In the fall of 2018, the Dept. of Psychology launched the new Certificate in Psychology of Economics and Management.
This certificate will provide students with a specialized program that takes advantage of the interdisciplinary connections between social psychology, economics, and business.
In particular, this certificate would be of interest to students in Economics and Rotman Commerce and is NOT open to students already enrolled in a Psychology program.
Admission Requirements:
This is a minimum enrolment Certificate. A minimum grade is required for the following courses in order to enrol:
1. PSY100H1 with a final mark of at least 70% (AP and IB Psychology are not accepted)
2. RSM100H1/MGT100H1/ECO101H1 with a final mark of at least 63%
Certificate Requirements:
1. First Year: PSY100H1 and either one of RSM100H1, MGT100H1, or ECO101H1
2. PSY220H1
3. PSY332H1 or RSM260H1
4. One FCE from PSY321H1, PSY322H1, PSY326H1, PSY336H1
Apply via ACORN between March 1st and May 12th for the first round, or between July 2nd and August 28th for the second round!
Questions? Email undergrad@psych.utoronto.ca