PSA Students’ Hours/Study with Me sessions are back!

For Fall 2021, the Volunteer Committee is bringing you two types of virtual hours: Students’ Hours (more discussion based) and Study with Me (quiet study time).

Students’ Hours are designed to be an online space that acts in place of traditional office hours. Students can drop-in at any time during the session to ask questions and connect with other psychology undergraduates. This promotes a discussion based session where psychology students can gather and converse about any topic regarding psychology. In these hours, presentations may take place and volunteers will present an interesting topic, such as What I Wish I Knew in First Year. This is an opportunity for psychology students to participate in small-group discussions, while learning from the experiences of our volunteers. If you are interested in presenting, please contact us at

Study with Me is a new addition to PSA, and meant to provide a quiet study time. In these sessions, psychology students are able to join the discord server and work on their courses simultaneously in the company of others. This is meant to be less discussion based, however if students are working on the same projects and they may feel they need to discuss between themselves, students can unmute themselves during these sessions. 

All weekly hour sessions are hosted on Discord. See the following for schedule and meeting information.