The interdisciplinary MA degree in Globalization Studies at McMaster
University’s Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition offers
students the opportunity to examine the complex political, social,
economic, cultural, discursive and theoretical developments related to
processes of globalization and how these come to bear upon our lives, our
communities, and the environment in which we live. Research areas include:
contemporary culture; diasporic, transnational and multicultural
communities; global governance; international trade and finance; and
social, environmental and labour issues. It offers the benefit of a
flexible and interdisciplinary set of courses while allowing for future
study in a core discipline.

Program Requirements

*         six 3-unit (single semester) courses or their equivalent,
including two core courses, two globalization courses, and two electives
*         40-page Major Research Paper completed over the summer

Special Features

*         guaranteed student funding (scholarship and/or teaching
*         carefully cultivated interdisciplinary focus
*         small cohort of Canadian and International students
*         Vibrant intellectual and collegial climate fostered by events
during the year
*         Flexibility of course selection: students may take some of their
courses from other disciplines, should they wish to move on to a
discipline-specific PhD

Application opens on November 12, 2018. We begin reviewing complete
applications on February 15, 2019. Places are limited. Applications should
be submitted as early as possible. For more information, please click
here <> or contact

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