DOUBLE BLUE Information Session


We would like to invite members of your group to our “Double Blue” information session coming up on January 14This is a fast track admission event for University of Toronto Students with a GPA average of A – or above. 

Information is everywhere; experts are few – hence, the Master’s of Information degree is highly valued by today’s employers. University of Toronto Students (GPA A- or above) are invited to an exclusive (one time only) “Double Blue” Information event on January 14th (1-3 pm) to be eligible to ‘fast track’ the admissions review process.    

iSchool Information programs examine the interactions between people, information and digital technologies to answer the pressing information questions of our time. We educate professionals who will ensure information’s continuity, usability, reliability, and accessibility, now and into the future. The degree has a co-op option–  plus internships, networking and job shadowing opportunities to connect students to employers.

Our graduates find work at financial institutions, human rights organizations, consulting firms, government, law firms, and technology companies. 

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Please ask if you have any questions! Thank you so much!


Take care, 

Roshni Thawani

Outreach & Marketing Ambassador for the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto