Executive Team



Victoria Antinucci

  • Year of Study: 4th Year
  • Favourite Psychologist: Elizabeth Loftus
  • “This year I hope to increase the presence of the PSA among the psychology student body. I also hope to maintain and enhance the great work that is being conducted by the PSA. I can’t wait to get started and work with this year’s amazing executive team!”


Jenny Shao

  • Year of Study: 3rd Year


Thomas Tan

  • Year of Study: 3rd Year
  • Favourite Psychologist: Ivan Pavlov
  • “My goal is to maintain the financial stability of PSA and able to cater towards more activities and events, which are essential and helpful to psychology student needs. Also, I want to provide more opportunities for first and second psychology students to connect with PSA and learn more about the psychology through events within the University of Toronto campus.”


Anh-Thu Ha

  • Year of Study: 3rd Year
  • Favourite Psychologist: Albert Bandura
  • “This year, I hope to strengthen the communication between the Psychology student population to the PSA, and to the Psychology department as a whole body. My goal is to increase PSA visibility and to create an environment that supports the accessibility to resources and opportunities available to the Psychology Student body.”

Eileen Wu


Elizabeth Ko

Ibrahim Hamid

  • Year of Study: 2nd Year


Barron Pan

  • Year of Study: 3rd Year
  • Favourite Psychologist: William James
  • “My goals in the coming year are to bridge the gap between students and access to academic resources in Psychology and help increase PSA’s publicity amongst psychology students as well as students with interests in psychology in other departments to contribute to building a more scholarly and interactive environment in the student community.”

Freda Jian


Stephanie Choi

Valentina Mihajlovic


Cassandra Wang

  • Year of Study: 3rd Year
  • Favourite Psychologist: Solomon Asch
  • “Goals: 1) To vigorously promote our union and recruit as many individuals as possible; 2) To get to know all volunteers by name and retain one interesting fact about each of them by the end of the semester; 3) To make PSA a place where you feel mattered and included – a place where you genuinely look forwards to coming to.”

Danielle Lim

  • Year of Study: 3rd Year
  • Favourite Psychologist: Elliot Aronson
  • “My main goal this year, will be to increase awareness and visibility of the PSA in order to promote and encourage more volunteer involvement within the group. The vastness of our program often lends its way to feelings of being lost within the collective, and we hope that by giving more students the opportunity to interact with one another, more and more students will be able to find a home where they belong, where they are known by their name and not by their number. Please feel free to contact either one of us if you have any questions or suggestions! Wishing you all the best for the 2016/2017 school year!”

Executive Team 2015-2016


Valentina Mihajlovic

Vice President

K. Chiyung Wong


Ai Nguyen


Jenny Shao

Academic Coordinators

Freda Jian & Victoria Antinucci

Seminar Coordinators

Aaron Wang & Katrina Thomson

Social Events Coordinators

Justin Kwok & Aaron Switzer

Volunteer Coordinators

Seema Satish & Eileen Wu

Executive Team 2014-2015


Brian Pereira & Julian Perinetti


Stephanie Tran

Academic Coordinator

Natasha Elena

Seminar Coordinators

Valentina Mihajlovic & Nalian Youmer

Social Events Coordinators

Yoon Woo Park & K. Chiyung Wong

Volunteer Coordinators

Alexandra Martinez-Cazonieri & Aaron Wang