The Psychology Students’ Association is not recruiting General Volunteers at this time. Keep an eye out for Fall 2023 recruitment!

What you will do as general volunteers:

  • Facilitate regular Student Hours and Study with Me sessions
  • Host a presentation (optional but encouraged) on an interesting topic in at least one of the presenting office hours 
  • Promote an interesting psychological finding (i.e. A poster that will be displayed on the PSA Instagram)
  • Promote engaging student hour discussion and provide contributing advice to other presenters and attendees
  • Assist in minor tasks with the potential PSA Podcast  
  • Actively engage in the PSA community and attend different PSA events such as Tea with Profs or any academic events

To be eligible for the general volunteer position, you must be:

  • Currently taking 0.5 PSY course this semester or,
  • Enrolled in one of the PSY subject POSt(s)

Volunteers may be eligible to receive a reference letter at the end of the term if they completed expected duties and demonstrated commitment to their responsibilities. Details on eligibility will be shared later.

If you are interested in meeting students in the undergraduate psychology community and increase your academic and communication skills, please fill out the volunteer application below: N/A

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at volunteer.psa@gmail.com