2019 – 2020 Election!

PSA 2019-2020 Election

PSA: 2019 – 2020 Elections – Vote for your new executive team!

Here are your candidates:



Hullo! My name is Winston and I am running to be your PSA President for the 2019-2020 academic year. I am a fourth year studying Psychology, Cognitive Science, and English, and just like my programs of study reflect, I love to learn and try different things — I am currently learning how to juggle!

It is easy to feel lost at UofT with how big it is, and being able to be a part of the PSA’s welcoming environment was the initial reason I joined and stayed. However, over the 3 year course of my experience with the PSA, and especially this year as the Academic Coordinator, this reason changed. I had the privilege to meet so many wonderful people and grow through so many opportunities, and I feel it is the right of any student we represent to also have the same quality of experience.

I recognize that there are currently roadblocks that prevent this from happening, so my vision if I am elected is tore-evaluate why we do what we do, how we do it, and what we do from the ground-up to build a PSA that exists for the students and that can constantly change to meet student demands in the long-term. Change, Connect, and Create!

  • Change infrastructure (WHY): When things get busy and work just needs to be done, it is easy to lose sight of the reason the PSA exists: the students, and this ends up permeating all aspects of the association. I aim to address this by implementing a culture of asking ‘why?’ — everything should be done with a purpose and goal in mind. And this all starts by reconnecting ourselves with the students we represent and the vision we all share through: :
    • Monthly surveys and in-class interactions to create touchpoints with the student body and obtain a better idea of student needs
    • Ensuring all PSA constituents can agree on community norms and a vision to unite us moving forward
  • Connect committees + ideas (HOW)The PSA has several distinct committees and if they work together and become more integrated, they can create bigger and better initiatives. I plan to have the presidential committee act as an extra set of hands to empower the other committees to try new things, such as:
    • A case competition with the Academic Committee for upper-year students
    • Pursuing both monetary and in-kind sponsorships with the Treasurer
  • Create opportunities (WHAT)There is so much potential in various domains that is currently untapped. Once we establish fundamental ideas and teamwork, I hope to tackle new opportunities. Some of the things I have either already laid the groundwork for or aim to do include:
    • Obtaining CCR validation for the mentees in the mentorship program
    • Volunteer-led projects based on student need that allow volunteers to gain tangible leadership experience and be further involved with the PSA
    • Establishing relations with local businesses and campus groups for sponsorship and collaborations, like joint events with Career Exploration and Education and Mindful Moments
    • Reaching out to and incorporating PSA and Psychology alumni into more events in order to have experience-driven speakers

I realize that these changes are ambitious, but I have the passion and drive that will push me towards achieving my vision. However, I need and would greatly appreciate your votes to make this a reality. Let’s make this happen!


I am entering my fourth year as a psychology specialist. As the current VP, I took part in planning the annual Career Day and facilitated PSA events throughout the 2018-2019 academic year. In the previous year, I was an Academic Coordinator in PSA, during which I promoted student involvement through format change and quality refinement of events. My goals for PSA in the next year are:

  1. Promote accessibility of mental health services on campus via collaboration on campus resources;
  2. Enrich and increase student experience and involvement by engaging the PSA community in event planning and improvement;
  3. Support an open and welcoming working space within and beyond the executive team through establishing healthy group dynamics.

I look forward to continuing my path in PSA and working with all of you. Your vote matters!



Hi friends! My name is Tina and I am running to be your PSA Vice President for the 2019 – 2020 academic year. A little bit about myself: I am a third year pursuing a double major in Psychology and Linguistics, and I am always down to have some good iced coffee!
Anyway! I have been serving as the Volunteer Coordinator for the current year, and honestly, PSA has been more than just an association I work with. Through my role, I was given so many opportunities to make friends and feel a sense of belonging to a community. Therefore, as the Vice President, I hope to give back to the place and people that welcomed me and allowed me to grow. On one hand, I would like to maintain the welcoming atmosphere and make more people feel like they belong. On the other, I aspire to implement changes to parts of the current system, for the better.

