Research Assistant Opportunity for Native German Speakers

The Tactical Decision Making Research Group of the Department of Psychological Sciences at the University of Liverpool (UK) conducts research on decision making during critical and major incidents in law enforcement contexts.
We are looking for two (2) research assistants to code video and audio files as independent raters, as part of a project investigating the dynamics of crisis negotiations in light of self control and corresponding challenges.
Duration: Each rater is expected to spend about 14-18 hours on the assignment.
Location: Our principal investigator will be available to meet in the Greater Toronto Area for the time required (number and duration of meetings as agreed upon). Due to the sensitivity of the data, the opportunity does not allow remote access to the data.
Requirements: The video and audio files have been recorded in German language. Therefore, we are looking for native German speakers. In addition, assistants with prior research experience (coding video and audio files) are preferred.
Compensation: The research assistants will be compensated with an hourly rate.
Contact: Interested native German speakers can contact