Psychology ‘Hackathon’ Event Survey

A few graduate students in the Psychology Department are planning a Hackathon for the end of the semester. To help plan this event, we hope that you will answer a super short survey!

Here is the link to the survey:

For more details regarding the event:

Computer programming skills are becoming increasingly more important when applying to graduate programs, and are necessary for answering contemporary research questions. On a broader scale, programming allows people to take new perspectives when problem solving and opens up new opportunities in terms of personal growth, employment, and digital literacy.

A “Hackathon” is an event designed to encourage people from multiple disciplines to come together to transform abstract ideas into usable technology. Essentially, it is a creative space where people can work
around a given problem or idea and collaboratively code a unique solution.
These solutions can take the form of websites, software programs, and even robots.

Psychology & Neuroscience Hackathon aims to improve the technical skills of those already involved in psychology research and it will also provide insight into the nature of psychological research to those new to the
discipline. This hackathon will help to proliferate current research taking place at UofT while providing an arena to encourage more participation to those interested in getting involved.

Ultimately, Psychology & Neuroscience Hackathon aims to create a space that allows people from multidisciplinary fields to come together and engage in research-oriented, innovative, and collaborative thinking.