The Horace O. Frosty Steer Award

Award opportunity for graduating psychology students!

This award will go to a graduating student in the Specialist or Major program in Psychology or the Research Specialist Program in Psychology who enrols in a graduate program in Psychology this fall at the University of Toronto, concentrating in the area of “problems of children”.

If you have been accepted to and enrolled in a graduate program in thisĀ particular area at UofT, fill out the attached application form and EMAIL it along with proof of your enrolment and of the concentration of your studies, as an e-copy of your academic history from ACORN to the Undergraduate Administrator atĀ

Note: Value varies from year to year in the range of $3000-4000 CDN.
Deadline: ASAP
Note: Award not open to UTM/UTSC students.


Preview attachment FROSTY_Application Form.pdf

FROSTY_Application Form.pdf
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