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Lab: Dr. Takehara’s Memory Physiology Lab
Dr. Takehara is seeking applications for a volunteer research assistant position for summer 2019, with the potential for continuing into the subsequent semesters. The lab primarily works with rodents, investigating both the electrophysiological and cellular underpinnings of
learning and memory formation (
We are seeking an enthusiastic, eager undergraduate student (preferably entering the second or third year in the Fall semester) to work with one of our graduate students and examine cell activity patterns associated
with memory formation. The prospective research assistant will be trained in a wide range of neuroscience-focused experimental techniques, which
include but are not limited to: animal handling, brain tissue possessing, brain tissue sectioning using a cryostat, cell activity fluorescent Staining, and cell population analysis.
Hours: Expected commitment would be around an average of 8-10 hours per week. However, depending on workflow, some weeks will have more/fewer hours than average.
Requirements: A basic understanding of neurons and their physiology is strongly recommended. Ideal candidates would be dedicated, reliable students who would enjoy working with rats on a daily basis.
To Apply: Please send a statement of research interest and an unofficial transcript to Prof. Takehara (