Make $money$ listening to real-world sounds!

Do you want to earn $15/hr in a listening experiment? You should have no hearing problems and not be on any medication that affects wakefulness. The experiment involves listening to and rating sounds on a computer and takes 1 session of 120 minutes. There are no risks associated with this research, which has been certified by the review ethics board and is supervised by Prof. Claude Alain and Prof. Morris Moscovitch at University of Toronto. Your confidentiality and anonymity for serving in this experiment will be protected.   If you are interested, please contact

Adult Research Participants With ADHD Needed for Study at UofT!

The WoodLab at the University of Toronto, is seeking students with ADHD ages 18+ to participate in a study examining attitudes toward non-prescribed study drug use on university and college campuses.   You will complete an anonymous survey online on your attitudes toward the use of study drugs by healthy university students. The survey takes approximately 30 mins to complete, after which you can choose to be entered into a raffle to win a $20 gift card. If you are interested in participating, you can navigate here<><> to complete the survey.   If you have questions or are interested in […]

Age-related Difference in the Neural Correlates of Attentional Processes and Mind-Wandering (EEG Study)

The Cheryl Grady Lab headed by Dr. Cheryl Grady at Rotman Research Institute in Baycrest Hospital affiliated with University of Toronto is looking for young and older adults to participate in a two-session EEG study. The first 2-hour session consists a series of cognitive tasks that will assess memory and attention as well as complete some pencil and paper tests that measure your mood, activity level, verbal abilities, and whether you are a “morning” or “night” person. You will return for a second, 3-hour session in which you perform a task while your brain activity is monitored using a method […]

Participate in psychology research with a friend!

The Lockwood Lab is currently looking for friendship pairs to participate in a study on communication. You must bring a friend to participate and also be a current user of social media. The study will take place in Sidney Smith at the University of Toronto St. George campus and will take less than an hour. Each person will receive a compensation of $12. If you’re interested, please email with the subject “Communication Study”, or call 416-978-7062.

Paid Study at U of T (St George Campus)

PARTICIPANTS NEEDED FOR VISUAL COGNITION RESEARCH! You are eligible for this study if: – You are between *18 *and *29 *years old – You are a *native english speaker* – You are *right handed* – You have only ever written and/or read text from left to right (e.g., English, French) Compensation provided: *$10 per hour* Please email if you are interested.

Volunteer Research Participation

We are looking for volunteers to take part in a study looking at how sleep impacts the recall of episodic memory (personal past events). Participants would do a short tour of Baycrest Hospital, then answer questions about the tour. Some participants would sleep overnight at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in a sleep lab while others would stay awake during the rest of the day followed by brief online memory tests. To qualify, you must: *   be between 18-45 years old *   speak English fluently *   be healthy and free from any sleep disorder Financial compensation will be provided for participation […]