2021-22 Elections


Have you taken 0.5 FCE of a PSY course this year? Are you in a PSY program of study? If so, congratulations! You’re eligible to vote in the Psychology Students’ Association (PSA) Elections 2021-22.

VOTE HERE: https://forms.gle/KjzSmbBkHnp8PVa56 
You will be able to vote between April 1st 9AM to April 5th 6PM.

If you’re curious about who might be representing UTSG Psychology students in the 2021-22 academic year, want to know what visions and ideas the candidates have, and want to make an informed vote, make sure to read all candidate platforms below

Any questions, comments, or concerns? Contact psa.elections.cro@gmail.com!

Table of Contents

Candidate platforms

Read the platforms of candidates who are running in this year’s election!

Co-Presidents (2)

Elizabeth Chan — slate with Kay Sun

Hi everyone! I’m Elizabeth, and I’m running in a slate with Kay Sun to be your 2021-2022 PSA Co-Presidents. I have really enjoyed serving on the executive team in the PSA these past two years and most recently serving as the Vice President. I hope to continue strengthening connections with the psychology students and the department, encouraging collaborations across committees and course unions, and overseeing the successful execution of our seminars, conference, socials, volunteer roles, and academic events. Thank you for your consideration!

Kay Sun — slate with Elizabeth Chan

Heyo! I’m Kay Sun and I’m running in a slate with Elizabeth Chan to be your 2021-2022 PSA Co-Presidents. I’ve worked with the PSA for my whole undergrad, first as an office hour holder, then as seminar coordinator, and now as secretary. It’s been a blast becoming familiar with event planning and the administrative behind-the-scenes of the PSA. I would be thrilled to continue working with the PSA team and fellow psychology students as your Co-President. My goal is to ensure that the PSA team continues to operate cohesively towards executing PSA events, promoting psychology related opportunities, and building community with psychology students. If this is what you would like to see, please consider voting for us!


Alvina Lai — slate with Victoria Zhang

Hi! My name is Alvina and I’m a second year studying cognitive science and psychology. This isn’t my first time being involved with the PSA, as I have previously been an office hours holder twice. I would like to stay even more involved by encouraging people to sign up for events and be a part of the community! Therefore, I am running in a slate with Victoria Zhang for the Secretary position.

Given that the secretaries’ main jobs are recruitment and social media, I believe I would be the best fit due to my previous experience as the COG250 representative. In this role, I was in charge of communicating with other students in the class about upcoming tests, essays, and CASA office hours, as well as events. I created the class Discord and have been managing it for this entire school year, where we even have a #crying channel for people to vent about their classes. Additionally, I am a current research undergrad in a Computer Science lab, where I act in an administrative position by helping manage the lab and organize undergraduate meetings. I have also mentored first years and will be a Psychology SLC Peer Mentor this upcoming year. These experiences highlight my ability to work well with others and build a platform where all students can feel comfortable.

As it seems likely that Fall 2021 may be at the very least hybrid, I’m hoping to help other students feel more comfortable about being in an online community. We all know how important our mental health is during this period, and I would like to provide students the resources they need to get through another school year without feeling burnt out. Victoria and I want to help students from different student associations to interact more often, to provide a more profound experience for those interested in multiple fields.

If you’d like to see this be implemented, please consider voting for me! 😀

Marco Mai — slate with Tiffany Tse

Before reading my statement, please read Tiffany Tse’s rather… interesting platform. Done? Thanks (and sorry). My name is Marco Mai, a first-year running for the Secretary position in-slate with Tiffany! I currently act as Game Head for UofTOW, a committee co-chair of the Innis College Residence, and in all honesty, I think many of you may know me as the nerd running some first-year Life Science Discords, so I hope it shows that I have experience as both a leader and a student involved in the community. 

In formality, we want to bring you all a better experience while we work as part of the PSA. This means bringing communication to the entire student body. Whether you’re a PSA member, a volunteer, or a student, we want to reach our events to you no matter the social platform you use. Also, we will make things pretty. Er, at least that’s what Tiff told me to say, so we will probably (???) make advertisements that don’t hurt your eyes. 

Most importantly, we don’t want this position to jeopardize the communal position we hold as students. If you want secretaries who you know you can freely speak to, “TM™️”, would greatly appreciate your support. 

smile :]

Tiffany Tse — slate with Marco Mai

NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP. NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN. My name is Tiffany Tse and I’m a first-year psychology student running to become a secretary for PSA! 

