PSA 2022-23 Elections


Have you taken 0.5 FCE of a PSY course this year? Are you in a PSY program of study? If so, congratulations! You’re eligible to vote in the Psychology Students’ Association (PSA) Elections 2022-23.

You will be able to vote between March 24th 9AM to March 31st 6PM.

If you’re curious about who might be representing UTSG Psychology students in the 2021-22 academic year, want to know what visions and ideas the candidates have, and want to make an informed vote, make sure to read all candidate platforms below

Any questions, comments, or concerns? Contact!

Table of Contents

For more details on the roles and responsibilities of each position, please see this slide deck.

Candidate Platforms

Read the platforms of candidates who are running in this year’s election!

Co-Presidents (2)

Yusra Shafi — slate with Alisina Fatemi

Hello! I’m Yusra, and I’m running for Co-President with my Seminar Co-Coordinator, Alisina! I have been a long-standing member of the PSA, from volunteering in my first year, to serving as Seminar Coordinator for two consecutive years.

Alisina and I have a passion for team-building, and making as many opportunities as possible for all of YOU to ACTIVELY participate in! We approach events with a creative flair, and are enthusiastic about motivating and enhancing Faculty-Student connections. We are in a unique position to run for Presidency, since we thoroughly understand the dynamics of the PSA, and have supported nearly all events over the last two years.

Above all, we greatly value transparency and input from students and our team, and will listen to and prioritise your needs as Presidents. We will continue to support the team in every way possible, foster community, and always listen and take action!

Alisina Fatemi — slate with Yusra Shafi

Greetings! I’m Alisina and I’m running to be Co-President with Yusra! I have previously served for the PSA for almost 2 years now as Volunteer, Seminar Subcommittee member and Seminar Coordinator.

Our team has a sincere desire for welcoming everyone to the PSA to form genuine connections and make moments memorable as part of a wonderful team. We avidly work on providing the best opportunities to enhance the quality of your experiences and allow you to connect with Faculty members and peers. We invite creativity and praise team-work, which is why as your Co-Presidents we would provide opportunities for you to actively engage and be part of your community.

As your Co-Presidents, we would love to bring you honesty and sincerity whilst attending to your concerns so that with our team we can make your Undergraduate experience at the PSA as memorable as it has been for us.

We thank you for your kind consideration,
Alisina and Yusra

Secretaries (2)

Jaimee Yu

Hi everyone! I am Jaimee and I am a first year student in Life Science and aiming for a
Psychology major. Psychology has always been my passion.

  • I have noticed that the Psychology Student Association offers great resources in this field. Being a part of the organization will provide me with engaged opportunities and experience. This is a great chance for me to expand into the psychology cycle.
  • I hope to help students who need guidance to navigate the countless resources it provides. Especially those who are unfamiliar to the organization.
  • As a part of the engagement committee in Woodsworth Residence Council, I have had experience in managing media accounts of the council, I can help reach the target audience and expand the organization further. I am also the house representative of the residence hence am experienced in communicating with people and I enjoy helping them in any way.

John Cui — slate with Tiffany Tse

According to all known laws of aviation psychology, 
there is no way John and Tiffany 
should be chosen as your PSA Secretaries.
Their wings are too small to get
their little bodies off the ground.
John and Tiffany, of course, win anyway

Hi! My name is John and I’m currently in my fourth year of a psychology specialist, taking a fifth year for further research opportunities. I’ve been involved with the PSA for two years now, first as a seminar coordinator, and now as a social coordinator. These experiences will help me be a fantastic secretary, as I have firsthand knowledge from hosting events. I’m running for secretary with Tiffany because I think that our different backgrounds and experiences compliment each other, and together we’ll be a fantastic secretary team.

If we beecome your secretaries, you can beelieve that we will bring you beeautiful graphics beeyond your wildest expectations!

Tiffany Tse — slate with John Cui

According to all known laws of aviation psychology,
there is no way John and Tiffany
should be chosen as your PSA Secretaries.
John and Tiffany, of course, win anyway
because we don’t care
what bees think is impossible.

My name is Tiffany and I’m a second-year psychology specialist running for PSA’s secretary! I’m actually the current PSA secretary, a research assistant at the TECL and Chasteen Lab, and a member of the Mental Health Association, so I have a lot of experience with psychology, advertising, and hosting events. I’d love to be one of your secretaries again! My goals as a secretary would be to make psychology-related events known to as many people as possible so that they can have the opportunity to participate and learn more about psychology. We guaranbee that you’ll always know what’s abuzz with the PSA!

