Are you interested in studying with the Faculty of Medicine?

The Graduate and Life Sciences Education (GLSE) team are committed to organizing events that will help undergraduate students discern their future career paths. We will be pairing undergraduate students with 4th-year undergraduate/graduate students from across the 14 different graduate programs offered in the Faculty of Medicine.
Undergraduate/graduate mentors will give an overview of the nature of their research and how it may tie with concepts undergraduate students have learned in their lectures. Additionally, students will have an opportunity to shadow a 4th-year undergraduate/graduate students as they perform their experiments and daily tasks.
All Life Science undergraduate students are encouraged to participate, regardless of year of study or program major. There is no requirement for previous research or laboratory experience. In fact, the program aims to give students a glimpse into the research environment and to answer
questions they may have about the graduate student experience.
Students interested in participating for the event will be asked to register at <>
Note: Due to the exceeding number of applicants, we encourage students to apply early to secure their desired field. Moreover, we will be pairing students on a first-come, first served basis.
The Grad Shadowing Program will take place between February 1-28, 2019. The length of the shadowing can range from 1-2 days and must be agreed upon between the undergraduate student and his/her graduate mentor. The time schedule is also at the discretion of the graduate student.
Deadline to Register: January 11, 2019
For any questions, please feel free to contact the GLSE student team at GLSE email here <>
Register here
Undergraduate Mentors
GLSE is also looking for 4th-year undergraduate students to mentor undergraduate students year 1-3 in your lab during the month of February 1-28, 2019 (in case there are not enough graduate mentors). If you are interested, please register here
Please register by January 11, 2019
Upon registration, it is mandatory to have the attached consent form signed by your supervisor/director to have an undergraduate in the lab for observational purposes.