I’m currently a PSA volunteer, a director for the University College Residence Council, and a member of the Mental Health Association, so I have a lot of experience with advertising, planning, and hosting events. I really enjoyed my time volunteering for the PSA, which is why I’d love to get even more involved by becoming one of your secretaries. As someone who draws during their free time, I assure you that newsletters and advertisements will be a e s t h e t i c ! 

My goals as a secretary would be to make PSA and psychology-related events known to as many people as possible so that they can have the opportunity to participate and learn more about psychology. I will also make sure that communications within PSA will run smoother than how I just rickrolled you. 😉 

My partner in crime, Marco is also running so give him a vote too! 

By electing me and Marco as PSA’s secretaries, we promise that we will never:
-give you up 
-let you down 
-run around and desert you <3 

(please vote for both of us so we can call ourselves TM)

Victoria Zhang — slate with Alvina Lai

Hi everyone! My name is Victoria Zhang and I’m currently a second year studying psychology and cognitive science. This year, I’m running in a slate with Alvina Lai for Secretary to become a more integral part of the PSA and your experience as a psychology student!

My previous experience as the marketing manager for the Jack.org chapter at our campus has given me the experience and taught me key skills for interacting with a student body. As the marketing manager, I run the Instagram page, sharing information both about our club’s own activities and relevant events in the world pertaining to mental health and wellbeing. I’m also a volunteer at the PSA, currently holding student hours to create a more amicable, and “real” community beyond the screen relationship that we’re all so bounded to. My additional experience as an office hour holder for the cognitive science community through CASA and as an RSG leader prepares me for the administrative roles necessary for supporting such a large student body in each one of your individual pursuits.

At this point, it’s a bit of an open secret that Fall 2021 is not going to be exactly like the BeforeTimes, but I’m looking forward to making Fall 2021, and beyond, our own. My interdisciplinary background inspires me to find ways to engage the student bodies of multiple fields so that we can build a greater sense of community and to explore more about psychology and its relevant fields. Regardless of whether we get to see each other next year, Alvina and I hope to find ways to improvise, adapt, and overcome!

If you like the way this sounds, please don’t forget to vote for us!


Ce (Richard) Liang

Hello everyone, I wish to contribute and become a part of the U of T psychology community. People who study psychology are cool. I am a chill person who vibes with lofi hip hop. The biggest drive for me to apply for the executive position was the possibility to find people with similar interests and engage in fun activities together. Also, being a part of a community and having someone to lean your back against is a nice feeling. I am a first year in Rotman Commerce and the only two relevant experiences that I had was being the co-president of the music committee in grade 12 and starting a tutoring business in the summer of grade 12. I was engaged in the fundraising of about $300 in the music committee through a Christmas bake sale. I also informally recorded small transactions for my tutoring service.

Kyle Xue

Hello! My name is Kyle and I’m a math and psych student going into my fifth and final year. After being a part of PSA for four years as a volunteer, subcommittee member, and an exec, I would like to continue as the current treasurer to provide more to the psych community. 

As treasurer, I intend to continue with the pre-existing tasks of the position. As well, I wish to find more ways to increase PSA’s funds whether we’re online or offline so that we can provide more events for the  psychology community. 

By voting for me, I will do the math so you don’t have to 😀

Academic Coordinators (2)

Alexandra Udachina — slate with Anastasia Liu

Hi everyone! My name is Alexandra Udachina, and I am running in the PSA executive  elections to be one of your 2021-2022 academic coordinators. I will be entering my third year as a life sciences student at the University of Toronto, majoring in human biology and psychology. By entering this role, I am hoping to make a meaningful impact on the academic lives of psychology  students at all stages of their degree. The PSA academic committee is primarily involved in the planning and facilitation of events aimed at helping students to learn about and take on the various academic opportunities available to them on campus; the role of the academic coordinator involves a strong leadership and public speaking component, skills which I have developed through my prior experience. Firstly, I am currently a PSA academic subcommittee member. Apart from being exposed to the inner workings of the PSA academic committee, this role allowed me to directly  participate in the planning and execution of academic committee events. This would allow me to  have a smooth transition into the role of academic coordinator, and to execute my duties effectively.  Additionally, I currently hold the role of executive administrator at The Positivity Project, a UofT student club focused on promoting wellness and mental health in the student community. My role involves the facilitation of weekly executive team meetings, maintaining a record of items discussed, and a timeline of tasks for the execution of future events. This has given me experience in an executive role at a UofT student group, which I would be able to apply as an academic coordinator at the PSA. 

