends! My name is Christina Wang and I’m currently in my third year at UofT. I am double majoring in Psychology and Human Biology and would be honoured to have the opportunity to be secretary for the PSA in my final year. Last year, I was an office hour volunteer and had the pleasure of meeting other members of the psychology community. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming that it made me want to become more directly involved with the team. I believe that as a secretary I would be able to put my detail-oriented perfectionism to good use in helping to plan, schedule, and organise the PSA. According to the PSA constitution, my role as secretary would involve creating and maintaining the PSA website as well as other social media channels. Being an avid millennial phone user with several social media handles that I check religiously (those snapchat streaks don’t keep themselves!), I believe I would be the perfect candidate for this role. As well, I have prior experience and a hobby in keeping blogs and am capable of regularly uploading posts. Thus, any information or events that the PSA has to offer will be promoted and conveyed in a timely matter. I believe that the communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills that I have gained in my two years of experience as a New College Orientation leader will aid me to be a friendly and professional secretary for the PSA. I look forward to your vote to help make this happen!”


Sounia Yosufi


Sunni (Songyi) Kim

“Hi friends!

My name is Sunny, and I am running to be one of your 2018-2019 volunteer coordinators. A little bit about myself, I am currently a second year Kinesiology student, but plan on transferring to Arts and Science in the fall, in hopes to double major in Psychology and Sociology.

My goals for volunteer coordinator are simple. I want to make the volunteering experience incredible! I will try my best to create a better environment for the office hour volunteers, and I promise to be organized in every way. I am also a very “extra” person, so if I become volunteer coordinator, I promise to throw you the best volunteer appreciation week ever –  full of appreciation, love and food (of course). If you vote for me, I can assure you that your volunteer experience will be amazing.

I am a very open and enthusiastic person, so I want everyone to feel comfortable to come and talk to me. Feel free to message me if you have any questions and happy voting!”

Tina (Yu-Hsuan) Lin

“Hello all! My name is Yu-Hsuan Lin (Tina) and I am currently a second year, double majoring in Neuroscience and Microbiology and Molecular Genetics. Before you start wondering why you haven’t seen any psychology, that is because I plan on changing from MMG to Psychology in third year. The backstory was that I was actually unsuccessful during enrolment and as a result, has not been able to enroll in the Psychology Major. As the frustration hit, I realized that I could not just sit around and not do anything. So I looked around and found the volunteering opportunity last year, and have later become part of the volunteering subcommittee this semester. To me, it was all about the welcoming atmosphere in the office, and the relationships that can potentially last longer than the time being in the community itself. Stumbling through first year, it was not easy to find people that share similar interests in a con-hall-sized class. But here at PSA, you will probably find an auditorium full of them! As a volunteer coordinator, this is what I hope to provide: valuable connections and potential resources for those who are unsure of where to start, just like how I was. My goal for being part of the team is to make PSA a place of opportunities, belonging, and laughter! We can all have fun!”

Ruby Yixiu Lyu

“Hey, I’m Ruby Lyu. I’m a first-year student studying social science, And I’d like to be major in psychology and economics. Now I’m running for the volunteer coordinator of PSA.

I’ve been interested in psychology since junior middle school. I joined the psychology club as the social coordinator. I organized all kinds of events like drama, broadcasting and so on to help students learn more about psychology through interesting topics like color psychology. I’m quite an expertise in communication and organization.

Also, I have a great passion for volunteering. Every year I attend different volunteering opportunities such as a tour guide, assistant for pet adopting events, member of charity choir for galas.

Moreover, PSA is a great platform for me and others interested in psychology and willing to dedicate themselves to deepening people’s understanding of psychology. I’m really looking forward to working with PSA! Your vote values much for me!”

Thomas Russell / Winston Tran

“Hello everyone! Our names are Winston Tran and Tom Russell, and we are running to be your academic coordinators for the 2018-2019 academic year.

The theme of our platform is synapses, because we view the Psychology Students’ Association (PSA) as one healthy brain that can always learn more to better the rest of its (student) body. Below you will find how we plan to create these synapses if we are elected:

  • Use it or Lose it: We plan to build upon the work, progress, and successes of the 2017-2018 year. This includes, but is not limited to, expanding the scope of the following projects in order to strengthen their effectiveness:
    • Mentorship Program
    • Graduate School Information Night
    • Freud Competitions
    • Psychology Facilitator
  • Fire Together, Wire Together: The PSA has several distinct committees and components, akin to neurons, and if they work together and become more integrated, as a whole they can create bigger and better events. We plan to increase the amount of inter-committee interactions, examples include:
    • Trivia night in conjunction with the social committee.
    • Incentivizing volunteers to join the Mentorship Program.
  • Create New Connections: Psychology is just one discipline that can be studied, and the more you study it the more you realize it can branch into other ones. We want to collaborate with other student associations in order to explore these intersections and help students discover new interests.
    • Collaboration with Neuroscience Association for Undergraduate Students.”


