Secretary (1)

Nichelle Budhrani


My name is Nichelle, a second-year student pursuing Psychology and Industrial Relations & Human Resources, eager to serve as Secretary for the 2024-2025 term. With two years of involvement in PSA, I have been a dedicated volunteer and Secretary, actively engaging with our community.

If you’ve ever reached out to our Instagram account to seek information or to inquire about something, chances are you’ve interacted with me. From designing informative posts to promptly responding to messages, I’ve strived to facilitate seamless communication.

In collaboration with my co-secretary, we’ve played a pivotal role in curating our online presence and driving engagement. Together, we’ve successfully provided vital support to our team, enabling PSA to flourish and thrive.

I have a wealth of experience, knowledge, and a profound dedication to the responsibilities of the Secretary role. My unwavering commitment to PSA as well as having a deep understanding of our organization’s needs, makes me a strong candidate for this position in the upcoming year.

Thank you for considering me for the role of Secretary. I am excited about this opportunity and hope to be a part of the PSA team again!


Sangje Park

Hello UofT’s psychologists, my name is Sangje Park and I am running for the secretary position. I plan to complete a double major in Psychology and IRHR with a minor in Philosophy. Whether it is for me or for others, please do VOTE in general. It is important you engage and have your voice heard–they matter. Like you, I am passionate about psychology, and I wish to be more involved with the community. The mere thought of being able to collaborate with and meet new people here brings me great enthusiasm. Thank you in advance!