In the past year, both of us served on the academic subcommittee. Through this year’s  accumulation of experience, we participated in and helped organize all activities held by the academic committee, which would assist us in the roles of academic coordinators. Firstly, we oversaw the mentorship program. Additionally, we helped facilitate the PSA Grad School event, Dr. Freud competition, and Research Day event. Moving forward, we would like to propose a few changes to the operations of the PSA academic committee. Firstly, we would like to introduce a bi weekly newsletter summarizing any upcoming opportunities for professional and/or personal development. This would create a comprehensive list of events that students may benefit from, and increase the odds of students connecting with the opportunities that interest them. Secondly, we would like to add a “drop in” stream to the mentorship program. In short, upper year mentors would  host scheduled mentorship sessions, which first year students can attend on a need-be basis. This would increase the flexibility of the mentorship program, and extend its benefits to students that are unable to commit to it for a full semester. Overall, we believe that these changes would improve the positive impact that the PSA academic committee has on students’ academic lives.

Anastasia Liu — slate with Alexandra Udachina

Hi, I am Anastasia Liu, and I am a first-year student who is passionate about psychology. I’m currently applying for the psychology specialist program. In the past year, as one of the subcommittee member, my partner and I helped organize many meaningful events, which we help first-year students who are unable to come to campus due to COVID-19 communicate with seniors about college life and introduce research opportunities to students intend to gain experience in the lab, etcetera. Therefore, except for my enthusiasm, I want to apply for this position because I want to take on more responsibility and further contribute my strength to help students who also are interested in psychology through some meaningful activities. Apart from subcommittee experience, I have been the president in the student union for three consecutive years in my IB high school and I am also a member of the international publicity organization. During this period, I was responsible for all the planning and management of activities in the student union. Besides, I have organized many activities with three sub-union together, such as holding academic competitions of different subjects, organizing Christmas events, and cultural exchanges with students from Korean international schools. Apart from that, Union members and I also organized the interdisciplinary activity and guided culture publicity volunteer work for foreign tourists to promote local culture. Through these experiences, I developed my leadership skills and collaboration, organization, planning, communication, and management ability, which I believe is beneficial for the position I applied for.  

In the past year, both of us served on the academic subcommittee. Through this year’s  accumulation of experience, we participated in and helped organize all activities held by the  academic committee, which would assist us in the roles of academic coordinators. Firstly, we oversaw the mentorship program. Additionally, we helped facilitate the PSA Grad School event, Dr. Freud competition, and Research Day event. Moving forward, we would like to propose a few changes to the operations of the PSA academic committee. Firstly, we would like to introduce a bi weekly newsletter summarizing any upcoming opportunities for professional and/or personal  development. This would create a comprehensive list of events that students may benefit from, and increase the odds of students connecting with the opportunities that interest them. Secondly, we would like to add a “drop in” stream to the mentorship program. In short, upper year mentors would  host scheduled mentorship sessions, which first year students can attend on a need-be basis. This would increase the flexibility of the mentorship program, and extend its benefits to students that are unable to commit to it for a full semester. Overall, we believe that these changes would improve the positive impact that the PSA academic committee has on students’ academic lives.

Ben Shaw

You know why Psychology is so interesting? It’s interesting because it’s all about us. I plan to focus on that and help students in the Psychology department connect through what UofT students can really relate to- academics! 

My name is Benjamin Shaw, and I am running to be your Academic Coordinator for the Psychology Students Association in 2021-2022. I am a first year student hoping to specialize in Psychology, major in Human Biology, and minor in Physiology. I would like to join the PSA because UofT is already notoriously difficult, and organizations like these help us get through it together as fellow students. Some of us can be extraordinarily busy and have difficulty making time for social events; I know because I’ve been there. What I hope to achieve as Academic Coordinator is connecting academia to fun events/activities that can fulfill both our academic and social needs. Many of my ideas connect to just that- and I have the experience to back it, having been involved in eleven clubs prior to this, seven of which I held an executive position. If you vote for me, I promise to give my all in creating academic opportunities that you’d be excited to attend.

