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Hello everyone!

Inkblot is the undergraduate psychology journal at the University of Toronto. We are recruiting editors, layout editors, and a marketing manager* to help with the seventh issue of Inkblot! Some benefits of being part of an undergraduate editorial board include:

  1. Helps improve your writing and research skills. As an editor, you will learn to critically evaluate your peers’ literature reviews and primary research papers. This will in turn help improve your own skills in writing coherent and engaging research papers.
  2. Become familiarized with the publication process. If you are considering graduate school, writing and publishing research papers will make up a significant portion of your work. Familiarizing yourself with the process makes it less daunting for when you have to publish during graduate school.
  3. Develop desirable skills for the workplace or for future education. Being an editor for an undergraduate journal demonstrates your knowledge of good writing, time management skills, leadership, initiative, familiarity with the publication process, and your support of research endeavours. Being a marketing manager also demonstrates your ability to contribute to the growth of an organization and to work well in a team, and is great for individuals seeking future roles in promotional work.
  4.  A great way to appreciate and support undergraduate writing, and to be more engaged with the psychology community at UofT!

If you would like to be a part of this amazing editorial opportunity, please follow the appropriate links to your application of interest:

Editor application (due Sept. 30):

Layout editor application (due Oct. 15)

Marketing manager application (due Oct. 7):
*No past marketing experience necessary.

For each position, please fill out the appropriate application form and follow the detailed instructions within each form (each position has different, unique instructions for  applicants).

More information regarding each role can also be found within the respective application forms!

Please visit our website for more information, along with past Inkblot issues: If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to email Kayla at

Kayla Liu


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