My focuses and goals for the upcoming year as your Vice President consist of:

  • CHANGE infrastructure: your opinions matter, your experiences matter, and most importantly, you matter! I would like to survey the community and collect your feedback. Instead of making events on our own, I hope to create future events based on your needs first. I am in for a better representation of the student body!
  • CONNECT communities & ideas: In hopes of including a larger population that is interested in other topics in combination with psychology, I would like to introduce more collaborations with other student associations and external organizations this year. Of course, this will be based on student interests!
  • CREATE opportunities: our subcommittee members consist of many hardworkers who usually stay behind the stage. I would like to support them with more recognition and appreciation by requesting for the position to be CCR eligible.

This is all that I hope to accomplish as your Vice President! I look forward to implementing these changes for the best of PSA, and let’s make it happen!

Thanks for reading! 


Hi! My name is Hazel, and I am a fellow student of yours who is going into fourth year of studying Psychology and Cinema.

It has been my pleasure and honour to act as a Seminar Coordinator this year here at PSA, which has taught me a lot about the needs and questions of my fellow Psychology students. Constantly brainstorming and pondering to bring the most helpful and intriguing seminars, I could really take on a broader perspective of the whole student community and realized how we all seek different types of information according to our stage of progress in our programs. At the same time, it was a pleasant surprise to see so many students come out to listen to unconventional, interdisciplinary topics, which taught me that innovative idea and unconventional topics can enlighten every one of us. Overall, the experience allowed me to feel closer to the student community, which inspired me to join the PSA again for the upcoming year.

As I have emphasized in my application, as well as to myself, as I first joined the PSA, my consistent focus will be on increasing representativeness and accessibility of PSA to anyone and everyone seeking support, guidance, and social networks. I would like to build the PSA toward becoming a better lighthouse for everyone sailing in the overwhelming ocean of U of T, and create a supportive base where approaching for help is not an intimidating task but a delightful visit. I will always strive to see from everyone’s eye-level to be confident that the actions I take in PSA will be for the good of the entire student community, and not be biased for any one particular group.

Some specific goals I have in mind include:
– Supporting each committee to collaborate with other student bodies within U of T to increase our representation
– Overlooking organization of fun and inclusive events, happening both indoors and outdoors to meet everyone’s preference when it comes to socializing!
– Ensuring a year-round feedback system to spontaneously act on recommendations and feedback from students

I am excited to have this opportunity, and I thank everyone in advance for their consideration (and vote, hopefully)!



Vote me to be your treasurer for the 2019-2020 PSA team! I am a second year student looking to
go into cognitive science and psychology. I can assure you that I can fulfill the role of treasurer as best as possible by responsibly managing the finances of the PSA, responding promptly to the needs of executive members, and properly allocate the budget to allow for all events to happen with adequate funding.

• I will ensure that all members will have adequate funding for their events
• I can find potential sponsorship events and external funding for the creation of new events

• I am currently a PSA Office Hour Holder for the 2018-2019 session and have been involved in many PSA events
• Experience with executive positions (The Varsity, UTVSA)


Hi everyone! My name is Jollicoe Ng, and I am currently in my first year planning to double major in psychology and sociology.

I first discovered PSA through volunteering as an office hour holder during the winter semester of 2019, and it is an experience that I’ll never forget. Through PSA, I was able to gain insights into different opportunities and academic help sessions that the University of Toronto and PSA provides. Not only has PSA helped me through any academic obstacles and concerns I was facing, but it also created a chance for me to meet new people and friends, developing a sense of community that this university lacks. PSA is a community that I held dearly and made me realized that I want to be more directly involved and I feel honoured if I am elected to be the Treasurer of the coming school year.

As the treasurer, my primary goal is to allocate our financial budget efficiently and provide financial stability ensuring that PSA is maximizing the optimal number of various activities and events presented throughout the year. I believe that with my help, PSA will be able to achieve this and provide more opportunities for psychology students to connect and get involved. All in all, I look forward to working with the PSA next year and having a jolly good time!



Hi everyone! My name is Sunny Kim, and I am running to be one of your secretaries for the
2019-2020 academic year. I am currently a third-year student double-majoring in psychology
and sociology with a minor in religion. This year, I have had the pleasure of serving as one of
PSA’s volunteer coordinators and would be honoured to have the opportunity to continue to grow within the PSA.

If elected, I plan on improving the visibility and presence of the PSA, allowing the organization to reach more psychology students. Additionally, I want to revamp PSA’s social media platforms and utilize them for event promotion. I would also like to establish more ways for students to get involved within the psychology community, including: career, research, and volunteer opportunities. Lastly, I plan on seeking collaboration opportunities with other course unions, to provide the student body with a greater university experience!