Divya Gupta — slate with Jenna Chung

Hello! My name is Divya and I’m running for the Academic Coordinator position at the PSA. 

As a first year student who learnt remotely for the entire academic year, I feel that it is difficult to access academic and mental health resources in times of need. My primary goals as the Academic Coordinator are to increase accessibility to academic and networking opportunities, community engagement, and mental wellness support. 

I aim to introduce a monthly academic and opportunity newsletter and maintain close contact with the Psychology department to create an Opportunity Database on the PSA website. During the orientation week, I plan to host a Psychology Orientation Day that informs all students about the year’s plans, program and course overview, and involvement opportunities. 

I will be investing special emphasis on promoting more resources to manage every individual’s course loads by developing personalised study plans with learning strategists. In collaboration with other program unions, I will advocate for earlier access to final exam schedules and complete transparency in grading practices and Research opportunities selection criterias. 

In the past, I have held multiple student council positions, organised non-for-profit events, and held executive positions at UofT clubs. Currently, I serve as the Mental Wellness Commissioner at the UCLit. These positions have allowed me to cultivate communication, leadership, analytical and organisation skills. As an Academic Coordinator, I want to utilise these skills in order to foster a community of learning and growth for us all. 

Thank you for considering me!

Jenna Chung — slate with Divya Gupta

Hello to all UofT Students! 

I am Jenna Chung, in first year, and running for the Academic Coordinator position at the PSA. 

As a first year student learning online in the COVID-19 epidemic, I understand the difficulties in accessing help and researching for opportunities within your department. My three important goals as the Academic Coordinator for the PSA committee are to increase accessibility in academic resources and opportunities, increase student engagement, and diversify the mental health support systems and networks that have been and will be created by the PSA. 

My main Ideas as the Academic Coordinator are: 

(1) Social Forums & Idea Gatherings 
(2) Dr. Freud Competition & Collaborative RSG study sessions 
(3) New ideas for PSA Mentorship Program 
(4) Grad Day + Creating Networks 
(5) Brain Breaks 
(6) #SelfCare Days 

In the past, I have been an active member of the academic committees in school, created Psychology Student Academias, and have worked to advocate the mental health issues of students in schools in the community. These experiences have allowed me to have opportunities to cultivate communication, grow leadership and analytical skills as well as learn to be a supportive listening ear. 

Please feel free to contact me to talk about my ideas and goals, and explore my instagram page for more detailed information on them and to find out more about my qualifications to serve as the Academic Coordinator at the PSA for the upcoming year. 

Thank You for considering me and have a wonderful day!

Conference Coordinators (2)

Joanne Choe

Hi, I’m Joanne Choe and I’m currently in my second year of a psychology and health & disease double major. By joining the PSA and becoming conference coordinator, I want to bring in more student research to conferences to give more of a chance for our peers to show off the results of their hard work and to demonstrate to lower years what they can achieve during their degree. I have a ton of experience helping to put together and organizing large events with staff, as part of the production crew in high school and also independently with my peers, so I am confident in my skills to deliver a great conference to all of you. If any of this resonates with you, vote for me, Joanne Choe, as your next PSA conference coordinator! Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day! 🙂

Sophia Blaikie-Sloan

Hi everyone!

My name is Sophia Blaikie-Sloan, and I am in my 2nd year double-majoring in Psychology and Molecular Genetics/Microbiology. The past year I have had the wonderful experience of being part of the seminar subcommittee, and I am hoping to move forward into an executive position as one of the conference coordinators for the Psychology Student’s Association in 2021-2022 academic year. Being a subcommittee member this year has given me insight into PSA, and ideas which I hope to further contribute. 

As this position entails the arrangement of an 80+ person conference, it requires someone with strong communication skills, time management, organization and expertise – qualities that I possess. For instance, in the past I have organized two school-wide charity events, which involved contacting local chefs to help cook over 200 meals, and organizing their donation to the local homeless shelter, Community Care. Furthermore, I have assisted in 3 large fundraiser events that included 5-course meals, dance and musical performances, and a large silent auction – all the proceeds went towards the same charity.

