Research Participants Needed!

Two upper year students in a research course are conducting a study entitled “LGBTQ+ Students -Navigating Identity through Mobility.” The intention of this study is to understand the ways that the identity of being an international student can potentially discourage or encourage oneself from ‘coming out’. Specifically, we are focusing on individuals who are international students and immigrants (1st and 2nd generation) from Asia, at the University of Toronto between the ages of 18-23 and identify as LGBTQ+. If you are curious about our project and would like to get involved with us, please let me know and I can […]


What does the cosmos sound like? How can cognitive science help solve our meaning crisis? What are the pitfalls of developing AI solutions? Join us at #TEDxUofT as the #UofT community comes together to share, deconstruct, and internalize ideas, and walk away with broader perspectives. Student tickets now available This year, two of the speakers are from our very own psychology department – Dr. Dan Dolderman, who will be discussing society and how it needs to be re-organized to address the issue of climate change, as well as Dr. John Vervaeke, who is focusing on the mind and how it fits into topics like artificial […]

PSA Presents: Tea with Profs

DATE: Wednesday, March 14th, 2018 TIME: 10am-12pm LOCATION: Psychology Lounge (SS 4043) The Psychology Students’ Association (PSA) presents our annual event, Tea with Professors! Have you ever found it difficult to go up to your professor after class or attend their office hours? Have you ever wished you could discuss your interests in psychology with our faculty, but found it too intimidating to do so? If your answer is yes to either, here’s the opportunity for you! At this event, you’ll be given the chance to interact with a number of professors and their graduate students in our psychology department. […]