PSA 2023-24 Elections

By-Election for our Conference Coordinator Position has opened!

Nomination Period (September 18th – 22nd 6PM)

Interested in planning our annual PSA conference? Want to join the 2023-2024 PSA Executive team? We are now accepting nominations for our second Conference Coordinator position!

Eligibility to be a nominee:

  1. Have you taken 0.5 FCE of a PSY course this year? or Are you in a PSY program of study?
  2. Are you a student on the UTSG campus?

Congratulations! You are eligible to run. Please fill out this nomination form and email it with a platform statement (max. 200 words) to by September 22nd (6PM EDT).

Campaigning Period (September 25th – 29th)

Voting Period (October 2nd – October 6th)

The voting link will be distributed after the campaigning period. It will be open from October 2nd at 9AM EST to October 6th 6PM EST. 


Anyone who:

  1. Has taken a half credit of PSY in the 2021-2022 school year 
  2. Is currently enrolled in the PSY subject POSt (Research Specialist, Specialist, Major, or Minor)


You must submit proof of eligibility in order to vote. Detailed instructions will be provided on the Google Form. 

All information collected by this form will only be viewed by the PSA CRO team. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the CRO team at

If you’re curious about who ran to represent UTSG Psychology students in the 2023-24 academic year, want to know what visions and ideas the candidates had, and want to make an informed vote, make sure to read all candidate platforms below

Any questions, comments, or concerns? Contact!

Table of Contents

For more details on the roles and responsibilities of each position, please see this slide deck.

2023-2024 Exec Candidate Platforms

Read the platforms of candidates who were running in last year’s election!

Co-Presidents (2)

Alina Hu — slate with Jessica Lim

Hi there!

I’m Alina, an incoming fourth-year Psychology specialist student here at UofT. I’m running for Co-president with Jessica Lim for the upcoming 2023-24 school year. I have previously been involved in the PSA with two years of executive experience in the Social committee both as a Subcommittee member and as a Social Coordinator.

As a Co-pres candidate of PSA, I am dedicated to providing effective and worthwhile support for our students. As a team, we are committed to working together to achieve these goals and create a positive and supportive community for all our Psychology students. We are thrilled to achieve the following:

❖ Mental Health Support: Work to provide better resources and support by collaborating with the University’s mental health services to promote their services, and increase awareness of available resources.

❖ Communication: Establish regular mandatory meetings with execs and inaugurate anonymous surveys to receive feedback/ideas; provide consistent updates and announcements through our platforms to maximize our engagement with everyone.

❖ Professional Development: Organize workshops, conferences, and networking events to help Psychology students develop skills needed for future careers; explore and share opportunities for internships and research opportunities to help students gain practical experience.

Vote Alina for Co-pres! 🙂

Jessica Lim – slate with Alina Hu

Dear Psychology students,

My name is Jessica Lim and I am an incoming 4th year Psychology specialist and Criminology major. I am thrilled to express my interest in the Co-President position with Alina Hu for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year! As the current Seminar Coordinator of the Psychology Students’ Association, I am passionate about representing and advocating for our fellow psychology students at UofT. As a student who has once been a minor, major, and specialist in the span of my academic career, I hope to help students better navigate the wonderful psychology program that is offered here at UofT.

As candidates for Co-Presidents of the Psychology Students’ Association at UofT, Alina and my goals for the upcoming year are to:

❖ Increase the reach of our association and ensure that all psychology students know that we are here to support them.

❖ Create seminars and tutorials to help students navigate the process of getting into the psychology program and prepare for PSY100 exams.

❖ Organize a UofT psychology-wide networking gala/conference to learn about career paths, network with like-minded individuals, and gain a deeper understanding of the field as a whole.


Thank you for considering my candidacy  Vote Jessica for Co-Pres!

Sincerely, Jessica

Secretaries (2)

Nichelle Budhrani

Hi! My name is Nichelle, and I’m a first year Life Science student, hoping to major in Psychology. I joined PSA this year as a volunteer, but I’d like to be more involved in the association next year. From being part of PSA for just one year, I have seen how many opportunities they provide students. From competitions to mentorship programs, there is an event for everyone. I would love to create more of these opportunities for students – especially students who are looking to be part of more psychology events outside of a classroom environment. Moreover, I have the organizational, communication, and management skills meant for this role; more importantly, I have the passion and drive needed to make the most of this opportunity. It would mean a lot if you vote for me! Thank you :)

Jen Oh – Slate with Candace Chen

Greetings! My name is Jen Oh, a first year student who will be pursuing a psychology specialist program. I am running for a secretary position with Candace to serve your needs!

As a team, I promise that Candace and I are delighted to help. We, as a team, are looking forward to contribute to the community with all our hearts.

As we all do, I have strong passion in psychology. I am delighted to meet people who share the same passion and offering effective support. I worked as a spreadsheet organizer in several online art communities and coordinated video game music Youtube channels. I am currently managing a movie review blog, aiming to associate psychological theories in plots of movies.

While my experience is not directly aligned with psychology, I guarantee that my creative background will provide new vision to the Psychology student association!

Candace Chen — slate with Jen Oh

Hello! My name is Candace Chen, and I’m a first-year life science student planning to pursue a psychology major.

I am honored to be running for the secretary position with Jen Oh. We as a team care deeply about the PSA and look forward to contributing our quality traits such as organization, communication, and collaboration skills to promote and improve the association. Our differing backgrounds and complimentary experience will make us a dynamic duo that is perfect for the secretary team.

On a more personal note, I wish to be more involved with the PSA and devote my efforts and passion for psychology to this secretary role. My experience as a secretary started a few years ago as the grade council secretary and acting secretary for two different clubs. That said, I wish to utilize my expertise and act upon my goal to support fellow like-minded peers and spread enthusiasm for psychology.

Together, Jen and I as secretaries will greatly enhance your experience as a member of the Community!

Treasurer (1)

Hunter Xu

Hey Everyone! My name is Hunter, and I am running for the treasurer position! I am excited to contribute to the association and work with everyone, as I have also obtained previous knowledge on planning events and managing budgets. My main goal as a treasurer will be to increase funding to host more fun events. I believe that social events and workshops are a great way to bring the community spirit together, especially after COVID. I believe that I can create more opportunities and widen our experiences. I am passionate about helping PSA and creating a positive space for all. Vote for me as your treasurer, as I will provide proper financial guidance and work with the team to achieve a fun and exciting year!

Thank you so much!

Academic Coordinators (2)

Charm Lee — slate with Anna Lavinia

Hi friendsss! My name is Charm, a second-year Psychology specialist, and I am running as your Academic Coordinator in a slate with Anna Lavinia. As PSA Academic Subcommittee members this year, Anna and I have successfully organized our mentorship program for psychology students, worked behind the scenes of the “Dr. Freud Competition”, and helped out with facilitating the annual Graduate School Information Session along with executives. With our experience working in the PSA team, we are hoping to better represent student needs and opinions, as well as provide more helpful resources that will aid you in your academic journeys.

As an Academic Coordinator, I aim to:

  • Host Q&A sessions through PSA’s socials at the beginning of each semester to answer general academic-related questions, whether it be how to navigate university or psychology program-specific resources, choose courses and find research opportunities, or better study for a particular course.  
  • In addition to a Graduate School Info Session, provide a careers with a psychology degree session that invites speakers who graduated with a psychology degree and currently work in a variety of industries outside of academia.
  • Foster a tighter community within the mentorship program by holding enjoyable and de-stressing activities for mentors and mentees and setting fun challenges for them each month.

Please vote for Charm Lee and Anna Lavinia as your Academic Coordinators! Thank you for your support 

Anna Lavinia — slate with Charm Lee

Hi everyone!! I’m Anna, a second-year student specializing in Psychology and majoring in Nutritional Sciences. I’m running for academic coordinator with Charm! As the current academic subcommittee, working alongside the current coordinators, Charm and I have assisted in organizing PSA’s academic programs, such as the mentorship program, Dr. Freud’s Competition and the annual Graduate School Information Sessions. Through this experience, it has allowed us to gain insights on the ins and outs of the PSA’s academic events.

As an academic coordinator, I plan to:

  • Continue PSA’s long standing mentorship program, to foster a tight-knit community and help students transition into university.
  • Host graduate school information sessions, as well as invite speakers like alumni from a variety of careers in psychology.
  • Hosts de-stressing monthly socials to allow students to connect with each other, sparking conversations about past research experiences, graduate school applications or university courses that they have taken.

It would be my honor to work alongside the PSA team to create a tight-knit and supportive community for psychology students. Please vote for Anna Lavinia and Charm Lee as your Academic Coordinators! Thank you for your support 

Joseph Gomez

As an international first-year student at UofT, I felt intimidated by the POSt system and was anxious about meeting the required cut-off grade for Psychology programs. However, joining the Human Biology Students Union (HBSU) mentorship program helped me find clarity and direction in a supportive environment, in which I was grouped with other students pursuing psychology – which shaped my academic journey for the better.