In my current position as part of the seminar subcommittee, I gained experience in team building and communicating with members of our community, which will help me in any future position.  This new role of conference coordinator intertwines perfectly my two favourite things – psychology and event planning. 

I’m extremely passionate about the field of psychology, and I hope that I can extend my love for the field to everyone who attends PSA conferences, seminars, and all the other events. Through my experience of event-planning and previous contribution to the seminar subcommittee, I believe my experience of working with others allows me to organize fun, informative, and creative conferences! 

I am eager to further contribute to PSA and hopefully become more involved with hands-on event-planning. 

Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy! 

Seminar Coordinators (2)

Alisina Fatemi — slate with Yusra Shafi

Hi everyone! My name is Alisina Fatemi, and I am a second-year student majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience. I am running for the Seminar coordinator position with Yusra Shafi, one of the current Seminar Coordinators and an outstanding member of the PSA. 

I have been closely involved with the PSA this past year as a general volunteer and Seminar subcommittee member. My time with the PSA has brought me extreme joy and amazing friends. In addition to my extensive experience with the Seminar team, I have had the opportunity to learn skills in seminar planning, presentation skills, and team-work. I have also been serving as the Marketing Director of StrengthIN, a student mental health club, since the Fall of 2020, which has made me even more passionate about giving a voice to those around me and addressing their concerns. Additionally, I have served in the Governing Council in high school, been a mentor, and I have hosted presentations in the past and facilitated workshops. These experiences have given me a new horizon of thinking, furthered my skills in event planning, and allowed me to better empathize with my peers. My work with the Seminar team has brought me insight into how to reach out to others as well as networking skills. I aim to bring all of my skills, knowledge, and experience to the role of a Seminar Coordinator to provide You with the best seminars that will be useful for you and your interests. 

Both Yusra and I hope to be your votes! We would be so grateful for your voice in guiding us to bring you the seminars you deserve. Our passion for unity and harmony will surely allow us to actively involve all of you in planning seminars that will help you throughout your UofT journey and beyond. With our goal to bring students together and our networking skills, we will provide you with a platform to build friendships with other peers and opportunities to build connections with professors to support you in taking steps forward towards your success. 

Within the past year, Yusra and I contributed to almost all PSA events and were active members that provided feedback and insight to make the PSA better for everyone, including you, so that you can have more opportunities to thrive. With the passion and care we have for the PSA and the experience we have, we believe that with your confidence and belief in us, we can bring about many successful and innovative ideas to the PSA Seminar Team! We would love to be your vote to become the Seminar Coordinators, to not only design fun and effective seminars, but to work towards expanding your network of opportunities! What better way to become part of the PSA and make more opportunities for you than with your lovely votes and trust? 

Thank you for your consideration and kindness, 
Alisina & Yusra

Yusra Shafi — slate with Alisina Fatemi


My name is Yusra Shafi, and I’m an International Student in my 2nd Year, enrolled in a Psychology Specialist and an Environment & Behaviour Minor. I am running with my fantastic current Seminar Subcommittee member, Alisina Fatemi! 

As a long-standing member of the PSA, and the current Seminar Coordinator, I’m hoping to be re-elected for a second term for the Psychology Students’ Association! Both Alisina and I have a huge passion for team-building, working in harmony with others and making as many opportunities as possible for all of YOU to ACTIVELY participate in! Our favourite part of every seminar is brainstorming and listening to your valued ideas! 

As I have been the Seminar Coordinator for a year already, I know what works and what doesn’t! My team considers me approachable and sincere, and with their guidance (and hopefully, yours!), I already have a whole bank of new, fun and unique ideas for future seminars! This role encompasses everything both Alisina and I are greatly enthusiastic about: an eagerness to explore Psychology beyond just our degrees, and a strong desire to motivate and enhance Faculty-Student connections and conversations. 

I am a creative and confident public speaker who has earned awards in Public Speaking from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA), and have been an active member of the Canadian Psychological Association. These experiences have broadened my worldview, and have served as platforms where I was able to implement skills such as networking, organization and event-planning – which I hope to share with you all! 

We have attended and supported nearly all PSA events over the last year, and truly believe that we are in a unique position to combine all of our skills and experience, and plan interactive and exciting seminars. We would truly love to continue working in this role with the knowledge and experience we have gained in the last year, and will work diligently and collaboratively with all of you, and the rest of the PSA team, to plan fun and interactive seminars! 

