Get Involved

Why get involved with PSA?

Getting involved provides you with an opportunity to work on projects that contribute to the welfare of all undergraduate psychology students, including yourselves. In the process you will make great friends and feel yourselves to be a part of a thriving community of interesting and interested individuals. Getting involved with the PSA allows you to be more aware of what goes on in the psychology community around you — you will learn more about the courses offered, careers in psychology, psychology graduate school, events hosted by the psychology department, relevant events hosted by other departments and course unions, research and volunteering opportunities, job opportunities and much more.

There are many avenues through which you can become involved with the PSA. You can be involved in as few or as many ways as you like! You can be a mentor, an office hour holder, a subcommittee member, or you can start your own project and use the resources provided by PSA to reach your goal.

Please email for more information!

How to Get Involved