PSA Hours

NOTE: Currently not hosting PSA hours. Stay tuned for the Fall!

For Winter 2023, the Volunteer Committee is bringing you two types of virtual office hours: Student Hours and Study with Me!

How to Join?

  • Join the PSA Discord
  • Under “FORMALITIES”, read welcome-and-rules and react-for-roles.
  • Find “ROBARTS”, join your preferred hour, “Students’ Office Hours” or “Study-with-Me Hours”.

PSA Office Hours

Students’ Office Hours are designed to be an in-person discussion based session! Students can drop-in at the PSA office (SS 509) to ask any questions and connect with other psychology undergraduates. This is a great opportunity for psychology students to participate in small-group discussions, while learning from the experiences of our general volunteers and subcommittees!

You will have a chance to connect with others and destress from school work. Moreover, any student can sign up for presentations and practice their communication skills. Slots can be booked via email:

PSA Study With Me

Study-with-Me Hours are designed to provide students with a quiet in-person study session! In these sessions, psychology students can attend the specified study group rooms around the St. George Campus (Robarts or Gerstein Library) and work on their courses simultaneously in the company of others. This is intended to be less discussion-based, but if students are working on the same course material, they are encouraged to communicate with one another and provide support!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email