Thank you so much for your kind consideration, 
Yusra & Alisina

Social Coordinators (2)

Bianca Arenas Rodriguez

Hey everyone! I’m Bianca, a third-year Psychology Specialist and I’m running to be your PSA social coordinator for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year.

This winter semester I’ve had the great opportunity of being a part of the PSA team as a volunteer and partaking in student hours, and this allowed me to get to know many of the wonderful people in the psychology program I otherwise would not have met. In my three years here at the university, I have never felt so welcomed and received so much support from a student body before. This year, I want to be part of the reason why this association is so wonderful and help create the same great experiences I’ve had with other students! 

 I’m an enthusiastic, responsible, and organized individual who if elected, will ensure that networking events and social activities are inviting and fun for students, professors, and other individuals who wish to partake in the PSA’s social events. As well, with the shift to more online events because of the pandemic, many clubs have started game nights with a typical Among Us/Jackbox format. If elected, I promise to have more diverse social events that include these games but also include other games that are just as fun in an online setting.

Through the PSA, I was not only able to strengthen myself as an undergraduate in psychology, but also helped me get to know my fellow students and make this program feel like home. As a social coordinator, I’d love to contribute back to this community that has given so much to me.

John Cui — slate with Rachel In

Hi! My name is John Cui, I’m currently a third year Psychology Specialist and I’m running for the position of Social Coordinator for the PSA. If you’ve been to any of the PSA events, student hours, or study with me sessions, you’ve likely seen me around as either a Seminar Coordinator, or just a psychology student that’s deeply invested in the community.

My interest in the position stems from my natural extraversion and love for casual events. Seeing students and professors relax at events like Tea With Profs really inspired me with ideas to help the psychology student body. In environments like UofT, where the student culture is often very competitive, events that provide opportunities to relax and destress are absolutely vital. I would love to transform my own ideas into reality and create chances for students and faculty to connect on a level that isn’t strictly academic, while simultaneously allowing students to wind down and decompress.

For the PSA, I’m bringing a unique set of talents and experiences. Firstly, my year as a Seminar coordinator has given me the opportunity to understand how the PSA executives function on a deeper level, and familiarity with the more bureaucratic challenges of hosting an event. Secondly, my natural extraversion and leadership experience will allow me to host events that are both enjoyable and accessible for all. I’ve conceptualized and executed events for a wide range of individuals, ranging from high school leadership camp to kids birthday parties.

Overall, my platform encompasses experience, extraversion, expertise and excellence. Not only do I have the ideas for exciting and captivating events, but I also have the competence to carry them out. Additionally, I have the connections with PSA members and psychology faculty that will allow me to seamlessly carry out social events.

Julia Tychoniewicz — slate with Leila Farrow

My name is Julia Tychoniewicz and I am an international student from The Bahamas. I am in third year at the University of Toronto, double majoring in Psychology and Criminology. I am trilingual, and the languages I speak include English, Polish and Spanish. I am a very self-directed and motivated individual who strives to complete work to the best of my ability. I am very easy to get along with, and I work well with others. My ideas for the PSA next year include Tea with Upper Year and International Students, Round Table Discussions, Discord Virtual Hub, Trivia Night, Tea with Profs, Wine and Paint and Board Game Night. 

I believe that I am qualified for the role of Social Coordinator due to my skill set repertoire: 

  • Organization and planning skills: 
    • Organized and hosted “Tea with Upper Year Psychology Students” for the PSA in January 2021. 
    • Student Council Representative in High School.
    • Founder of the Rhino Conservation Group – raising $10,000 in 2017
  • Public speaking skills: 
    • Model United Nations Honorable mention at GCMUN in New York, best delegate at Nassau MUN 2017
    • Co-host at Lucaya International School News 2018
  • Leadership skills: 
    • Bahamas Soccer Team Captain 2018 (Champions of the Bahamas and Fair Play award recipient), Basketball Team Captain, Volleyball Team Captain
  • UofT involvement:
    • Varsity Blues Cheerleading 2018-2019
    • Women’s Woodsworth D2 soccer co-captain Uoft 2019 winter
  • Innovation skills: 
    • Rotman School of Business Case Competition 3rd place finalist 2018

