Participants needed for Navigation Experiment

The Ryan Lab at Baycrest Hospital is looking for young adults for a navigation experiment. Eligible participants will be between the ages of 18-30, have no history of neurological/psychological conditions, and be fluent English speakers.

The experiment would take approximately 2 hours in total, including breaks. You will have to imagine yourself navigating between two Toronto landmarks which will be given to you. Simultaneously, youwill have to engage in a specified eye-movement while wearing an eye-tracker. You will need to be familiar with Downtown Toronto in order to be eligible for this study.

You will be compensated $10/hour for your time and $5 for TTC if you don’t drive for a total of around $25. The final amount of the compensation will be dependent on the total time that you spend in the experiment. If you drive, we won’t compensate your for TTC, but would provide you with a parking pass for your visit.

If you are not familiar with Downtown Toronto but would like to take part in an experiment then let us know – we have some others that you can take part in instead. Please email for more details.