Would you like to participate in a paid fMRI psychology study?

The Buchsbaum Lab headed by Dr Bradley Buchsbaum at Rotman Research Institute in Baycrest Hospital affiliated with the University of Toronto is looking for healthy males to participate in a computer-based functional-magnetic-resonance-imaging (fMRI). The study consists of a single session of up to 1hr 30 min where you view pictures of different objects such as a bookshelf presented on a computer screen while being scanned in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner. You will be tested on your memory for the object while learning about the usefulness of fMRI to answer interesting questions on the functions of the human brain […]

Would you like to participate in a paid psychology study?

The Social Perception and Cognition lab is looking for white individuals to participate in a computer-based behavioural study! The experiment will run for about an hour and participants will be compensated with cash or a PSY100 credit. Please email specialtoronto@gmail.com to learn more about the study. The lab is located at Sidney Smith Hall, on the Subground Floor, Room 90, (turn right from the elevators, all the way down the hall, the last door)