Calling all Undergraduate Students (Ages 18-25 yrs.) for a PAID study on Memory of Visual Objects at Baycrest Hospital.

You get $20 after completing the 1 hr study!

We are currently recruiting participants for an eye-tracking study at the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Hospital. All testing will take place at Baycrest Hospital at 3560 Bathurst st. at Bathurst and Wilson. In this study we want to know how people perceive visual objects. You will be asked to view a series of pictures of objects presented on a computer screen and to make decisions about them. While you are performing these tasks, your eye movements will also be monitored using a non-invasive eye-tracking camera. There are no known risks or discomfort associated with this device.  We would love to have you as a participant if you are interested and are available! The study will be 1 session lasting 1hr, with $20 compensation! The $20 Compensation includes TTC cost or a free parking pass will be provided to you if you are driving!

The investigators of this study are Dr. Fahad Ahmad and Van Tran.Their supervisor is Dr. Bradley Buchsbaum, Scientist at Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest.

If you are interested and would like to set an appointment, please contact Fahad by the following email address:

You can also contact fourth year undergraduate student, Van Tran, email address:

Research Participants Needed – Female Undergraduate Students

Have you experience sexual violence involving the use of technology?

We are looking for female undergraduate students to participate in a study about the effects of technology-facilitated sexual violence.

Participation would involve completion of a short online survey in which you would be asked about your experiences of technology-facilitated sexual assault and your wellbeing. You will be compensated for your participation with the opportunity to receive an giftcard!

For more information about the study please go to

Research Participants Needed — Adult Development Lab

Earn 10$ for participating in 1 hour psychology studies!

The Adult Development Lab at the University of Toronto is looking to recruit participants for a paid psychology study on media and attitudes. We are looking for male and female participants who regularly use the internet, play video games, or watch TV. Individuals who participate will be compensated $10 for an hour of their time. Please email with the subject line Media and Attitudes Study if you are interested!

Research Participants Needed — Child Development Research Group

Participate in Research!

The Child Development Research Group is looking for University of Toronto students to participant in a research study examining the long-term effects of parent lying. The study will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete and you will receive $5 compensation for your time.

Where: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education – 252 Bloor Street West (Room 3-211, locate on the 3th floor)

When: Simply email or call 416-934-4503 to book an appointment

If you have any questions/concerns, email us at or call our lab at416-934-4503.

Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience Research Study — Baycrest Hospital

Would you like to be a test subject in a neuroscience study? Have your brain activity measured and your attention and memory tested? (Compensation $15/hr)

I would like to invite anybody aged 18-35 (must be right-handed and not have difficulties with hearing) to participate in a research study examining the mechanisms of long term memory for complex sound and attention in the brain (we will be measuring neural activity using an “electroencephalogram” or EEG).


The study is conducted over the course of two days (with exactly 24 hour interval between part 1 and 2). Both parts of the experiment will take a total of approx. 2 hours to complete, and you will be compensated with $15 per hour plus travel expenses (TTC) on both days.

On the first day, the study will involve a “training phase” during which you will learn the location of an auditory target (tone) within complex audio-clips. You will be asked to remember the location of the tone within each audio-clip for the purpose of the following “memory task”. During both these tasks you will just be listening to sounds and pressing a button to make appropriate responses.

We will ask you to return to the lab 24 hours later. On the second day, we will set up the EEG – several electrodes will be placed on your scalp, face and neck (the skin is rubbed with an alcohol pad and the electrodes are attached with a sticky gel). The EEG is completely pain-less and risk-free (Approx 45 minutes set-up). You will then complete an “attention task” as we record EEG activity.

We have availability several days a week at the end of this month and in March and April. Upon contact, I can offer several time slots to choose from.

Please email me at if you are interested!

Participants needed in the CAN-BIND study

CANBIND Study Ad.jpgOur biomarker study (CAN-BIND) offers individuals with depression
(18-65 years) treatment with a widely available anti-depressant (not a
trial drug). The aim is to identify biological indicators of treatment
response so that sometime in the future, we might be able to figure out
early what medications are more likely to work for a particular person,
make better treatment decisions. Since the study involves a lot of
participant time for interviews, blood work, MRI scans, EEG, etc., there
compensation – up to $400 per patient who completes the full study.

If you are interested or require further information, please contact
Lindsay Gabel at, or leave a voicemail on our
confidential line: 416-260-4209.

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