Audrey David

“My name is Audrey David and I am going into 4th year next semester, double majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience. I am running for the position of Seminar Coordinator for the upcoming school year. As the Seminar Coordinator, I plan to host various events that will cater to the interests of the undergraduate psychology community. Having been an undergrad for three years at U of T, I fully understand many of the struggles and worries that students frequently encounter in their experiences. Through the Seminar Committee and using various discussions and panels between students and experts, I plan to address many related topics. These will not only include exploring emerging topics in Psychology, but also addressing current issues in mental health, finding opportunities in research and volunteer experiences, and exploring possible career paths and higher education after undergrad. My experiences with PSA has been very rewarding and I hope to continue my involvement. Being the Social Coordinator for the current school year has taught me many valuable skills and lessons. If you will elect me, I wish to fully utilize these skills to bring more success to the PSA as part of the Seminar Committee next year, while wholeheartedly considering the needs of my fellow students and serving the undergrad psychology community to the best of my ability.”

Simran Azam

“Hi everyone! My name is Simran and I am currently in my second year with a major in sociology and a double minor in psychology and music history and culture! Having been a volunteer hour office holder in my first year and in the seminar subcommittee in past year, I have been able to grow so much in this warm and welcoming community. I would love to be able to be part of this community for younger students to be able to guide them and pass on my knowledge through the role of seminar coordinator, just like how other upper year members have aided me. I would love to be able to create events that would help students have a more informative and enjoyable university experience by being able to grow and learn within the fields they enjoy, but also are exposed to many opportunities that would benefit their current and future endeavours. Academics are one of many really important parts of university, so sharing my experiences and hosting events that can promote and impact personal progress and excellence, is something I would love to carry forward through the great work that PSA does!”

Isabel Bowman / Alice Wang

“Hello! I am Isabel Bowman, second-year in psychology and cognitive science, and am co-running for the seminar coordinator position with Alice Wang, second-year in psychology and criminology.Our primary goals are:

  1. Putting the students’ interests first. We would make sure seminars are an accurate representation of the students’ interests (through polling, being active and responsive on social media, talking with undergraduates on a regular basis, and more), keeping up the popular seminars and introducing new ones when demand is clear.
  1. Working with other student unions. We would aim to partner with other psychology-related unions such as CASA, NAUS, BPSU and others, expanding our network to reach more students with higher quality content.
  1. Facilitating exposure to the many ideas and opportunities in psychology. We would like to provide students with a diverse set of seminars:
    • Academic guidance seminars (grad school, getting into research, ROP information)
    • Trending topic seminars that engage students’ diverse interests (as preliminary ideas – minds and machines, psychopathology, morality)
    • Industry and career seminars that demonstrate the varied routes you can take a psychology degree and how to get there (talks/panels, industry and academic professionals)

We are very excited at the prospect of serving the undergraduate community as members of the PSA and hope you will consider voting for us as your 2018/2019 seminar coordinators!

(For transparency purposes, we feel it is necessary to mention that as of now, Alice is looking to go on an exchange during the winter semester of the upcoming school year. However, we are confident that together we are fully capable of fulfilling the duties of coordinators!)”

Sarah Chiao

“I am Sarah, a third year student enrolled in the psychology program at the University of Toronto. I am running to become the Seminar Committee Coordinator because I wish to make academic and career-related resources more accessible to undergraduate students who are passionate about this discipline. If elected as a Seminar Committee Coordinator, I would like to push for a few changes. Firstly, after attending this year’s seminars, I realized that many students have incredibly valuable opinions regarding important topics (e.g., stigma regarding mental health) that should be heard. Therefore, I would like to design seminar panels that are discussion-oriented to facilitate healthy conversations that are built upon a variety of perspectives. Secondly, I would like to create seminar panels that address topics students truly care about. This can be accomplished by getting PSA members to vote on subjects that they wish to learn more about. Lastly, deciding on a career path and working towards it may seem like a daunting task to many of us. Therefore, I would like to hold a seminar that invites upper year undergraduate students to share their experiences, tips, and encouragements to first and second year students. To that end, I believe that the Seminar Committee’s duty is to facilitate educated discussions, social networks, and helpful resources in order to create fulfilling and exciting undergraduate experiences for students.”


Shannon Meikle

Hi, my name is Shannon Meikle and I’m a second-year psych/neuroscience double major joining the social committee for the 2018/2019 school year. I love spending time with people, making friends and getting outside of my comfort zone, but I’m also someone who is a little shy and knows how daunting it can be to try to join a new community. I plan to serve the position on the platform that the PSA should be a place where people feel comfortable, and where every event is socially accepting and accessible to everyone. I also care deeply about opening up bonding opportunities to as many students as possible, and hope to increase opportunities for students to interact with professors, TAs, and fellow undergrads to build their own communities here at U of T. I have a lot of ideas for new events and can’t wait to bring my own creativity to established events. Even if you’re a shy kid like me, come down to the PSA office or to one of our social events- we will welcome you wholeheartedly and embrace you into the PSA community.”

Laura Lyn

“Hi everyone! My name is Laura and I’m a second year Cognitive Science major with a French and Philosophy minor. I joined the PSA as an office holder at the beginning of this semester. Since I commuted in my first year and still commute, I haven’t had many chances to meet people and so I feel fortunate to have discovered the PSA. The PSA has provided me with a welcoming environment to make new friends and meet people who share my interests. Although I’ve only been with the PSA for two months now, I feel as though I’ve developed many meaningful friendships with both the students and execs here. I decided to run for PSA’s social coordinator position because I want to become even more involved in the PSA and create more opportunities and social events to enable students to meet friends who share their interests and to allow them to forge valuable relationships and connections with both students and professors. I look forward to working with the PSA and helping to make this goal come true.”

Good luck to all! If anyone has questions for our candidates, please feel free to post them in our event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/614369902228206