UofT Leadership Opportunity for Undergraduate Students

*Event: *Learning to Lead Full Day

*Date: *August 9th, 2018

*Time: *10 AM – 4:00 PM

*Location:* Baldwin Room, CIE (Centre for International Experience, 33 St.
George St.)

*What to expect?*

Learning to Lead Full Day is a series of free workshops. You have the
options to sign up for the whole day or for individual workshops. Please
note that lunch is included for those that register for the full day.

Workshops offered at the Learning to Lead Full Day:

*1) What is Leadership?*

Leadership can be described as “evolving” – as “self-discovery” – and as
something that is “subjective”. Each person may have their own definition
of leadership based on experience, feedback, reflection, role models,
theory and through discovering passions/goals. Within this session we will
review what leadership looks like to YOU, explore various leadership models
and showcase the evolution of the idea of leadership.

*2) Explore Your Strengths: **StrengthQuest©*

Complete the StrengthQuest© Inventory and learn your Top 5 Strengths.
Through an interactive session explore what your strengths mean, how to
leverage and talk about them. Additionally, learn about the unique
combination of your strengths and how to use them in leadership.

*3) Goal Setting & Reflection*

What is important to you; what are your interests, values, and goals? This
interactive workshop will challenge you to clarify the goals you want to
set and work towards in various areas of your life. We will lead you
through a guided reflection to help you discover and identify personal,
academic, and professional goals during your time at U of T.

Register here: https://studentlife.utoronto.ca/cld/learning-lead#node-54482