Are you interested in research?  Would you like to be a part of a unique and challenging undergraduate program?

The aim of the Research Specialist Program in Psychology is to provide an enriched experience for students who have a serious interest in, and commitment to, psychological research and the intellectual life which surrounds it. Students will become, as a group, an integral part of the research enterprise in the department and participate in a variety of research related as well as other departmental activities.

We are currently accepting applications this fall to begin the program immediately.  You need to be in third year or higher to apply and admission to the Research Specialist Program depends in large part on one’s grades in these courses and one’s overall academic performance.
Prior research experience is not necessary for admission to the program but is an added bonus.

Successful applicants will be enrolled in PSY309H1S in January 2019 and this class, as a group, will move on to take PSY409H and PSY400Y, the following year.

To apply online, please see this link: