The Psychology Students’ Association is recruiting volunteers for the fall semester!

Currently, we are recruiting volunteers for the following positions below.

If you choose to become a Class Representative/ Task Force Member/ Academic Session Leader, you are automatically an Office Hour Holder.

Office Hour Holder

– Office hour holders are the first point of contact for anyone who may frequent the PSA office. You will be expected to contribute by supporting a welcoming atmosphere in the office while also helping out with events that may occur during your scheduled shifts. It is also a great way to meet other students in undergraduate psychology.

– Those only holding the office hour holder position are required to volunteer at least 2 hours per week in the PSA office (SS 509) during their scheduled time. Drop-in hours are available to volunteers after completing 6 total hours.

Class Representative

– Class reps are responsible for promoting PSA to psychology students. Your duties would consist of consistently checking your email for announcements and promoting them at the beginning of your PSY course when necessary. This also provides a good opportunity to get to know your professor and classmates. Ideally, you are expected to take at least one PSY course in the fall semester.

Task Force Member

– Task force members will be recruited as needed to assist with projects in various committees, for example, finding potential sponsors for events and seeking valuable collaborations with other course unions. You will also be able to gain hands-on experiences, such as planning bake sales and organising academic seminars, by being actively involved in PSA events.

Academic Session Leader

– Academic sessions are held on various topics such as your experience with research, time-management skills, self-care tips, etc. Leaders can brainstorm their own ideas for these small-group sessions and will present them in the office. They will work with each other and us (your Volunteer Coordinators) in the planning process.

To be eligible for the office hour holder position, you must be:

  • Currently taking 0.5 credit PSY course, or
  • Enrolled in one of the PSY subject POSt(s)

Volunteers may be eligible to receive a reference letter at the end of the term if they completed expected duties and demonstrated commitment to their respective position(s). Details on eligibility will be shared later.

If you’re interested in meeting students in the undergraduate psychology community and getting more involved in psychology-related events and seminars, please fill out the volunteer application: https://forms.gle/uhnPsG9yHVYj96iE8

The deadline to submit the application is Friday, September 20, 2019 at 11:59 P.M.