PSA 2020/21 By-election: Seminar Committee, President, Vice-President

Think you have what it takes to serve the psychology undergraduates at UofT? Passionate about planning and creating psychology-related opportunities for your fellow classmates? Want to build ties between students and the rest of the psychology community? Become a PSA executive member!


Seminar Coordinator (2)
The goal of the Seminar Coordinator is to help enrich the experiences of undergraduate psychology students by holding engaging seminars on various topics that may not be covered in a classroom. Throughout the school year, there is a multitude of seminars that are typically held, such as current issues in psychology, career-related, and academic-related topics. We are looking for two organized executive members who want to create more opportunities for the undergraduate community.

President (1)
*The previously elected Vice-President has stepped up as Acting President as of September 13th. This requires an official by-election to formalize the process. 

Vice-President (1)
*The previously elected Seminar Coordinator has stepped up as Acting Vice-President as of September 20th. This requires an official by-election to formalize the process. 

Your application needs to include a nomination form (download here) and a candidate platform (~300 words), both of which should be submitted via email to by October 10th, 2020 at 5 PM EST

What you need
We suggest having more than 5 nominations for Seminar Coordinator and 10 for President and Vice-President prepared, in case any of them is not valid. Your candidate platform should describe who you are, why you want to run for a position, and what you can bring to the PSA team and the undergraduate psychology community. 

By-Election Voting
The voting process will take place during the PSA Fall 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) mid-October, which will be hosted on Zoom. All candidate blurbs will be publicized on our website and Facebook event page throughout the campaign period. The elected candidates will be announced by the end of the day of the AGM. More details on real-time voting will be provided shortly.

Please see eligibility to run as a candidate, eligibility to vote, and the by-election timeline below.


To run as a candidate for:

  • Seminar Coordinator:
    1. Must be enrolled in at least one 0.5 FCE PSY course in the 2020/21 academic year, or
    2. Must have declared a PSY program for the 2020/21 academic year (including: Minor, Major, Specialist, or Research Specialist)
    3. Must be a full-time UTSG campus student
  • President, Vice-President
    1. Fulfill either criteria 1 or 2 mentioned above and be a past PSA executive member
    2. Must be a full-time UTSG campus student

*All candidates must submit both a nomination form and a candidate platform in order to be considered eligible to run for a position.

To be eligible to vote:

  1. Must be taking at least one 0.5 FCE PSY course in the 2020/21 academic year, or
  2. Currently enrolled in any one of the PSY Programs (including: Minor, Major, Specialist and Research Specialist)
  3. Must be a UTSG campus student


Nomination period
All nomination forms are due October 10th, 5 PM EST to
The nomination forms can be found here and on the Facebook Event Page.

Campaign period
October 11th, 9 AM EST – October 15th, 5 PM EST
***All campaign materials must be taken down by October 15th, 5 PM EST***

Real time voting at the PSA Fall 2020 Annual General Meeting
October 16th, 5 – 6 PM EST

  • Meeting link will be updated later here!
  • More information about real-time voting will be posted soon!
  • Results will be emailed to elected candidates by the end of day on October 16th and announced on all PSA social media platforms by the latest end of day on October 17th.

Visit our Facebook for more details: Psychology Students’ Association – PSA – at UofT
Email inquiries about this by-election:

This page will be updated regularly to provide further details as established; stay tuned!