Looking for submissions for Hey, Teach! Magazine

Hey, Teach! Magazine is a student run publication currently looking for submissions for their next issue. The theme of the issue is ‘Barriers to Education & Accessibility’. Submissions could therefore surround topics such as accessibility to mental health resources or learning accommodations. If you are interested in being published please submit either a written piece (of less than 500 words) or any artwork or photography to heyteach@utoronto.ca by OCTOBER 10 at 11:59pm.

Volunteer Research Assistant at the Cold Case Investigation Lab

Cold Case Investigation Lab: Want to get involved in cold case investigation research? The Cold Case Investigation Lab is currently looking to recruit volunteer research assistants. This opportunity requires volunteers to help populate a database of Canada’s missing and murdered. Volunteer(s) should have an intellectual curiosity and passion for learning about crime, victimology, crime detection, and geographic profiling. The work: Each week, student volunteers will be assigned a segment of the database to populate. The student will employ a Google search to locate demographic, crime scene, and risk factors associated with victims in the database. This is an entry-level volunteer […]

Volunteer Research Assistant at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

The Multisensory Integration in Virtual Environment (MIVE) Lab is looking for volunteer research assistants to help run experiments at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute! You will have the opportunity to: Recruit and screen participants Collect sensory and cognitive data from young adults (18-35 years) and older adults (60+ years) Assist researchers with data entry/collection in world-class research facilities and virtual headgears (https://www.mive.ca/facilities) Interact with people from different disciplines, not just psychology! E.g., aerospace engineering, computer scientists, and physiotherapists! Help disseminate research to the general public such as students from elementary school to high school Training in hospital policies and conduct will be provided Ideal […]

Paid Participation (10 minutes heart signal measurement)

The University of Toronto Biometrics Security Lab is looking for participants within the age range of 18-45 and with no history of cardiac disease. The participant would be required to sit still for 5 ~ 10 minutes while we collect the signal from the fingertip with a light sensor.   For each session, the compensation is $10 dollar gift card (Tim Hortons or Starbucks). Each person could participate in up to 2 sessions with 2 weeks difference in between ($20 in total).   We have had over 100 participants already, but we are constantly looking for more : > Bring […]