Research Assistants Needed!

The Verwiki is an online resource, made in association with the Consciousness and Wisdom Studies Lab, that seeks to consolidate all of the content and related information of Professor John Vervaeke’s wonderful courses into one easily accessible website.

The Verwiki will be focused both on the content and structure of Professor Vervaeke’s courses and will also be made to suit the theoretical, historical, and conceptual multi-level interconnectedness that is hallmark of these courses.
Volunteer contributors will be assisting in producing articles for the site. Volunteers can gain:

  •  A deeper understanding of the scope of their course material and cognitive science.
  • Experience in technical writing.
  •  Experience collaborating and developing a large online project that will be available for use by your fellow students.

What we need from our volunteer contributors is:

  • An exceptional ability to optimally condense complex subject matter.
  •  Clear and concise writing ability.
  • Completion of several of Professor Vervaeke’s upper level courses (the more, the better!)
  • A multi-level understanding of cognitive science that appreciates the interaction between low-level and high-level theoretical concepts.

Those interested should e-mail with their resume, transcript (informal is sufficient) and a brief summary of their relevant work and interest. Applications will only be accepted until Monday, February 5th, 2018.