Research Assistants Needed at Scott Research Lab

The Scott Research Lab at the University of Toronto (OISE) is recruiting volunteer research assistants! The study is on the impact of parenting interventions for mothers and children with a history of trauma, and fathers with a history/risk of child maltreatment. This is an exceptional opportunity for students with an interest in graduate studies and/or a career in psychology, social work, or mental health related fields. RAs will gain varied experience working with adult and child clinical populations, and will receive training in administering a wide variety of research measurements, including: child and adult self-report questionnaires, parent-child/parent-parent live interaction tasks, […]

Participants Needed at OISE Academic Emotions Lab

The academic emotions lab at OISE is looking for volunteer research participants to participate in a study on math anxiety. Your participation will only take 15 minutes and you will be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred on the TTC. Please contact if you are interested in participating. Thank you! – OISE Academic Emotions Lab