Volunteer with Toronto Western Hospital!

Volunteer research assistant needed:

Energetic and enthusiastic volunteer research assistant needed to help
with transcribing interviews, filing, and administrative tasks in the
Bariatric Surgery Program at the Toronto Western Hospital. The Bariatric
Surgery Program is a dynamic department consisting of a team of health
professionals from a variety of disciplines including psychologists,
psychiatrists, psychometrists, nurse practitioners, social workers,
surgeons and dietitians. The team conducts pre-surgical assessments of
patients considering bariatric surgery and post-surgical follow-up for
five years after surgery.

*The eligible candidate will be a responsible, conscientious and
quick-learning individual who ideally is familiar with SPSS (individuals
who are not familiar with SPSS but have knowledge of Excel are also
invited to apply) with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

*Candidate would be available one day per week, either Mondays or Tuesdays
and is able to begin immediately. The volunteer should have completed at
least their first year of undergraduate studies in psychology. While this
position does not involve patient contact, there are opportunities to
observe patient groups, and to attend clinic research meetings. This
position would be ideal for someone who is interested in health
psychology, eating behaviours and obesity, and clinical or counselling

Interested applicants should email Chau Du at chau.du@uhn.ca with a recent
curriculum vitae or resume, cover letter, and two references that may be
contacted.  Deadline to apply: Friday March 17, 2017 at 6:00pm