Volunteer Research Assistant at the Cold Case Investigation Lab

Cold Case Investigation Lab: Want to get involved in cold case investigation research? The Cold Case Investigation Lab is currently looking to recruit volunteer research assistants. This opportunity requires volunteers to help populate a database of Canada’s missing and murdered. Volunteer(s) should have an intellectual curiosity and passion for learning about crime, victimology, crime detection, and geographic profiling. The work: Each week, student volunteers will be assigned a segment of the database to populate. The student will employ a Google search to locate demographic, crime scene, and risk factors associated with victims in the database. This is an entry-level volunteer […]

Volunteer Research Assistant at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

The Multisensory Integration in Virtual Environment (MIVE) Lab is looking for volunteer research assistants to help run experiments at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute! You will have the opportunity to: Recruit and screen participants Collect sensory and cognitive data from young adults (18-35 years) and older adults (60+ years) Assist researchers with data entry/collection in world-class research facilities and virtual headgears (https://www.mive.ca/facilities) Interact with people from different disciplines, not just psychology! E.g., aerospace engineering, computer scientists, and physiotherapists! Help disseminate research to the general public such as students from elementary school to high school Training in hospital policies and conduct will be provided Ideal […]

Become a StarLab Research Assistant!

The StarLab (starlab.utoronto.ca) is looking for volunteer research assistants! In order to apply, you must be a current undergraduate student at UofT. Research Assistants typically spend 8-10 hours per week (which includes one evening shift per week and two weekend days per month). Tasks related to this role include: Calling families to schedule in-lab testing Performing literature reviews Attending recruitment events at off-site locations Assisting with in-lab and off-site testing Designing stimuli Inputting and analyzing data Reading articles in preparation for lab meeting   If you are interested, please fill out the application here. Feel free to contact the lab […]

Volunteer Research Assistant at CAMH

The Clinical Research Laboratory at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health is currently seeking volunteer research assistants to support ongoing assessment and treatment studies. Successful applicants will support data entry, participant recruitment and screening, regulatory procedures (i.e., ethics and quality assurance), and study related administrative tasks. Thorough training in hospital policies and conduct will be provided. A minimum commitment of 7.5 hours per week for one year is required. To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to Rebecca.Persaud@camh.ca

Volunteer Office Assistant Position at a Private Psychology Clinic

We are seeking a highly motivated and reliable student enrolled in a Psychology or Social Work program to fill our volunteer office assistant position! The position involves: Exposure to clients in a clinical setting Entering therapy outcome evaluation data Scoring assessment measures Completing various administrative tasks Assisting in the management of client files Performing literature searches and reviews If interested, please send your cover-letter and CV to Volunteer Coordinator, Lynn Nguyen at lnguyen@broadviewpsychology.com

Apply To Be A Volunteer RA Today!

Lab: Dr. Takehara’s Memory Physiology Lab   Dr. Takehara is seeking applications for a volunteer research assistant position for summer 2019, with the potential for continuing into the subsequent semesters. The lab primarily works with rodents, investigating both the electrophysiological and cellular underpinnings of learning and memory formation (https://www.takeharalab.com/).   We are seeking an enthusiastic, eager undergraduate student (preferably entering the second or third year in the Fall semester) to work with one of our graduate students and examine cell activity patterns associated with memory formation. The prospective research assistant will be trained in a wide range of neuroscience-focused experimental […]

Volunteer Research Participation

We are looking for volunteers to take part in a study looking at how sleep impacts the recall of episodic memory (personal past events). Participants would do a short tour of Baycrest Hospital, then answer questions about the tour. Some participants would sleep overnight at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in a sleep lab while others would stay awake during the rest of the day followed by brief online memory tests. To qualify, you must: *   be between 18-45 years old *   speak English fluently *   be healthy and free from any sleep disorder Financial compensation will be provided for participation […]