Leila Farrow

Hello, my name is Leila Farrow and I am running for the position of secretary. I am a fourth-year psychology student who enjoys creative writing, watercolor painting, and martial arts.

Two years ago, I had the opportunity to work with the PSA as a social subcommittee member and I have been active with the PSA ever since. I find that the psych community at UofT is strong and supportive. I want to continue to deliver that support and help students like you on your undergraduate journey.

For the past several years, I have worked as an executive on the Student’s Alzheimer Alliance at Uoft. I have also worked as an administrative assistant with clinical psychologists and therapists. I have the organizational, communication, and leadership skills that elevate my expertise above the rest. If you have questions about department opportunities or course enrollment, I have an answer for you. Vote for me and help me help you.

Treasurer (1)

Marianne Rouleau-Tang

I am honored to run for Treasurer and hope to be a great addition to the PSA executive team. As someone who has had previous experience operating budgets and planning events for other clubs in high school, I am certain that my experience in financial planning will serve me well in this position as a Treasurer. On a personal level, I am eager to help the PSA positively influence more students by facilitating funded activities. Ultimately, I would love to be able to help create an enjoyable space for the PSA and for students by making sure that the financial responsibilities have been met and by making sure activities are properly funded.

Academic Coordinators (2)

Alenna Chen — slate with Cookie Lau

Hi friends, my name is Alenna, and I will be running for the academic coordinator position. As a member of the psychology community, PSA has provided me opportunities to connect with peers and professors beyond the classroom. Now is the time for me to return my gratitude by joining PSA and contributing to the support of all community members. Ever feel like the academic sessions and events always conflict with your schedule? As an academic coordinator, I hope to maximize flexibility when providing resources for academic success, making sure everyone is accessible to such resources. As the academic coordinator, I also hope to apply my strengths to making PSA’s mentorship program suit the needs of every member, whether you are someone looking for mentoring experience or a lower-year student looking for connection and guidance. I will be running with Cookie Lau, and we will work together to maximize your experience as a psychology student!

Cookie Lau — slate with Alenna Chen

I am Cookie Lau, a 2nd year student in the Psych Specialist program. I am running for the academic coordinator position because I want to make academic events more practical and useful, so that students like you can truly benefit from the programs that PSA offers.

I’ve been through many struggles myself, so I know how important it is to find support in navigating university. As the academic coordinator, I would like to provide to you the tools you need to succeed in your academic pathways, whether it be finding research opportunities, writing papers, or just general course advice.

I’m also running this position with Alenna, and together we will be your best academic support on your psych pathway. Thank you for your support :))

Serena Honekin

My goal in joining the PSA is to support all psychology students in pursuit of opportunities with academic resources tailored to their needs. Specifically, I am dedicated to addressing inquiries from every year of study, such as which upper-year courses to choose, how to gain research experience, and how to craft applications for opportunities beyond undergrad. In addition, I am committed to recording any incoming questions throughout the academic year and will compile the expertise shared by alumni, professors, and upper-years so that information is easily accessible.

I strongly believe that my perspective as a lower-year psychology student will be an asset to this position. Personally benefiting from having a mentor, I am determined to expand and improve the mentorship program based on collected feedback. Overall, although UofT has a wealth of research opportunities available, I wish to make those opportunities accessible while creating a sense of community.

Conference Coordinators (2)

Samantha Lau — slate with Sophia Blaikie-Sloan

Hi everyone! I’m Samantha and I’m running in a slate Sophia Blaikie-Sloan to be your PSA conference coordinators for the 2022-2023 academic year. Having been a member of the conference committee this year, I want to challenge myself to a greater level of responsibility. My past experience in the PSA provided me intricate understanding of the appropriate ways to reach out to professors, how to cooperate with other students toward a common goal and how to work in a timely manner to turn idea into action. I wish to create a collaborative environment where students feel welcome to share thoughts, ideas and questions to produce outcomes only possible with team efforts. When elected, I hope to represent the PSA in a manner that reflects the productivity of the association and the psychology student body as a whole. So, vote for Samantha and Sophia for conference coordinator! 

Sophia Blaikie-Sloan — slate with Samantha Lau

Hi everyone!

