Task Force

Task Force Volunteer Job Description


Much like how the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, you will be the powerhouse of the project. Essentially, what this means is that the Task Force Volunteer is responsible for making the PSA Task Force Projects happen. It is a volunteer position that will involve brainstorming, proposing, and executing project ideas in order to generate initiatives that will benefit the psychology undergraduate community. In this position, you will have an immense amount of freedom to explore new ideas and act on your own initiative. 

The PSA Task Force Projects are a new initiative by the PSA, so you will be a part of trailblazing the way forward for future volunteers by providing crucial feedback for the improvement of the initiative. 

To apply, follow this link: https://forms.gle/8rJHNgXvp9X9gjmw9


  • Attend a mandatory orientation session upon recruitment
  • Attend weekly project meetings 
  • Report to the Task Force Project Leader
  • Work on the project individually or in small teams
  • Brainstorm ideas for project
  • Draft proposal for project and present it to the PSA president and vice-president
  • Gather relevant data, evidence, and research for project
  • Create relevant documentation for project
  • Make the project happen!

You should apply if:

  • You want to get involved with the PSA and the psychology community at large
  • You want to have a role in shaping how this pilot initiative functions in future iterations
  • You have great ideas and need an outlet for sharing them
  • You want to take ownership over your work and experience
  • You need some co-curricular experiences on your resume (it’s always good to have!)


  • You must be enrolled in either 0.5 FCEs of a PSY course or be in either the Psychology minor, major, or specialist POSt
  • Don’t be afraid of failure! This is a new position and there isn’t a harsh expectation to get things right on the first go. What’s important is that you give your ideas a try

Listed below are the 3 main project topics that the PSA will be focusing on this year alongside some potential projects that are relevant to the topics. These projects are in no way finalized and may be changed upon the Task Force Volunteer team’s discretion or if better ideas are proposed. There is also no particular way in which these projects should be carried out — that is up to the Task Force Volunteers!

To apply, follow this link: https://forms.gle/8rJHNgXvp9X9gjmw9 


This project involves initiatives that deal with communication, both internal and external to the PSA. This is a crucial project to the continued operation of the PSA as it will allow us to keep in touch with the psychology students we represent, as well as forming new connections with campus partners.

Some potential projects:

  • Creating surveys for undergraduate psychology students on different topics and determining when and how often to send it out
  • Brainstorming and reaching out to campus partners, student groups, and other parties for collaborations
  • Improving student awareness of the PSA 

Fundraising and Sponsorship

This project involves initiatives that deal with raising money to improve the PSA’s events and services, as well as identifying new opportunities with local businesses and relevant parties.

Some potential projects:

  • Bake sale
  • Escape room
  • Creating a sponsorship package to be used when reaching out to potential partnerships

Alumni Events

This project involves initiatives that incorporate psychology alumni. Volunteers will help reach out to and establish a rapport with alumni in order to invite them to events and find ways to share their advice and experience. 

Some potential projects:

  • Industry spotlights
  • Career day
  • Alumni blog