PSA is very important to me, and I would love to continue to be involved with the organization by serving as your secretary with Isabella. With your vote, we can make this happen. Happy voting!


Hi guys! I’m Isabella Kuo, and I’m running in slate with Sunny Kim to be your secretaries of the PSA. I’ve had the honor of being on the presidential subcommittee this year, and my incredible experience working with the PSA president and vice- president has given me so much incentive to give back to the psychology community at UofT. By joining the executive team as secretary, I’m hoping to do this by strengthening the bonds within the PSA and within the psychology undergraduate community.

The role of secretary revolves around communication. I believe I’m your right candidate for this position because I’m open and detail-oriented, and have had numerous leadership positions that allowed me to develop interpersonal skills. This helps with social media (increased house event attendance by integrating feedback into promotions at New College), internal communication (liaised between 40 house members and the NC House Council), and event planning (I got the brown food truck to sponsor PSA’s Career Day!).

As secretary, these would be my main goals for the school year:
·Expand on the Psychology Past Syllabi Bank
·Create a Linkedin group for networking purposes within the UofT psychology community
· Preserve and add to current social media platforms, particularly Instagram and Twitter
·Continue Meet the Execs Monday, add Word of Wednesday + FunFact Friday
·Maintain consistency across all PSA platforms to maximize our reach and visibility of events and opportunities
·Establish an online feedback platform so we’ll know how to improve on our communication channels

Please vote for Sunny Kim and I as your PSA secretaries! We’re both extremely dedicated to the psychology undergraduate community and want to maximize benefits for you. Let us know if you have any questions or comments about our visions or ideas!


Hi everyone! My name is Luo and I am a first-year Art & Science student going into Psychology specialist. I’m running to be one of the secretaries next year. Psychology has always been my main interest since I was a child, which is definitely not limited to academic-related field. I want to join the PSA executive team to be more involved in the psychology community and meet more people with similar interests. By joining the PSA executive team, I will ensure clear and effective communication within the team I will reach PSA events to as many psychology students as possible. I will provide sense of community and inclusion for psychology students to the best of my abilities. I have volunteer experiences as one of the secretaries in law firms. I’m capable for managing the email account, social media pages, and the websites. I believe these experiences will make me a great secretary in PSA. So please vote for me!



Hello everyone! My name is Elizabeth, and I’m a first-year student applying for Psychology Specialist and Education and Society Minor. My volunteer and work experiences in education have taught me how important it is to prioritize student feedback. I hope to incorporate this into PSA and ensure that all volunteers’ voices are heard. First, I plan to continue having office hour holders, class representatives, and academic sessions. It is a great way to hear advice from upper-year students, chat with people in the same position as you, and overall to connect with others in your same program. In addition, I hope to increase engagement and interaction through social events like the semi-formal, casual events like bake sales, and academic or seminar events about career options in psychology or interesting interdisciplinary work. When I first joined PSA as an office hour holder, I loved it to say the least. It was such a supportive community of people who were willing to share their advice and help with any questions or point me in the right direction. As a volunteer coordinator, I hope to provide that
same wonderful and educational experience for every volunteer. Thank you so much, and happy voting, friends!


Hello friends! This is Janice Lee and I am running to be your volunteer coordinator for the 2019-2020 academic year along with my fellow subcommittee partner, Elizabeth Chan. I am currently a first-year planning to major in psychology and pharmacology. Back in September, when I arrived at con hall for my first PSY100 lecture, I was quite overwhelmed by the immense lecture size and the new, unacquainted environment. As someone who is a bit shy, it took me a quite a lot of courage to even submit my application to become a volunteer sub-committee member. It was hard to imagine that after a few months time, I have discovered a welcoming community of individuals who share the same passion in the field of psychology and the intention to build precious friendships. Hence, I truly wish to encourage more students to step out of their comfort zones, like I did, and join the welcoming community at the PSA.