I’m Sophie, I am in my 3rd year double-majoring in Psychology and Molecular Genetics/Microbiology and I’m running in a slate with Sam Lau for the positions of Co-conference coordinators!

I began as a subcommittee member for the seminar coordinators and I currently am the 2021-2022 co-conference coordinator which I hope to continue as in the 2022-2023 academic year.

As this position entails arranging a large scale conference, previous experience and good communication is a major assets. In the past, having organized two school wide charity events in which over 200 meals were cooked, distributed and donated and I am currently in the midst of organizing the 2022 PSA conference. I am confident should I get re-elected I would be able to organize a creative, interesting and hopefully in person conference for 2023.

Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy!


Swetha Sanjay Sindhu

As your conference coordinator, my priorities will be supporting your academic and personal goals through the conferences. I understand how difficult networking can be sometimes and I want to ensure that students get opportunities to network with professors and professionals in the field. I aim to connect students with useful resources on a larger scale to facilitate correspondence with researchers and employers as well. I will integrate your input for the conferences to accommodate what you consider important to support your journey as a psychology student. If the circumstances permit, I aim to have both in-person and online venues for our conferences, so we all get a chance for meaningful interaction. I’m very approachable so if you have any ideas you want to see, or if you just want to chat, feel free to reach out any time 🙂

Seminar Coordinators (2)

Alex Morrison — slate with Nina Huang

Hi everyone! I’m Alex, a second-year student majoring in Psychology with a double minor in English and Buddhism, Psychology & Mental Health Studies. I’m running to be your Seminar Coordinator alongside Nina, my wonderful Seminar Subcommittee co-member! Having worked closely with our current coordinators, we know the ins & outs of a successful event. We would be so excited to involve YOU in our 2022-2023 session!

We plan to continue beloved series such as Journeys in Psychology, while introducing… Debunking Pop Culture Myths Around Psychology! We would love to spotlight how psychology is understood by all students, regardless of program. We aim to strengthen inter-campus connections through tri-campus events.

As a leader in mental health research and peer support, I am approachable, considerate, and will ensure that your voice is heard. I would be honoured to work with the PSA team to shape your student experience into what you envision!

Nina Huang — slate with Alex Morrison

Hi friends! I’m Nina and I’m in my 2nd year, double majoring in Psychology and Nutritional Sciences. I’m running to be your seminar coordinator for the following school year with Alex! As current seminar subcommittee members, both Alex and I have collaborated alongside our coordinators to deliver engaging and creative seminars to our student body. We hope to continue working in this role and involve YOU and your ideas in the planning process!

Our plans for the following school year are to:

  • continue the current series of Journeys in Psychology
  • add on a new series – Debunking Pop Culture Myths around Psychology!
  • reinforce inter-campus collaboration through tri-campus seminars where students can connect with psych enthusiasts among the broader UofT community

I’m someone who is friendly, smiley, and passionate about building community. I would be honored to work alongside the PSA team to foster an innovative and exciting space for all psychology students next year!

Jessica Lim — slate with Shizza Malik

Hello! My name is Jessica and I am super honoured to be running for Seminar Coordinator 🙂 This September, I will be entering my third year as a Psychology specialist, Criminology Major, and Education Minor.

I believe my experiences and passions align strongly with the role. My vision is to host informative interdisciplinary, career-focused, student-based and research opportunities seminars. UofT amazingly allows us to design our degrees that are personalized to our interests. As a psychology student who is also enrolled in two other programs, I want to inform other psychology students to take advantage of their time as undergraduates at UofT. There are no limits!

We often get caught up with the “after I graduate” portion, we forget to open the doors that are only open to us when we are students. I want to help you take advantage of your education and opportunities right now! Thank you 🙂

Shizza Malik — slate with Jessica Lim

Hey everyone! I’m Shizza and I’d like to begin by thanking you for giving time to this during the busy and unprecedented time in school, and the world around us. I’m honoured to be running for your Seminar Coordinator next year and becoming your voice in PSA! I am passionate about catering to diversity among students and supporting a fun learning environment and have been prepared through my involvement in clubs such as VP of Youth Support Network, Director on the USSU, and an editor on our Varsity newspaper. As a psychology student also enrolled in Criminology, Bioethics, I will introduce many interdisciplinary fields to PSA seminars! Join me in my plans for fostering a (finally) post-pandemic environment that stand for equity, inclusivity, and leaves no one behind. If you would like to see exciting seminars that allow you to pursue what you are truly interested in, vote for me as your Seminar Coordinator : )

Social Coordinators (2)

Alina Hu — slate with Jaemin Hwang

Hello! My name is Alina, a second-year Psychology Specialist, I am running for the PSA Social Coordinator in slate with Jaemin! As a Social Subcommittee member, I assisted with organizing many events throughout the year, including Tea with Profs and Trivia Night, allowing me to gain insights on the strengths and potential augmentations within our team. As Social Coordinator, I ascertain to create healthy networking/social opportunities within the Psychology undergraduate community, and strive for building worthwhile interpersonal relationships among students outside of academic settings during these unprecedented times.

