PSA Hours are back with a new name and a refined focus! For Winter 2021, the Volunteer Committee is bringing you two types of virtual office hours: Student Hours and Study with Me!

How to Join?

  • Join the PSA Discord
  • Read #welcome-and-rules under FORMALITIES and react for roles
  • Find STUDENT HOURS and join the voice channel for Student Hours
  • Find ROBARTS and join a voice channel of your choice, e.g., quiet zone, study with groovy, for Study With Me

PSA Student Hours

Previously known as PSA Office Hours, these sessions are returning with a new name and a new discussion-focused initiative: PSA Student Hours.

PSA Student Hours are designed to be an online platform for students to connect with fellow psychology peers and share their unique thoughts on psychology. As quarantine is isolating, PSA Student Hours encourage students to join with peers and have fun weekly discussions on various guided topics, from your university experience to psychology in the real world.

You will have a chance to connect with others and destress from school work. Moreover, any student can sign up for presentations and practice their communication skills. Slots can be booked via email:

PSA Study With Me

Collaborating with the Social Committee, PSA Study With Me is a weekly online studying session that resembles traditional office hours.

You can drop-in any time during the session to work together, with music or quietly, ask questions, and connect with other psychology undergraduates. You are encouraged to join course channels to work with other students from the same class

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Ashley and Sophia at