In order to expand our community, I would like to focus on making our social events more accessible and academic events more insightful. Particularly, I would like to implement more academic resources during volunteer hours (e.g. essay peer feedback, exam jam sessions). I would also continue current social events (namely semi-formal, bake sales, board game day etc.) and seminars on research opportunities and career options. Moreover, I aspire to organise activities that involve not only current PSA office holders, but to also encourage participation from the rest of the student body and staff members in the psychology department. In this way, we can all create and be part of a more diverse and engaging social network. Even now, feel free to drop by the PSA office and I promise that you will be welcomed by helpful and smiley faces.

Thank you for you time and happy voting!


Hello everyone!

My name is Jason, and I am running to be one of PSA your volunteer coordinators for 2019-2020. A little bit about myself, I am currently in my second year and working on a specialist in Psychology and a minor in Practical French.

I joined the PSA as an office hour holder after first year as a way to get more involved with the UofT undergraduate psychology community, and I feel like it provided exactly that. The people I have met through the PSA have imparted valuable knowledge and helped create a sense of belonging that cannot be obtained from the classroom, and this is exactly what I would like to continue moving forward. As a volunteer coordinator, my goal is to help create the best possible environment for office hour volunteers and provide other students with the same opportunities I was granted to get involved with the Psychology community. Whether it’s through regular office hours or events, I hope to foster an environment of growth and continue to make the PSA office a place where students are able to make connections, obtain resources, and provide support to one another.

I hope to help you the make the most out of your volunteering experience! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would just like to chat, and happy voting!


No platform provided.



Hello everyone, My name is Megan and I am currently a first year Woodsworth student intending to major in Psychology. I am running to be one of your academic coordinators for the upcoming school year of 2019-2020. As a first-year student, I was practically lost in transitions I experienced in uni life, especially when it came to what I could achieve with my courses and what other things I could do with Psychology. Through PSA, I have been acquainted with opportunities such as ROP, mentorship program and, more valuable, people who share the same passion in Psychology as I did. I am hoping to not only make these opportunities much more accessible to members within the Psychology society but also establish more friendly platforms to learn more about Psychology.


Hi everyone! My name is Sophia Zhao and I’m running to be one of your academic coordinators for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. I’m a second year student majoring in psychology and physiology. As a current member of the academic subcommittee, we focused on providing help and resources for new students, and one of my goals for next year is to further extend this to upper year students. I plan on organizing a case competition that is similar in purpose as the Dr. Freud competition, except this event will be directed towards upper year students and will focus more on applying learned material.

On top of providing more resources and support, I would also like to offer more opportunities for students to develop meaningful connections with others in the program. With the current mentorship program that focuses on developing personal connections between the mentors and mentees, I would like host more events that can facilitate these connections and help build a greater sense of belonging to the psychology community. I plan on revising old events such as study hall that overlap in purpose with existing events like office hours, as well as collaborating with other subcommittees, which can also create more connections within the PSA. If I am elected, I will do my best to provide support and help create a meaningful experience for students. Thank you!


Hi everyone! My name is Sophia Jiachen Qiu, and I am running to be one of the academic coordinators here at PSA for the 2019-2020 academic year. I am currently in my second year of study, doing a specialist in psychology with a cognitive science major, and I want to understand more about the marvellous universe of human minds and behaviours. I love to learn new things, and
I am always prepared to accept new challenges. As a current member of the PSA social team, it was my honor to get involved in planning and hosting different social events for the psychology student community, and I am delighted to see these events went well.

I would like to provide more opportunities for students, so my goals for the upcoming year are:
1. Provide a way to connect most (ideally all) of the second year students. The transition occurs not only when students first entered the university, but also when they first declared their program of study. Finding a way to make all the second year psychology students gather together could help them make connections, help each other, share thoughts and experiences, as well as build up a strong network.
2. Workshops: for essay strategies and literature review strategies.
3. Networking event: provide the opportunities for students to networking with alumni in the field and their fellow students.
4. Resource program: establish a webpage for all the information we need to know as a psychology student (e.g. cover letter tips, ways to find RA position, possible career path associated with psychology). Students could find everything directly when have any questions or concerns.
5. SPSS competition (or any other statistics tools) with prizes: statistics is an essential tool for psychological research, so by the competition, we could establish a fun way to test your knowledge in basic statistics tool use.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, feel free to message me. I appreciate your consideration, and I hope to have this opportunity to serve the psychology community!


No platform provided.



I’m a psychology and neuroscience major heading into my 4th year at UofT. This past year, I had the opportunity to act as social coordinator for the PSA. Through this position, I gained valuable experience planning both large and smaller scale events. These experiences, plus my diverse interests within psychology, prepare me well for the role of seminar coordinator. Skills that I will bring to the position include:
– Maximizing food and resources available at each event
– Getting professors and alumni involved in events
– Creating comfortable and lively environments suited for each style of event.
My vision for the PSA’s seminars next year include continuing new and popular series’ while introducing more events centered around necessary academic skills that myself and other students often struggle with, like networking and finding research opportunities. My running partner Kathy Sun and I also want to implement more ways for engaged psych students to help shape events; we want to introduce idea submissions, voting, and feedback surveys so that the seminar committee can best represent psych students! Ultimately, I have the experience necessary to execute our new vision for PSA seminars. For interesting events that you want to see, vote for me as 2019-2020’s seminar coordinator!


I am Kathy Sun, and I would love to share my love for psychology by providing thought provoking presentations. My experience as an avid office hour holder and event volunteer has me well suited to building a strong and transparent connection between the general psychology student population (and others interested) and the PSA.

My future plans for psychology seminars will focus on increasing community involvement. After all, seminars should reflect what you want to see! I will introduce the option to vote on seminar topics and I will take suggestions through post-event feedback seriously. I will make sure your voice is heard and listened to. I plan to provide opportunities to network after seminar events to present opportunities to develop and practice these practical skills.

Network! Make connections! All while exploring one of the biggest arts and science programs at U of T! When voting, remember: Kathy Sun will get it done!


Hello! My name is Kathy Du and I’m a current second-year Psychology Specialist, Cognitive Science Major and considering taking on a minor in semiotics! Safe to say, I’m fairly indecisive and have a lot of interest in a variety of subjects, particularly those that are interdisciplinary. I’m currently an RA in the Rotman Behavioral Lab and previously did a ROP last summer under the StarLab.

This year I had the honour of being apart of the seminar subcommittee, and I’d love to continue this fantastic experience as one of the seminar coordinators. I find that seminars are a unique and engaging way for students to obtain information, ask questions, and meet other like-minded individuals. Seminars can help students advance their own understanding of psychology and themselves that cannot be done as effectively through newsletters or emails.

I took part in helping set up the Psychology & series wherein which we brought in speakers that discussed psychology in relation to other disciplines such as cinema and ethics. Psychology is a field that is applicable in improving the understanding of a variety of disciplines and as seminar coordinator, I would continue to have joint-seminars with other disciplines. What I would like to change is the amount of input that attendees can give into future seminars. In order to get feedback from those interested as well as improve attendance, I would send out a poll or an anonymous google form so that students can vote for or suggest particular speakers or topics within psychology that they’d particularly like to see in future seminars. Additionally, after every seminar, I would encourage attendees to send us anonymous feedback about what they enjoyed and what they thought could be improved via a posted google form in order to continue providing even higher quality seminars in the future. 

I would also like to collaborate with the academic committee in setting up a seminar that could help students choose a specific psychology specialization. The variety in the different subdivisions of psychology can be overwhelming to students unsure of their future directions. Having seminars that bring in speakers who work in different fields in psychology would help students get a clearer idea of which area is best for them.


Hi everyone, my name’s Daniel and I’m currently a first year life science student planning to specialize in psychology and do a minor in philosophy, and I am running for the seminar coordinator position in PSA next year. As someone who’s personally been
through difficulties with mental health, social anxiety and the relationship with his parents, I can understand if you’re going through similar things too. I think university for many of us, is a new chapter in our lives that can sometimes be hard to navigate dealing with issues like finding what we’re genuinely interested in studying, or personal and emotional growth and navigating relationships, we can at times get lost and need some guidance. But like J.R.R. Tolkien said in the Lord of the Rings, “not all those who wonder are lost”, is something that I genuinely believe in. That is why as your seminar coordinator, I’m really excited to explore topics in mental health and personal growth as I know you guys are too. I’m also open to any suggestion that you guys have for seminar ideas too. Lastly, if any of you guys feel like what I’ve mentioned briefly clicks with you, I’m always open to make a new friend and have a meaningful conversation. See you around.


