Recruiting Research Assistants for Psychological Research in Chinese Language

What is it about?

There are a lot of creative geniuses who have changed our worlds. We are interested in creativity and what makes artists creative. Because of the limitation of of research context (we are studying artist in China, we are only hiring for people who can speak, write and speak Chinese (Mandarin)

What will you do?

We offer training and valuable research experience for graduate school applications. We are asking for 5 to 12 hours per week. Your consent means you will

  1. Collaborate with PhDs 
  2. Transcribe interviews and translate interviews
  3. Work with other Ras with running experiments and data analysis

What will you learn?

  1. How to turn a thought (“my insight”) into research project (“my project”)
  2. How academic research is designed, conducted, and analyzed
  3. How to apply to graduate school and gain insight into social science

If you are interested, please contact immediately as the 3 positions are limited