Leila Farrow — slate with Julia Tychoniewicz

I am a third-year student working to complete a specialist in psychology and a minor in Spanish. As your event coordinator, I want to host events more frequently. I also aim focus on event accessibility so that more students have the opportunity to socialize and connect with the psychology community at UofT. For example, assuming we’ll be back on campus in the fall, some events, such as Study with Me sessions, can be modified so that live sessions are also hosted virtually through our Discord server. In addition to generating innovative ideas, I work well with others and I have a lot of experience with organizing and hosting events. This year I was the event director for the Student’s Alzheimer’s Aliance at UofT and the year before that, I was their marketing director. This year I was also a member of the PSA’s social subcommittee, so I am very familiar with the PSA’s vision and process for planning events. If you want someone who is dedicated, experienced, and creative, I am your candidate.

Mariana Castrillon

Hi everyone! My name is Mariana, and I am a first-year Life Sciences student intending to specialize in Psychology. I am running for the position of Social Coordinator as I am passionate about strengthening our social connections through formal and informal occasions. I have previous experience leading an academic club for student well-being that included planning, organizing and hosting social get-togethers, which I love to do. If I am elected as Social Coordinator, you can count on me to deliver events that are enjoyable and inclusive to all. I am looking forward to listening and exchanging ideas with you all in September 2021!

Rachel In — slate with John Cui

Hey everyone! It’s Rachel here and I’m delighted to be running another year as one of the PSA social coordinators! You might recognize me from some of the social events such as Tea with Profs, Tea with Upper Year Psychology Students or from all the PSA events I shamelessly plug on Facebook chats – sorry if it’s annoying but hopefully you see it as my passion for psychology and student networking! Besides psychology, I am passionate about mental health, wellness, photography and vlogging! 

My experience as the PSA social coordinator allowed me to make meaningful contributions to the undergraduate psychology community throughout the 2020-2021 academic year. I have learned a lot about what fellow psychology students want and how to deliver them through various virtual platforms. I hope to extend my efforts into the 2021-2022 academic year through in-person PSA events. I cannot wait to meet all of you again on campus (hopefully)!

Visions for 2021-2022:

  • Foster a healthy undergraduate psychology community focused on social well-being 
  • Creating meaningful connections between students and professors
  • Organize in-person social events (e.g., semi-formal, pub nights) for students to de-stress and network with one another  

If you would like to be part of the exciting post-pandemic university environment that I envision, vote for me, Rachel In, as your social coordinator. Voting begins on April 1st! I am truly looking forward to serving the PSA with all my dedication and joy. Thank you!

Sionan van Wyk

Hi there, I’m Sionan van Wyk. 

I am running for the position of Social Coordinator for this coming 2021-2022 school year. If you don’t know me, I am a second year student double majoring in Psychology and Human Biology. 

After this long year of self isolating and being away from campus, I think we have all realized how big of an impact social interactions really play within our daily lives and mental health. With this said, I am extremely passionate about making this coming year the best one yet and getting everyone involved. 

You may be wondering, what makes me the ideal candidate for this position? To begin, as mentioned above I am extremely passionate about making this next year eventful and inviting to everyone in order to make up for lost time. I will be able to do this as I have experience in event planning within my high school where I helped organize music banquets, winter and spring concerts, and even the design and ordering of team merchandise. Not only that, but I am also an extremely organized and detailed orientated person who will make sure each event is planned and performed smoothly. 

I understand this role is a big responsibility and I am so excited to have the honour to run for this position. Voting my name will allow for a year of excitement, involvement and collaboration as I am passionate about getting everyone involved and incorporating the ideas of everyone to cater this year to the likes of every psychology student. 

Thank you for your consideration. Let’s have another amazing year. 
Kindly, Sionan van Wyk.

Volunteer Coordinators (2)

Anna Savic

Hello! My name is Anna and I am running for the Volunteer Coordinator for 2021-2022. I would love to work with others and continue holding the awesome events that the volunteer coordinators assemble and present. Events such as study with me, student hours, psych findings, volunteer appreciation day were extremely enjoyable and beneficial which is why I want to strive to continue them.

I would like to make this experience as engaging as possible with communication between all parties. My goal is to make the involvement between the volunteer community and others as positive, enthusiastic, and engaging as possible. 

I am cooperative, a skilled communicator, manage my time to the best of my ability, and a quick learner. My experience with other clubs such as PURC, SAAUT, and even a whole violin orchestra have helped me become a beneficial volunteer which I would like to pass onto others. As I’ve communicated closely with the current volunteer coordinators, they have become such good role models to me which I would love to pay forward to incoming and present PSA members. I hope you would consider me for the 2021-2022 PSA volunteer coordinator as I would be grateful and excited to fill the position 🙂

Minji Kang

Hi! My name is Minji Kang, and I’m a second-year student at UTSG double majoring in psychology and art history. I’m super excited to be running for the position of event coordinator in the 2021-2022 academic year. 

There are a couple of reasons why I believe I am qualified to effectively execute my responsibilities if I were elected in the role of volunteer coordinator. I’ve had a lot of experience with dealing with volunteers and coordinating volunteer-run events, such as service trips to locations like Guatemala and Ethiopia, as well as organising and running my school’s IB committee, and helping out in various charities such as habitat for humanity and days for girls. I love working with like-minded people, and I think as a volunteer coordinator, I can effectively coordinate, organise and elevate the different volunteer opportunities and programmes at the PSA. 

With this, I have many ideas for improving and starting new initiatives by working collaboratively with the rest of the coordinators to make your experience as psychology students more fulfilling and exciting! I’m excited and thankful for this opportunity and I’m looking forward to telling you more about myself throughout the campaigning period.

Sophia Zhang

Hi Everyone! I’m Xuan (Sophia) Zhang, I am currently a third-year psychology specialist student, and I am running to be your Volunteer Coordinator for 2021-2022 academic school year. After 3 years being involved in PSA as a volunteer coordinator, volunteer subcommittee, and general volunteer, I have rich experience in running the Volunteer Committee. During the 2020-2021 academic term, me and my colleague, Ashley, have modified the traditional office hours to Student Hours and Study with Me. In addition to helping psychology students to transit to online learning, we also promoted presentation opportunities for students to practice their presenting skills. 

In order to create a cohesive and communicative atmosphere of volunteer committee, I plan to maintain the modified volunteer committee structure (e.g., student hours & study with me) in both online and in-person form. For recruited volunteers, besides hosting weekly student hours & study with me, they will also have the chance to conduct psychology-related literature research and practice their presentation skills. Furthermore, to spread the influence of PSA, I plan to create a PSA podcast to discuss psychology-related topics such as mental health.

It has been a great pleasure to work in PSA and know more about psychology. In the future, I wish I can create a bigger platform for students to pursue their passion!

Thank you for your time and Happy voting!

Voting period
April 1st 9AM – April 5th 6PM

Who can vote?
Anyone who:

  • Has taken a half credit of PSY in the 2020-2021 school year
  • Is currently enrolled in the PSY subject POSt (Research Specialist, Specialist, Major, or Minor)

How to vote
Voting will be done through Google Forms. The link will be distributed to the public and all candidates will receive an email with specific instructions when the voting period begins.

All voters must provide proof of eligibility. Further instructions will be provided on the ballot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find people to sign my nomination form? How will they sign it?
You may use the election-candidates channel on the PSA Discord server or other PSA platforms to ask for nominations. Note that you may NOT campaign on PSA platforms. Electronic signatures OR UofT emails are acceptable forms of signatures.

Can I nominate more than one person?
Yes, you can nominate more than one person regardless of whether you are a candidate yourself.

Can I nominate myself?
No, you may only sign the nomination forms of other students.

What is the candidate platform for?
Platforms will be posted on the PSA website and Facebook page when the campaigning period starts (March 27). It is for PSA constituents – undergraduate psychology students at UofT such as yourself – to get to know the candidates that are running for PSA executive positions. Platforms will also be included on the voting ballot.

What do I put on my platform?
Your platform can include information such as why you want to join the PSA, what you hope to achieve in your position, any relevant experience, skills, or traits. This will be in the form of a statement.

I’m interested in two or more positions. Can I run for more than one?
Candidates may only run for one position.

Can I campaign on the PSA Discord server / Facebook page / Facebook Social Group?
You may NOT campaign on any official PSA platforms.

Can I vote for myself?
Yes! We encourage you to vote for yourself.