StartAI Conference!

The Undergraduate Artificial Intelligence Group is proud to present StartAI, a first-of-its-kind conference geared towards undergraduate students passionate about artificial intelligence. It is a full-day event held on November 3rd and located at the prolific tech hub MaRS Discovery District, and a perfect opportunity to network with and learn from top experts in AI.
Featuring high-profile speakers from industry, academia, government, and NGOs (including Google, Vector Institute, Dessa, and many more), with a keynote speech by Professor Emeritus Geoffrey Hinton (‘the Godfather of AI’), topics will range from current research being done to the opportunities available to undergraduates in the field (e.g. finding job/research opportunities, starting a company in AI).
In between sessions, attendees are invited to visit our sponsor booths to learn about job opportunities and gain an advantage over their career prospects. This year’s sponsors include Google, Vector Institute, TD Bank, NextAI, CIFAR, and many more.
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