Visions for 2022-2023:

  • Accentuate the sense of community by providing networking opportunities (eg. Semi-formal, Trivia Night, Pub Night)
  • Building bridges between students and faculty members through traditional events (e.g. Tea with Profs, and Tea with Upper years)
  • Promote work-life balance through activities to recuperate from stressful academic settings (eg. Ice skating, PSA Cinema, Paint Nights!)

Vote Alina for Social Coordinator!

Jaemin Hwang — slate with Alina Hu

Hi! I’m Jaemin, a second-year Psychology Specialist, and I am running as your Social Coordinator in a slate with Alina! As a PSA Social Subcommittee Member this year, I led the planning and hosting of Trivia Night and helped facilitate Tea with Profs, working closely with executives. I’m enthusiastic about fostering a tight-knit, supportive community of psychology students, given the limited opportunities for meaningful interactions in psychology courses with large class sizes and asynchronous delivery.

As a social coordinator, I aim to:

  • Promote a sense of connectedness through hosting in-person events (eg., pub night, semi-formal, Trivia Night)
  • Encourage enjoyable interactions and networking between students and professors (Tea with Upper Years, Tea with Profs)
  • Foster work-life balance and wellbeing by providing opportunities for students to relieve stress (eg., Paint Night, ice skating, PSA Cinema)

Vote for Jaemin Hwang for your Social Coordinator during the voting period from March 24th–31st! Thank you!

Jenna Chung — slate with Kate Kim

I am Jenna Chung, in second year, and running for the Social Coordinator position at the PSA.

As a second year student learning online in the COVID-19 epidemic, I understand the difficulties in accessing help and researching for opportunities. I also know the hardships of finding peers to study with, discuss about school, or just someone to support you during these times. My two important goals as the Social Coordinator for the PSA committee are to increase student engagement, and diversify the mental health support systems and networks.

Some of my Experiences are:

  • UofTMHA Social Media Executive
  • Freedom Speakers International Social Coordinator
  • HanVoice Education Research intern

Please feel free to contact me to talk about my ideas and goals, and explore my platform for more detailed information on them and to find out more about my qualifications to serve as the Social Coordinator at the PSA for the upcoming year.

Kate Kim — slate with Jenna Chung

  • PSA creates a welcoming community for those interested in the field of psychology and I wanted to be a part of a team that encourages students to participate in activities that align with their interests.
  • Always been an enthusiastic, friendly, social butterfly, who’s willing to make the move first so others become more comfortable in a new environment.
  • Previous experience
    • UOFTMHA Social Media & Marketing Director – coordinated the organization of interactive events that can be enjoyed both remote and online
    • StrengthIN Workshop Facilitator – conducted workshops in high schools to educate students on importance of mental health & introduced external resources accessible to all
  • Hope to continue hosting successful entertaining and educational events that both students and guests can enjoy (ex. Podcasts, Tea with Profs, Escape Rooms, Picnics with Upperclassmen)
  • Skilled in moderating online platforms such as Zoom, Discord, Instagram & scheduling events

Kathy Yang

Having participated in volunteer, Tea with Profs and other activities with PSA, I deeply recognize the importance of these resources and opportunities provided and continue to extend for our students in psychology program. I have a passion for work related to psychology and media. I worked as a social media manager and marketing director in RAWC, had an internship in an Internet start-up based in Beijing, where I have learned the great possibility in psychology field. As a potential social media coordinator, I am outgoing and energetic, I would talk to everyone and get to know them! I am eager to bring the most experienced professor to share their experiences, research, to connect with our student! I plan to hold more activities that students from psychology can get to know their peers or their study buddy with a coffee chat and other social gatherings! I am all about the connection!