Afterward, I joined the PSA as a General Volunteer and the experience has been incredibly rewarding because I was able to be a part of amazing opportunities and fun events such as the Movie Night Welcome and the opportunity to write the script for an upcoming PSA podcast episode.

As Academic Coordinator, I will use my experiences to create a supportive environment that helps guide incoming first-year students, with an emphasis on providing international students opportunities that will ensure a smooth transition into university life. Building upon my advocacy for international students, I’m committed to celebrating the often underappreciated yet groundbreaking works of psychologists of color and plan to collaborate with other PSA subcommittees to host events that honor their accomplishments. I’m passionate about highlighting their contributions to address Psychology’s historical biases and modern-day WEIRD problem, where the concentration of popular thought is conducted in countries and by people that are Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic. I am driven to collaborate between the HBSU and PSA mentorship programs and work to create a more enriching experience for Life Science students. I will organize interdisciplinary panel discussions and workshops that promote preparation for research opportunities programs (ROPs).

Thank you for taking the time to read my statement, and remember that your vote matters, so don’t forget to go vote, for Jogo!

Conference Coordinators (2)

Helena Syrianos

My name is Helena Syrianos, a third year Cognitive Science major equipped with the experience, leadership, and profound passion to serve as your Conference Coordinator! Given my zest to expand our network and foster a sense of community, alongside my extensive experience in both volunteer and job positions, and as a small business owner, I hold a strong background in leadership that’ll allow me to thrive within this executive position. Throughout this past school year, I dedicated countless hours organizing PSA’s conference as a co-host through my position on the Conference Subcommittee, which exposed me to the firsthand experience necessary to execute an even more successful conference next year. Through this experience, I know exactly what worked… and I also know exactly what didn’t work and how to go about this change. I am proficient in the steps and lengthy process that is required to put this on. Beyond my rewarding experience on the Conference Committee, I have been heavily involved in multiple other initiatives — within and beyond the University — that have all encompasses teamwork, leadership, and event execution, 3 critical elements of planning a conference. Last fall, I was on the conference planning committee for a North American-wide association conference for students and young professional of Hellenic descent that was hosted at the University of Toronto. I truly feel I am qualified for this position as Conference Coordinator on multiple levels. My innate inclination for leadership drives my desire to make contributions that stretch far beyond the position as ‘Conference Coordinator’. I envision joining forces with further PSA subcommittees, such as the Social Committee, to collaboratively hold a weekend-long conference event that consists of both social and networking events to accompany the conference, to foster a greater sense of community that stretches far beyond listening to speakers. Within this theme of community, I see so much potential in creating more components to the conference. This includes creating and selling merch (something PSA has not had as long as I have been involved), collaborating with further UofT Student Associations to widen the range of opportunity for our members, the list goes on. I would be thrilled spending my fourth and final year of my undergrad working alongside a powerful group of likeminded individuals! I can pinpoint what makes us strong, and what can make us stronger. Combining my passions and experiences together, I am without a doubt the right person to serve as your 2023-2024 Conference Coordinator.

Seminar Coordinators (2)

Teresa Kristina Wijaya — slate with Nikki Song

Hiya everyone! I am entering my 3rd (and last) year specializing in Psychology, majoring in Cognitive Science, and minoring in Buddhism, Psychology, and Mental Health. If I were to be elected as the seminar coordinator, I will

  1. Host seminars talking about career paths from multidisciplinary perspectives i.e., coming from professionals in the fields of research, education, psychotherapy, spiritual care, human resources, and many more;
  2. Reach out and connect with more speakers outside of University of Toronto;
  3. With more collaborations with other faculties, disciplines, colleges, and/or student groups, I will integrate interdisciplinary lenses (e.g., how psychology can contribute in computer science, environmental studies, art,  history, etc.);
  4. Host termly introductions to labs and ROPs that are opening student assistantship positions, possibly with speakers coming from the respective labs;
  5. Introduce regular table talks that are more intimate, so as to provide students with great opportunities to network with both peers and professionals.

With my previous experience as part of the UofTMHA as well as the Vic Mental Wellness Committee’s Programming Director, I believe that I will make a great seminar coordinator for the PSA. Please consider voting for me and Nikki as your seminar coordinators 

Nikki Song — slate with Teresa Kristina Wijaya

Hi everyone! My name is Nikki (Nayeon) Song and I’m currently entering my fourth year as a psychology specialist student at UofT. Things I plan to do when elected as the seminar coordinator for PSA include:

1. Inviting alumni/psychology program graduates that are in fields outside of the “typical” psychology path (ex. UX/UI, consultant, teaching, etc.)
2. Collaborating with PURC to enhance student participation and interest in research-related workshops
3. Inviting school counsellors/mental health services & other professionals to guide students through their career journey and what a day in their lives looks like
4. Creating opportunities for psychology students to share their personal concerns about future career/academic goals and planning seminars to provide resources for these concerns
I believe that my previous experience with planning various career development events in several clubs and student associations will make me a strong candidate for a seminar coordinator. Please consider voting for me and Teresa as your seminar coordinators :)

Krishna Khanna

Hi everyone! My name is Krisha Khanna and I am honoured to be running for the position of Seminar Coordinator. I will be entering my second year in September and have applied to be enrolled in the Psychology Specialist program and am pursuing a minor in Women and Gender Studies.

In my first year, I was involved with the PSA as a seminar subcommittee member and with the WGSSU as the Communications Director. I am heavily interested in the research aspect of psychology and often felt confused while looking for opportunities related to that.

As a seminar coordinator, my aim is to make undergraduate opportunities more accessible to psychology students. While hoping to continue the ‘Psychology And ..’ series, I hope to organize more seminars related to the diverse undergraduate opportunities the department has to offer. The interdisciplinary aspect of the seminar committee has always inspired me and is something I would definitely maintain.

My various roles and involvement with clubs at UofT have refined my teamwork and leadership skills. I value clear, effective and empathetic communication among the team and promise to keep that up with this role as well. Thank you!

Social Coordinators (2)

Amanda Ma

Hi everyone! My name is Amanda, and I’m currently a third year Psychology specialist here at UofT. As a social subcommittee member for PSA this past year, I was incredibly lucky to be able to meet so many other Psychology students and plan social events that brought our student body together. As social coordinator for the upcoming school year, I would love to continue to contribute my experience in event planning, coordinating, and executing to maintain the tight knit psychology community we have at UofT!

As a social coordinator, I hope to provide more networking opportunities between students and faculty members, host mentorship opportunities for new psychology students, and plan more stress-relieving events (such as the cupcake decorating event we hosted this year!). With my experience as a social subcommittee member this past year, I’ve learned to collaborate with my peers to successfully execute events, to consider the needs of the psychology community, and to be highly organized and adaptive during the event planning process. With these skills in hand, I hope to continue to foster an inclusive, welcoming environment for psychology students this upcoming school year. Thank you!

Amna Nishat

 Hello everyone! My name is Amna Nishat, and I am currently a second-year student at the University of Toronto. I am excited to announce my candidacy for the PSA Social Coordinator position. As a member of the Social Coordinator Subcommittee, I actively participated in planning and organizing events such as Tea with Profs and a cupcake decorating activity. Through this experience, I have gained valuable insights into the team’s functioning, including its strengths and weaknesses. If elected as the Social Coordinator, my goal is to create a positive, close-knit community for all Psychology students. Furthermore, I strive to offer opportunities that help students pursue their passions and goals outside the classroom.

      My vision for 2023-2024 is to organize social events that facilitate networking among students, foster a sense of community, and encourage a healthy work-life balance. These events could include paint nights, movie nights, and cupcake decorating. Additionally, I plan to establish connections between students and faculty members by arranging events such as Tea with Profs.

Vote Amna Nishat for Social Coordinator! Thank you!

Rojan Bassiri

As a first-year student applying for a specialist degree in psychology, I believe I have the skills and experience necessary to successfully carry out the duties of the Social Coordinator.

My previous experience in psychology club in high school has helped me gain strong organizational and communication skills.

As Social Coordinator, I would work closely with the PSA Club Executive Board to plan and organize events that are inclusive, fun, and engaging for all members. I am committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members, and believe that social events are a key way to achieve this goal.

Tiffany Yang

Hi everyone! My name is Tiffany Yang, and I’m running to be the next social coordinator! I’m a general member of PSA, work as a mentor, and am enrolled in the psychology specialist. In the past, I’ve helped create posters for student events.

As a mentor, I actively encouraged my mentees to join PSA and brought them to PSA events to help them make new friends and meet their professors. For 1st years, I helped to guide them through POST and provided them with information about the different programs the department of Psychology has to offer. I’ve really enjoyed the fun and informational events PSA hosts, and I would like to work with the executive team to create more of these.

PSA works closely with the student body, the psychology department, and its professors to create a fun, safe, supportive community. As social coordinator, I plan to use my social and creative skills to help PSA grow, help students build connections, and make their undergrad as fun as possible.

I’d help create, and host events catered to student interests using student suggestions. I’d also connect with other department committees to host joint events to help bring students in different programs together to foster a larger sense of community. In addition, my creative editing skills allow me to create fun, eye-catching posters to post on PSA’s social media pages to get more attention and increase student turnout.