Hello, everyone! My name is Tianyang Wang. You can call me Francis if you want. I am currently a second-year student planning to major in Psychology and Political Science. Now I am running for the position of Seminar Coordinator of PSA. I am interested in various topics that explore the essence of human mind and I really feel warm and welcomed joining this big psychology family. During my high school, I was the president of History Club for two years. One of my major jobs was to organize history seminars every week. I succeeded to invite local professions as our academic mentors and hold a seminar with over 500 participants. I believe it is our responsibility as a member of PSA to introduce psychology knowledge and promote awareness of mental health to our peers not only in psychology programs but also in the whole UofT community through academic seminars. I also believe career seminars would help psychology student find their own path to future work and education with inspiration of great experience from our alumni and professors. I hope my previous experience can help our community improve these precious chances of hearing those wise minds. I wish to serve the psychology community with my full heart just like our predecessors helped me. I will be honored if you trust my ability and support me on the Election Day!


Hello everyone!

My name is Sabrina and I’m going into my 4th year of a double major in Psychology and Cognitive Science, and a minor in the Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health program. I’m running for the executive position of Seminar Coordinator in the PSA with these goals in mind:

Help to make the PSA more relevant and useful to the community by organizing seminars around topics reflective of psychology students’ needs, interests and expectations.

1. Organize seminars focused on themes related to Mental Health and Strategies for Building Resilience.
2. As an upper year student, I know how challenging it can be to manage the pressures tied to being a university student, especially when going through significant challenges in ones own family and/or personal life. In this regard, I believe the PSA could serve an important role in guiding students by helping them learn about healthy and effective ways of managing their stress
3. Exposing students to unique and original topics related to the field of psychology from a multidisciplinary perspective



Hi! My name is Layan Elfaki and I’m entering my fourth year, double majoring in Psychology and Health and Disease. I’m running for the social coordinator position for the 2019-2020 academic year. I am very passionate about the study of the brain as well as brain mechanisms that underly and enable perception. I’m currently involved with the PSA’s Mentorship Program as I strongly believe in the impact mentorship can have on first-years transitioning into university. However, I would like to join the exec team this year to extend my role and have an active contribution to the creation of enjoyable and comfortable spaces for students to join. I strongly believe in mental health advocacy and the importance of taking time off to allow the brain to relax for a few seconds. I realized that as students, we’re almost always very consumed with assignments, midterms etc. without taking time off to take care of ourselves. On the other hand, I also realize how isolating a school as large as UofT can be which makes it difficult to network with professors and departments but also other students. For this reason, I would love to join the PSA team and help carry out events that will allow the students to meet other studentsand faculty members in a fun setting while applying their knowledge in the field of Psychology. I have gained extensive experience with event planning through joining extracurricular clubs, which explains why I would be a great fit for this position. Looking forward to joining the team.


Hey everyone! My name is Anna, and I’m running to serve as your PSA social coordinator for the 2019-2020 school year. I like ketchup-flavored chips, not doing homework, and spending time with my friends. A way I could do all three was to go to social events planned by the PSA, in which I felt extremely welcomed and accepted. Of course, I also had loads of fun.

That is why I am running for social coordinator—so I can maintain and build that fun and welcoming atmosphere for other students. I will do so by continuing existing events, such as board game nights, but host them more frequently. I will also add new events, such as art days: you can come in and color, draw, and/or paint, while eating foods, talk with friends, and relax!

I’m fit for this position because I like meeting and working with new people; I have knowledge about working within the PSA from volunteering as an office holder; and I have previous leadership experiences from serving as vice-president for my house council, in which we planned monthly events for the whole resident floor to enjoy. I hope to do the same for the PSA.

Please vote for me as your social coordinator! Thank you.


Hey everyone! My name is Sarah Asif and I’m running to be your Social Events Coordinator. During my first year of Life science, I’ve realized how important it is to take some time off and enjoy yourself. That’s why I would like to create opportunities not only for myself, but for all the stressed students out thereto look up from their computers and meet new people. Personally, drawing random anime characters and dancing to Bollywood songs helps me forget my worries, but I’m here to provide you guys withdifferent activities that everyone can enjoy! Some of these include existing events like the much-loved board game nights and other possibilities such as dance drop-ins and relaxing art nights. Being a part of student council in high school, I really enjoyed planning and making decorations for events and I can’t wait to do the same in PSA. So please vote for me, Sarah Asif to be your next Social Events Coordinator!


No platform provided.



Hello everyone! My name is Alexis Hart and I am a second-year student pursuing a double major in Psychology and Human Biology. For the PSA’s 2019/2020 election, I am running for the position of Conference Coordinator!

I first joined the PSA in October as an Office Hours volunteer, and I have since had the pleasure of getting to know some of the wonderful volunteers and executive members that work so hard to make the PSA a such warm, welcoming environment. My enthusiasm and passion for psychology, coupled with my desire to provide students with the opportunity to become immersed in such a multi-faceted field of study, have motivated me to run for an executive position this upcoming school year!

If elected, my focus would be directed toward the organization of a psychology-based conference for all UofT students. It would be my priority to ensure that the event caters to your interests specifically, and I would use your feedback to coordinate a day of peer-led sessions, interactive panels, and engaging speakers! Topics may range from the discussion of mental health around the globe to prospective careers in psychology. This would present you with the opportunity to make meaningful connections and engage in dialogue with like-minded students while also giving you the chance to hear from other academic professionals.

This is a brand new initiative and we, therefore, have the creative freedom to take this conference in any direction that you, as psychology students, may choose. If elected, I would be honoured to represent your best interests and work with the PSA to transform this exciting idea into a reality!


My name is Isabel Bowman, third-year in a Psychology Specialist and Cognitive Science major. I wish to join the PSA one more time in my final year of undergrad to fulfill the duties of the conference coordinator position, which I co-created with Tom Russell.

When I first joined the PSA as a subcommittee member in second year, I remember my confusion upon realizing that the PSA did not host academic conferences, when I knew of many other student organizations that had been doing so, with fewer student executives, fewer faculty members, and fewer constituents than we did.

Tom and I shared this desire to get an academic conference up and running. Unfortunately, we realized this was a real possibility too late in our terms, and with both of our respective duties to the academic and seminar committees on top of our other work, the time commitments were too great. However, what we did manage to do was draft a comprehensive conference plan — all that lacked was an executor.

This upcoming year, I hope I might have the opportunity to be that individual whom I envisioned in second year, and made concrete in third year. I believe that all my experience with student organizations until now has given me the requisite skillset and mindset to be able to follow through and create an academic conference that the PSA can be proud of, and most importantly, that the students of psychology will want to partake in.

From my role as seminar coordinator of the 2018-19 academic year, I have gained much experience in event-planning, promotion, and business writing as well as filmography. In addition to this position with the PSA, I have also been the events coordinator for CASA, the Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence Student Association. From these two positions, I feel as though I have gained a dual-education of the ins and outs of the technical skills needed for successful event planning.

Aside from the skills however, I maintain that innovation is the foundation of a good student organization. These technical skills were conduits, allowing for the manifestation of long-held ideas and aspirations for the roles I was elected for. I aim to exist in this optimal balance between abstract brainstorming and concrete implementation. As such, even though I do have a plan in mind for the upcoming conference, I aim to never cease idea-generation.

To sum up, the conference coordinator position is one I have been thinking about for a long time. Throughout my experience in event planning and management with the PSA and in other organizations, I believe myself to be well-suited in skillset as well as in requisite innovative spirit to create and execute what I hope will be the first of the PSA’s many academic conferences. Thank you for your time!


Hey, I’m Ruby. I’m a second-year student double majoring in Psychology and Economics. Now
I’m running for the conference coordinator this year. I’ve been interested in psychology since middle school. I joined the psychology club as the social coordinator. I organized psychology-related events to help students have a more thorough understanding from daily routine. And I’ve held the “interesting psychology’ broadcast series for 2 years. I’m quite an expertise in communication and organization. Also, having been the volunteer office holder in my first year and being the mentee of PSA mentorship program really make me realize my love for this community and my willingness to
contribute back. Considering the conference coordinator is a new position this year, there’s not
much guideline about what to do, but this can be a great chance for me to explore the topics the
community interested and plan the conference on behalf of the community’s desire. My goal is to hold a conference that everyone can truly benefit from it as well as building connections with each other.
Moreover, PSA is a great platform for me and others interested in psychology and passionate
about dedicating themselves to deepening people’s understanding of psychology and building
relationship within the community. I’m really looking forward to working with PSA! Your vote
values a lot for me!


Good luck to all! If anyone has questions for our candidates, please feel free to post them in our event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/593172661146848/