Krystyna MacRae

Hi, my name is Krysia, and I’m currently a third-year student, enrolled in the psychology specialist, health and disease major programmes. Attending PSA hosted events has helped me navigate the many academic opportunities at U of T and make new friends. I look forward to helping grow the psychology community by organizing resourceful, academic, and fun social events. I hope that by attending trivia nights, socials and meetings with professors, students can take a break from the often-stressful university life, while still engaging in the field of psychology.

The experience I have acquired, through years of volunteering at hospitals and my job in a public relations company has honed my organizational and people skills. I have planned many events, from casual game nights to larger charity focused socials. I’ve organized many meetings to arrange for company awards and photoshoots. I hope to put my skills to good use, as the social coordinator of the PSA.

Skyler Ji

My name is Skyler Ji and I am running for Social Coordinator in the Psychology Students Association. I enrolled in my first psychology course in Grade 12 and I found an extreme passion for the subject and decided to pursue it in my post-secondary education.

From 2015 to 2020, I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to facilitate the Pride Alliance Club at St. Michael’s University School. As a facilitator, we managed club events, chapels and coordinated out-of-school activities for the students to promote LGBTQ+ representation and a safe environment for self-expression. It was my responsibility to ensure a properly running website, design educational posters and promote events. I would like to use these skills as the Social Coordinator of the PSA not only to further educate myself in this field but also to spread awareness of this committee in hopes of intriguing another future psychologist.

Volunteer Coordinators (2)

Anne Huynh — slate with Maria Zaraki

Hey everyone, I’m so excited to be running for Volunteer Coordinator! I was on the social subcommittee this year and I loved being on the PSA so much that I wanted to come back! As a subcommittee member, I planned traditional PSA events such as Tea with Profs as well as created and hosted the PSA’s very first Trivia Night. I’m super passionate about enriching student life in the UofT psychology community and would love to work with other psychology students to bring to life PSA programming such as student hours and study with me sessions! I also plan to brainstorm and implement new, exciting ways for volunteers to be involved in the PSA such as creating a volunteer run PSA TikTok account. In short, I’d love the opportunity to represent you and hopefully work with you on the PSA! 🙂

Maria Zaraki — slate with Anne Huynh

Hello everyone! My name is Maria Zaraki, and I’m running for Volunteer Coordinator at PSA for the school year 2022-2023! PSA has become my home over the last year, with the support of its members, and a place where I’ve found friends who have become family. It is important, especially during these times, to have peers in the PSA that will makes us feel valued and connected! With my experience as a PSA Volunteer Subcommittee, I hope to create a diverse and comfortable environment for all psychology students who are interested in expanding their volunteer experience and network! I am confident that with your vote, volunteering at PSA will provide an opportunity to meet new people and a collaboration with PSA members to make a meaningful contribution to the psychological community.

Voting Period

The voting link will be distributed after the campaigning period. It will be open from Thursday, March 24 at 9AM EST to Thursday, March 31 6PM EST. 


Anyone who:

  1. Has taken a half credit of PSY in the 2021-2022 school year 
  2. Is currently enrolled in the PSY subject POSt (Research Specialist, Specialist, Major, or Minor)


You must submit proof of eligibility in order to vote. Detailed instructions will provided on the Google Form. 

All information collected by this form will only be viewed by the PSA CRO team. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the CRO team at

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find people to sign my nomination form? How will they sign it?
You may use the #election-candidates channel on the PSA Discord server or other PSA platforms to ask for nominations. Do NOT campaign on PSA platforms. Electronic signatures OR UofT emails are acceptable forms of signatures.

Can I nominate more than one person?
Yes, you can nominate more than one person regardless of whether you are a candidate yourself.

Can I nominate myself?
No, you may only sign the nomination forms of other students.

What is the candidate platform for?
Platforms will be posted on the PSA website and Facebook page when the campaigning period starts (March 16). It is for PSA constituents – undergraduate psychology students at UofT such as yourself – to get to know the candidates that are running for PSA executive positions. Platforms will also be included on the voting ballot.

What do I put on my platform?
Your platform can include information such as why you want to join the PSA, what you hope to achieve in your position, any relevant experience, skills, or traits. This will be in the form of a statement.

I’m interested in two or more positions. Can I run for more than one?
Candidates may only run for one position.

Can I campaign on the PSA Discord server / Facebook page / Facebook Social Group?
You may NOT campaign on any official PSA platforms.

Can I vote for myself?
Yes! We encourage you to vote for yourself.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Election-related inquiries go to: