Participants needed in the CAN-BIND study

CANBIND Study Ad.jpgOur biomarker study (CAN-BIND) offers individuals with depression (18-65 years) treatment with a widely available anti-depressant (not a trial drug). The aim is to identify biological indicators of treatment response so that sometime in the future, we might be able to figure out early what medications are more likely to work for a particular person, and make better treatment decisions. Since the study involves a lot of participant time for interviews, blood work, MRI scans, EEG, etc., there is compensation – up to $400 per patient who completes the full study. If you are interested or require further […]

Opportunity to get Published — Western Undergraduate Psychology Journal (WUPJ)

Hello Undergraduate Psychology Students! Have you written a paper during your undergraduate career that you are especially proud of? Are you interested in having your paper considered for publication? The Western Undergraduate Psychology Journal (WUPJ) is a student-run academic journal operating out of Western University. The journal, which publishes undergraduate papers relevant to the study of mind and behaviour, was established to give enthusiastic undergraduate students practice at the peer-review process and allow them to receive recognition for their hard work. Beginning this year, we are hoping to solicit submissions from U of T students. An academic journal is nothing without scholarly material, and we know that […]