Committee Member

Being a part of a committee is a great way to meet other psychology students, plan events to assist others, and to have fun. Just e-mail the committee leaders to join. Committee leaders’ email addresses are also available here. The following are short descriptions of each committee.

Presidential Committee

President: Victoria Antinucci
Vice-President: Jenny Shao

As students we ask ourselves, why are things the way they are. We get the feeling for change but struggle to find the place and time to start doing so. The Presidential committee will be a new initiative to provide the resources to accomplish this.

We are seeking individuals with a passion to create and enact change in the psychology program at the University of Toronto. The committee will hold open positions for those interested in volunteering.

The focus of the group is to tackle issues that go beyond the timeline of an academic year and to execute innovative ideas.

Required Volunteer Expectations:
–Attend monthly meetings set at the best time for all
–Meet deadlines
–Act as liaisons between other associations
–Bring innovative ideas

–Psychology Research Day: To bring together undergraduates, graduates, and faculty together to communicate and present research within our department.
–Mental Health Awareness: To reduce the stigma of mental health on our campus and to provide better mental health literacy.
–Writing In Psychology: To create services/workshops in academic writing in psychology.
–New initiatives will be added by the committee.

If interested, please send your cv to with the subject line “Presidential Committee Application”.

The intent for this committee is to plan, coordinate, and execute initiatives.  Action is key and it only occurs when we the students are consistently active.

Seminar Committee

Seminar Coordinators: Barron Pan and Freda Jian

The PSA Seminar Committee is a group of passionate undergraduate psychology students who are eager to get involved and participate in the coolest course union!

The goal of the Seminar Committee is to help enrich the academic experiences of undergrad psych students by bringing together engaging seminars outside the classrooms.  To reach this goal, the committee will provide effective support to ensure the success of upcoming psychology seminars.  Committee members will be assisting the Seminar Coordinators to plan, organize, and execute exciting seminars throughout the year.

There will be several kinds of seminars, which include career-related informative seminars, academic-related information sessions, seminars on current issues in psychology research, and other interesting topics in psychology.  Committee members will brainstorm themes and seminar topics, pick which professors to invite, talk to them, help choose an appropriate venue for upcoming seminars, prepare refreshments for upcoming events, arrange honorariums for speakers, and help promote the seminars!

Joining the Seminar Committee will be a very valuable experience.  Committee members will be exposed to a group of passionate psych students, have the chance to utilize their skills to help organize awesome seminars, have opportunities to network with professors and psych graduates on an informal platform, and make amazing friends!

The chosen committee will be individuals who are enthusiastic, responsible, committed, and engaged.  Selected candidates might be contacted for a short interview.  For interested students, please email for more information on how to apply.

Social Committee

Social Convenors: Stephanie Choi and Valentina Mihajlovic

The PSA Social Committee is a group of enthusiastic individuals who use knowledge and their previous experiences to assist the social coordinators in coming up with creative ideas for events, to help prepare for and decorate our venue before events, and to discuss ways of establishing entertaining events to help bring our community closer together!

The goal of the Social Committee is to create a greater sense of community among the undergrad psych student body and to create opportunities for students to interact with the faculty in an informal environment.  To reach this goal, the committee will help the Social Coordinators brainstorm ways of hosting awesome events that consistently attract a maximum number of people – we always want a full house!

We would like the Social Committee members to share their thoughts on previous PSA events that they may have attended in order to help us create and improve future events.  Committee members will be encouraged to draw inspiration from other clubs and organizations in order to help determine what makes a successful event possible.  Committee members are also expected to help find suitable venues for events and figure out effective ways of spending on a tight budget. Last but not least, members themselves will attend the events and spread the hype and good vibes wherever they go!

Previous events have included: Pub nights, annual Wine and Cheese, and the annual Winter Formal

Academic Committee

Academic Coordinators: Elizabeth Ko and Ibrahim Ibrahim

The Academic Committee is a group of dedicated undergraduate students are are eager to help improve the academic experience of others.  They will assist the Academic Coordinators in running the mentorship program, updating the Graduate School Program Database and test & syllabi banks, preparing for the Dr. Freud Competition.  They will also help with the Graduate Psychology Student Q&A events throughout the year.

Additional projects may include (only if the volunteers wish to undertake them): doing research into how PSY100 is taught at other universities, creating a job bank for university students etc. Volunteers are welcome to start their own projects.

The Academic Committee will have an opportunity to work closely with PSA Executives and faculty members in organizing and promoting academic events.  Committee members may also receive a reference letter if needed.

If you want to join the Academic Committee please email with the subject line: Academic Committee Application.  Provide a brief description of yourself and why you are interested in joining. We appreciate your help.

If you are particularly interested in joining the mentorship program, please indicate so in your email.