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Presidential Committee

PSA Presidential Committee

As students we ask ourselves, why are things the way they are. There is much to improve, but we struggle to find the place and time to start doing so. The Presidential committee will be a new initiative to provide the resources to accomplish this.

We are seeking individuals with a passion to create and enact change in the Psychology program at the University of Toronto. The committee will hold open positions for those interested in volunteering.

The focus of the group is to tackle issues that go beyond the timeline of an academic year and to execute innovative ideas.

Required Volunteer Expectations:

Attend bi-weekly meetings set at the best time for all.

Meet deadlines

Act as liaisons between other associations

Bring innovative ideas



Psychology Research Day: To bring together undergraduates, graduates, and faculty together to communicate and present research within our department.

Mental Health Awareness: To reduce the stigma of mental health on our campus and to provide better mental health literacy.

Writing In Psychology: To create services/workshops in academic writing in psychology.

New initiatives will be added by the committee.

Fill out the application form here:

Once completed please send your cv to with the subject line “Presidental Committee Application”

Deadline to Apply is November 3rd 12:00am

The intent for this committee is to plan, coordinate, and execute initiatives. Action is key and it only occurs when we the students are consistently active.

Brian Pereira & Jullian Perinetti

Psychology Students Association
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Rotman School of Management and Department of Psychology – Research Position

Research Assistant Positions – Rotman School of Management and Department of Psychology

Dr. Jennifer Stellar, Postdoctoral Fellow, and Dr. Stéphane Côté, Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Psychology at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, are looking for experienced and motivated undergraduate students interested in getting research experience for volunteer research assistant positions.

Drs. Stellar and Côté study how emotions and hierarchy shape morality and prosocality. Dr. Stellar’s research focuses on (a) the physiological correlates of empathy (b) and how one’s social class influences emotional responses to other’s suffering. Her papers can be viewed by visiting the following website:

Dr. Côté’s research examines (a) how emotional intelligence is associated with people’s career success and (b) how inequality and social class are related to people’s prosocial behavior. His research has been published in psychology journals and management journals. Papers can be downloaded by clicking on the links on the following website:

This position is for students who have already decided that they will apply to graduate school in psychology or organizational behavior. The position will familiarize students with the process of conducting research at the intersection of social psychology and organizational behavior. Research assistants will be trained in every aspect of the research process in preparation for graduate school.

Research assistants will work with Drs. Stellar and Côté and Ph.D. students on designing, executing, and analyzing the results of studies. For students who demonstrate excellence in their work, Drs. Stellar and/or Côté will provide recommendation letters for graduate school.

Duties include helping with literature reviews, developing and administering surveys on the internet, managing data collected from internet surveys, collecting archival data from the internet, scheduling data collection sessions, recruiting participants, running participants in the lab, collecting and analyzing physiological data from participants, managing data collected from participants, and working on a website to share the results of the research. Previous research experience, proficiency with programs to handle databases (e.g., Excel, SPSS, SAS), skills in programming and website making (e.g., google sites) are definitely pluses, but not a requirement.

The start date is November 1, 2014. It is expected that research assistants will work until at least the end of April 2015. The weekly time commitment will vary depending on what is needed at the time but, on average, it will be 10 hours per week.

To apply for this position, please email (1) a cover letter stating why you want to be a research assistant (indicate your year in the program and whether you are in the psychology research specialist program), (2) a CV or resume, (3) an electronic copy of your transcript, and (4) the name and contact information of at least one reference (preferably a researcher, graduate student, or professor) to Dr. Stellar at by Monday October 27th the application deadline and you will be notified if you will be asked to come in for an interview.




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Canadian Psychology Association – Graduate Program Info Sessions

Calling all psychology students thinking of applying to grad school!

Our campus representatives from the Canadian Psychological Association are
hosting a grad school information session for undergrads on Tuesday,
October 14 from 2:00-4:00pm.

>From 2:00-2:45 we’ll have information on how to get involved with the CPA
and how to prepare a submission to the CPA convention (a great way to beef
up your CV!). From 2:45-4:00 we will have a presentation on applying to
graduate school, including information on preparing an application, and a
graduate student panel for a Q&A session – ask us anything!

Date and location are as follows:

Tuesday, October 14, 2014, from 2:00 to 4:00
Wallberg Building Room 219
200 College Street
(Located at the corner of St. George and College St)

Seating is limited, arrive on time!CPAworkshop

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Write Now

(Weekly writing drop-in sessions at three locations across campus, for you!)

Do you struggle with finding words to express your experiences?  Do you stare at the blank screen with your heart pounding? Would you like a place of self-expression without grades or expectations? Write Now! is a program of free drop-in sessions run by peer mentors, where you can nurture your own voice and creativity through writing and reflection. Groups meet weekly in three locations across campus: the Academic Success Centre, Multi-Faith Centre and Hart House.


Write Now! is a new program being piloted by U of T’s Poet in Community, Ronna Bloom.

Keep your pen close. For more Poet in Community information go to the Facebook page 

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York University Grad School

On behalf of the Social-Personality area here at York University, we would like your members to consider our program. It is one of the largest Social-Personality groups in North America, with 14 full-time faculty members investigating a diverse range of topics. We are a productive, motivated, and friendly. Around 75% of our Ph.D. graduates from the past 5 years have gone on to faculty positions. We are also located in Toronto, Canada, one of the most vibrant, multicultural, and liveable cities in the world.

We invite your members to visit our website to learn more about us and our research:

As well, please consider posting the attached flyer where your members can see it, or circulating it via your e-mail listserv. Your members may also be interested in some tips we’ve gathered about applying to graduate school in general:

If you have any questions on applying to graduate school, our program, our research interests, or what we’re like, shoot any faculty member an e-mail and we would be happy to answer any questions. We look forward to receiving your applications!


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Ryerson Graduate Open House October 16, 2014

Thursday,October 16, 2014
Registration & Refreshments, 5:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Presentation and Q & A, 6:00 p.m.–8:30 p.m.
Student Campus Centre
Room SCC-115, Tecumseh Auditorium
55 Gould Street, Ryerson University, Toronto
Dr. Michelle Dionne, Psychology Graduate Program Director

Join us for our annual Graduate Program Open House
and Information Session. Take advantage of an exciting
opportunity to learn all about the MA and PhD programs
in Psychology at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.
Many of our faculty, staff, and current students will also
be on hand to answer your questions.
We offer two training programs:
• Clinical Psychology
• Psychological Sciencewith 4 core research areas:
1) Brain, Perception and Cognition;
2) Community and Health Psychology;
3) Lifespan Development;
4) Social Psychology

If you are planning to attend, please RSVP by email to

Ryerson – GradOpenHouse2014

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Undergraduate Research Position – Sick Kids Hospital

Dear Psychology Students,

We are seeking a senior undergraduate psychology student to volunteer as a psychology assistant in the Eating Disorder Program at the Hospital for Sick Children.  We are an interdisciplinary service providing psychosocial, medical and nutritional care to children and adolescents suffering with anorexic and bulimic forms of eating disorders across inpatient, day treatment and outpatient programs.

You will be providing research and administrative support to our ongoing program evaluation initiatives.   You will be trained in test scoring and data entry of psychometric measures and other psychosocial assessments.

We require a minimum time commitment of 8 hours per week (flexible hours) during the months of September through December 2014 (negotiable, and with the possibility of extension).

Interested candidates are asked to please email your curriculum vitae and a brief letter of introduction to our program’s psychometrist, as below:

Dr. Margus Heinmaa, Ph.D., CPsych

Dr. Melissa Lieberman, Ph.D., CPsych

Clinical Psychologists

Volunteer Ad Template for Psychology Volunteer 2014 (1)

Lola Olorunfemi-Edwards


Eating Disorders Program

Hospital for Sick Children

555 University Avenue, 6252 Black Wing

Toronto, Ontario M5G 1X8

Tel: 416-813-5397


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Hatchery ArtSci Meet and Greet







This year, The Hatchery is kicking off the 2014 Idea Markets with an ArtSci Meet and Greet on Wednesday, September 17th from 4-6PM at BA5281.

This session is to encourage our fellow ArtScis to join the Hatchery community and explore UofT’s budding entrepreneur space. Our goal is to foster a collaborative, multidisciplinary environment and bring together different perspectives to foster productive connections.

The weekly Hatchery Idea Market is a casual ideation platform for students who are looking to meet like-minded peers and potentially spark the birth of their own start-up.  The Hatchery seeks to connect individuals with similar passions from across disciplines so that they can generate and share their ideas to apply for the upcoming cohort in the Summer of 2015.

Our Executive Director, Joseph Orozco and staff (who are also students!) will be present to provide an overview on the goals and events at the Hatchery during the year.  The objective of the meet and greet is to mingle and get a sense of what The Hatchery is all about.  It is also a chance for us to answer any queries about its programs and entr
epreneurship in general.

We hope to see students from different academic and technical backgrounds there!  It is a space to come together, network, build versatile teams and learn more about how you can get involved and realize your entrepreneurial aspirations.

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Undergraduate Research Position – Domestic Violence Lab (OISE)

My name is Brent Mulrooney, and I am a 3rd year PhD student in the School and Clinical Child Psychology program at OISE, University of Toronto.
We are looking for three volunteers: one to do transcription and data entry work for an intervention program for domestically-violent men, and two for data management (data entry and data analysis) for a study examining the role of domestically-violent fathers’ contact with their children.

Volunteer Ad Domestic ViolenceVolunteer Ad Fathers and Kids

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