Age-related Difference in the Neural Correlates of Attentional Processes and Mind-Wandering (EEG Study)

The Cheryl Grady Lab headed by Dr. Cheryl Grady at Rotman Research Institute in Baycrest Hospital affiliated with University of Toronto is looking for young and older adults to participate in a two-session EEG study.

The first 2-hour session consists a series of cognitive tasks that will assess memory and attention as well as complete some pencil and paper tests that measure your mood, activity level, verbal abilities, and whether you are a “morning” or “night” person.

You will return for a second, 3-hour session in which you perform a task while your brain activity is monitored using a method known as EEG. In this session, you will be asked to view a series of stimuli and to give button responses to some of them. From time to time, the task will be interrupted by a screen asking you about your attentional focus.

The study is being conducted by Dr.David Maillet, a postdoctoral researcher at University of Toronto.

You will be compensated $15/hour (total of $75), and we will also cover your parking or TTC fees.


You are eligible to participate if you:

1. Are between ages of 18-35 or 60-85
2. Are right-handed
3. Do not have a history of psychiatric conditions, stroke, concussion or diabetes

Location and Contact:

The study will take place in the Kimel Family Building at Baycrest Hospital, 3560 Bathurst St, North York, ON M6A 2El

To learn more about this study and to participate, please contact us with your availability:

Ember Yu, research assistant
Phone: 416-833-5922 (Please leave a voice message if I do not pick up)