Amala Chaudry

My name is Amala Chaudry and I am a second year Psychology major. I am applying for the role of social coordinator for the Psychology Student Association. Though open to any role, I believe the role of social coordinator is especially fitting for me. As an outgoing person who strives to make connections and branch out to different people, I believe I would effectively complete the role of the social coordinator. With plenty of leadership and mentoring experience in high school, being employed in the Faculty of Kinesiology & PE, and working with clubs here at UofT, I have been able to network and learn the art of drawing people in for a cause.

Volunteer Coordinators (2)

Brittany Cheng

Hello fellow psychology students! I’m Brittany, a current third-year Psychology and Criminology major, and Sociology minor. I believe I possess the organization and coordination skills for a volunteer coordinator position. I am experienced in student outreach, event planning, and club operations as the Vice-President and Director of First-Year Affairs in the USSU (Sociology Student Union) in the past two years, and as an executive member of the Hong Kong Joint School Society of Psychology (HKJSSP). The transferrable skills I’ve gained as part of my role include hosting academic seminars, inviting guest speakers, interacting with students, and creating interactive discussion settings. If elected as your future representative, I will coordinate the PSA podcast, host office hours, study-with-me sessions, volunteer socials, and volunteer presentations in order to bring psych students together.


Brittany Cheng

Zayna Aqeel

Hi! My name is Zayna Aqeel and I’m currently a second year doing a double major in Psychology and Health & Disease! I’m very excited to be running for Volunteer Coordinator for next year! I have substantial volunteering experience, through my time as a volunteer at SickKids, which has helped me develop strong organizational and leadership skills that I would love to contribute to PSA as a Volunteer Coordinator.

I believe PSA should be a club that allows students to get together and explore their interests in psychology while expanding that interest by learning new things. As well, it should be a welcoming and inclusive space where students can connect with other like minded students, faculty, and professionals. If elected, these are the values I will strive to uphold as an executive member.  

I know the PSA already has lots of exciting events every semester, and something I wish to achieve is expanding on these opportunities by offering more diverse events to cater to a wider range of interests within psychology. By organizing and planning events that allow PSA members to come together while also giving back to the community, I hope to create a positive impact on both the PSA and the broader community.

Pritika Vatsa

My name is Pritika Vatsa, a second-year Psychology specialist with an Education and Society minor at the University of Toronto. I am eager to express my interest in joining the executive team of the Psychology Student Association, which provides an outstanding platform for students to explore their interests and connect with like-minded peers. As a passionate psychology student, I am excited about the prospect of serving as a Volunteer Coordinator, enabling me to make a positive contribution to the association and the student community at large. During the winter semester of 2023, I served as a General Volunteer and gained invaluable insights on how the association operates. I worked with undergraduate psychology students, exchanged ideas, and collaborated on various projects. As a Volunteer Coordinator, I will work closely with the executive team to ensure that volunteer opportunities are effectively organized, communicated, and executed. Additionally, I aim to foster a positive and inclusive environment that encourages all volunteers to share their ideas and feedback to enhance the association and its events. I am dedicated to making a positive impact in the psychology student community, and my enthusiasm, dedication, and organizational skills make me a strong candidate for the position. Thank you for considering my application, and I look forward to contributing to the Psychology Student Association.


Pritika Vatsa

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find people to sign my nomination form? How will they sign it?
You may use the #election-candidates channel on the PSA Discord server or other PSA platforms to ask for nominations. Do NOT campaign on PSA platforms. Electronic signatures OR UofT emails are acceptable forms of signatures.

Can I nominate more than one person?
Yes, you can nominate more than one person regardless of whether you are a candidate yourself.

Can I nominate myself?
No, you may only sign the nomination forms of other students.

What is the candidate platform for?
Platforms will be posted on the PSA website and Facebook page when the campaigning period starts (March 16). It is for PSA constituents – undergraduate psychology students at UofT such as yourself – to get to know the candidates that are running for PSA executive positions. Platforms will also be included on the voting ballot.

What do I put on my platform?
Your platform can include information such as why you want to join the PSA, what you hope to achieve in your position, relevant experience, skills, and/or traits. This will be in the form of a statement (max 200 words).

I’m interested in two or more positions. Can I run for more than one?
Candidates may only run for one position.

Can I campaign on the PSA Discord server / Facebook page / Facebook Social Group?
You may NOT campaign on any official PSA platforms.

Can I vote for myself?
Yes! We encourage you to vote for yourself.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Election-related inquiries go to: