Shift Collab Therapy Practice

Did you know undergrad UofT students are covered for 20 therapy sessions per year, and grad students have great coverage as well? Shift is a therapy practice that’s a short 2-minute walk from UofT St. George that helps students get the support they need by offering a special rate that’s just for undergrad and graduate U of T students, so check it out!    

J.F. Walker Lecture in June!

On behalf of the University of Toronto Speech-Language Pathology Alumni Association, we would like to invite any interested staff and students to join us for our J.F. Walker Lecture on Friday, June 14th, 2019. This year the topic is Screen Time with Kids and Telerehab with Adults: Navigating the Benefits and Challenges, and we have four very exciting speakers presenting. This event is part of our speech-language pathology masters curriculum and all students attend, but it is also an opportunity for our clinical and student communities to connect and many clinicians and students from other related areas are encouraged to […]

The Represent Student Leadership Conference is coming up soon!

The Represent Student Leadership Conference is hosted by Clubs and Leadership Development in the Division of Student Life on May 1st and May 2nd at the St. George campus! PURPOSE As the largest conference dedicated to elected and appointed student representatives across all three U of T campuses, Represent provides incoming student leaders (i.e. elected/appointed representatives of student unions, college councils, faculty associations, residence council members and student societies) with skills, resources, and connections to make the greatest impact in their roles. The 2019 conference theme is Embracing Possibilities. This theme hopes to encourage student leaders to overcome obstacles by challenging […]


In the fall of 2018, the Dept. of Psychology launched the new Certificate in Psychology of Economics and Management.   This certificate will provide students with a specialized program that takes advantage of the interdisciplinary connections between social psychology, economics, and business.   In particular, this certificate would be of interest to students in Economics and Rotman Commerce and is NOT open to students already enrolled in a Psychology program.   Admission Requirements: This is a minimum enrolment Certificate. A minimum grade is required for the following courses in order to enrol:   1. PSY100H1 with a final mark of […]


Interested in research? Check out the Psychology Research Specialist Program – designed for students who have demonstrated a particular interest and aptitude for research and who want to complete a thesis. Admission to the program is based on strong academic performance and expressed interest in research.   Enrolment Requirements: Students should apply at the end of their second year, to begin the program in their third. All students accepted into or considering the Research Specialist program should enrol in a PSY lab course in their third year.   In addition to applying in the spring via the Arts & Science […]

Behavioural Economics Student Group Recruitment

Are you a student who is interested in Behavioural Economics? The University of Toronto now has a student group dedicated solely to the study of Behavioural Economics. Behavioural Economics Student Group (BESG) already has 40+ general members and 15 core members, committed to connecting students to those working in behavioural economics and organizing events that help gain insight into the field. The group conducts interviews with academics and people working in the private sector, talks with professors, such as U of T’s Robert Gazzale, and notifies its members about research positions and job opportunities in behavioral economics. They are also […]

2019 NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRAs)

The Dept. of Psychology departmental deadline for NSERC USRA applications is *Tuesday February 26th, 2019* (note the revised date from the 25th, as office will be closed on the 25th). Students apply via the NSERC website. Applications must then be printed and submitted to the Undergraduate Administrator in Sid Smith, room 4014 along with an official UofT transcript and the student/supervisor certificate form. Please see the following website for more information, as well as the attached: Dept. of Psychology Rules for NSERC Applications: -We will not accept applications from students at other universities -We will not accept applications from […]