Graduate School Opportunities at UofT!

The Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management area at the Rotman School of Management here at UofT is currently seeking applications from top Psychology/Sociology students with excellent research experience for their Ph.D. program (application deadline January 1st). The Ph.D. program is a 5-year direct entry program, which means people can apply straight out of undergrad.   The faculty studies a variety of exciting different topics, many of which will be interesting to undergraduate students who are interested in applying to Graduate programs in Psychology. For example, study focuses include psychological topics like emotion, morality, stereotyping, discrimination, inequality, empathy, motivation, group […]

Research Opportunities at Concordia University!

Professor Chaudhri from the Department of Psychology at the Concordia University in Montreal has open positions in her lab for graduate students at either the MA or PhD level for Fall 2019! Her lab studies the neural circuits and systems that are important for drug use and relapse, as well as fundamental brain systems that are involved in learning and memory. They are actively recruiting undergraduates with a strong interest in the neural underpinnings of behaviour and disease to apply for these positions.   Information about the graduate program in Psychology at Concordia can be found here.   Information […]