Would you like to be a test subject in a brain science study? Have your
brain activity measured and get a chance to improve your perception of
rapid speech?
(Compensation $15/hr)

We would like to invite anybody aged 18-35 (must be right-handed, speak
English as a first language and not have difficulties with hearing) to
participate in a research study examining the mechanisms of speech
perception and learning. We will be measuring neural activity using an
electroencephalogram (or EEG).

The study is conducted over the course of 2-3 sessions with the first and
last sessions 7-10 days apart. The first and final sessions will take a
total of 2-2.5 hours to complete. The middle session will take up to 1
hour. You will be compensated with $15 per hour plus travel expenses (TTC)
for each session. The study takes place at Baycrest Hospital (3560 Bathurst
St, Toronto).

On the first day the study will involve a short hearing test followed by an
EEG recording while you listen to very fast speech. We will also test how
well you comprehend the rapid sentences. Subsequently, some of the
participants will get the opportunity to train on this type of speech for
another session. In the final session we will again record your EEG while
you listen to rapid speech and try to repeat what you’ve heard. For EEG
recordings several electrodes will be placed on your scalp and face (the
skin is rubbed with an alcohol pad and the electrodes are attached with
sticky gel). The EEG is completely pain-less and risk-free.

We have availability several days a week the third week of May. I can offer
several time slots to choose from.

Please email Karen at if you are interested!