2024-25 Elections

Voting has now closed for the 2024-2025 PSA Elections! Results have been posted on our Instagram page @psauoft

*If you have any questions or concerns regarding the nomination, voting and election process, email psa.elections.cro@gmail.com.

Please check for more information HERE.


You are eligible to vote if you are EITHER:

  • Enrolled in a PSY course in the 2023-2024 school year (fall or winter semester); and/or
  • Enrolled in the PSY subject POSt (Research Specialist, Specialist, Major, or Minor)


Voting Link: https://forms.gle/fbbau92xnRvTohJfA

You must submit proof of eligibility in order to vote. Detailed instructions will be provided on the Google Form that will be released during the voting period. All information collected by this form will only be viewed by the PSA CRO team.

2023-2024 CRO TEAM

Head CROs: Jessica (Nase) Lim & Alina Hu
Elections Committee: Nikki Song, Anna Lavinia, Teresa Kristina Wijaya

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the CRO team at psa.elections.cro@gmail.com.

Role Descriptions


  • Responsible for the overall organization and running of the Executive Committee. They shall supervise the general administration of the union
  • Available to listen to student feedback and be ultimately responsible in acting as a liaison between the students and the Department.
  • Make the executive decisions to ensure that PSA acts in accordance with ASSU’s Constitution and all other University Regulations.


  • First point of contact to the PSA! They manage and maintain the general email account and all social media platforms (mainly Instagram and our website)
  • Create & post all announcements and promotions on social media
  • Facilitate the communication between the student body and the department
  • Connect you to the right individuals when you have questions about the psychology students’ association!


  • Responsible for all of PSA’s financial matters
  • Ensure all funds are used appropriately in accordance to ASSU regulations
  • Make a budget that best satisfies the needs of our students (i.e., allocate funds toward as many activities and events as possible)
  • Ensure that the PSA doesn’t go into debt, or leave any deficits behind for next year


  • Hold academic events that help psychology students
  • Manage PSA’s mentorship program, to help upper years Psychology students build leadership and first years to transition into university
  • Hold Graduate School Info Session, for upper year Psychology students with speakers from different university admissions
  • Hold the Dr. Freud Competition, an exam review session for PSY100 students occurring biannually


  • Responsible for the planning and execution of the annual PSA conference
    • Entails every detail required for the conference to succeed (logistics, communication, marketing, and fundraising)
    • Leading the Conference Subcommittee
  • Responsible for giving monthly reports to Exec Committee on progress of the conference


  • In charge of all PSA’s promotion and media content
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining the PSA website and other social media channels (Instagram, Discord, TikTok, etc.). 
  • In charge of promotions- Advertise each event as soon as they receive the necessary information from the executive team. Events should be advertised 2 weeks in advance, with notice from the executive committee hosting the event
  • Comply with ASSU regulations to obtain funding


  • Organize interesting seminars with professors, faculty members, researchers and graduate students.
  • Academic talks with professors & Career/Grad-school related talks
  • List of seminars held in the past:
    • Crash course to UofT Psych
    • Psychology Myths with Professor Walker 
    • Introduction to psychology research 
    • How to study for PSY exams 


  • Responsible for recruiting volunteers that make up the general members of the PSA club. 
  • Hold weekly office hours and study with me hours for PSA members and the broader psychology community.
  • Responsible for maintaining contact with the volunteers to keep them informed of all PSA events and to request their assistance when needed. 
  • Responsible for planning GV appreciation day and Welcome week event.

2024-2025 Exec Candidate Platforms

Co-Presidents (2)

Amanda Ma — In Slate with Tiffany Yang

Hi everyone! 

My name is Amanda, and I’m an incoming 4th year student at UofT! I’ve been on the PSA team for two years now with experience as a social subcommittee member and social co-coordinator for the past year with Tiffany! I’ve developed an extensive understanding of the club’s dynamics and the various roles and responsibilities of each team member.

I am excited to announce that Tiffany and I will be running in a slate for co-president for the upcoming school year! As a dedicated team with the goal of fostering a tight-knit, supportive community of undergraduate psychology students, our goals for expanding PSA include:

  • Planning & Reflection: Monthly in-person meetings for PSA members to align short- and long-term goals; gathering feedback on club initiatives.
  • Career Development: outreach to UofT psychology alumni, professors, industry professionals; sharing opportunities and potential career paths with students. 
  • Conference: continuing PSA’s yearly conference involving speakers from a variety of psychology backgrounds, providing students the opportunity to network and connect with professionals and students. 
  • Community: improve student outreach by expanding social media presence to enhance PSA visibility within the student body; collaboration with committees for more events over the school year. 

Thank you for considering my candidacy! 


Tiffany Yang — In Slate with Amanda Ma

Hi everyone!

My name is Tiffany, and I’m an incoming 4th year Psychology Specialist at UofT. I’m excited to announce that I’ll be running with Amanda for 2024-25 Co-President!

The past 2 years, I’ve gained valuable experience as a PSA mentor and social coordinator. Being a mentor allowed me to help support students through academic hardship. Working as a social coordinator taught me the skills to lead a team and plan multiple social events.

Importantly, both roles taught me that PSA fosters a tight-knit, supportive community– one that inspires me to share my goals:

  • Regular monthly meetings with subcommittee and executive members ensuring alignment of short- and long-term goals
  • Increasing outreach to alumni, professors, and industry professionals, curating networking and career opportunities
  • Improving upon PSA’s yearly conferences with a greater variety of speakers, providing students more opportunities to network
  • Enhance PSA visibility by expanding our social media platforms
  • and using our platforms to share mental health resources

I cannot express how fortunate I am to be a part of PSA. I wish to give back for all it has done for me and continue to help grow a supportive community for all psychology students.

Vote Tiffany for Co-President!

Hunter Xu

Hi everyone! 

My name is Hunter, and I am running for co-president for the 2024-2025 year with my slate partner, Lucy. I am currently the treasurer of PSA, and I’ve worked as a general volunteer before that. I believe that the co-president should bridge the gap between students and executives. Being both, I am confident that I can accomplish this goal. 

I intend to focus on team-building and community creation. PSA should serve as a community for all psych students to rely on, being both open and welcoming. 

More concretely, here are our goals for the upcoming year: 

  • Forming PSA as a support group for all Psychology students by recreating office hours with monthly themes. 
  • Improving sense of community for Psychology students by organizing interdisciplinary collaborations and friendly competition. 
  • Facilitating connection building between students and faculty through transparent communication, workshop opportunities, and improved social media coverage (Social Media promotions, Discord revamps, etc).

And of course, More and better food for all PSA events!

Vote Hunter as your next co-president!

Building Community, Together. 

Secretary (1)

Nichelle Budhrani


My name is Nichelle, a second-year student pursuing Psychology and Industrial Relations & Human Resources, eager to serve as Secretary for the 2024-2025 term. With two years of involvement in PSA, I have been a dedicated volunteer and Secretary, actively engaging with our community.

If you’ve ever reached out to our Instagram account to seek information or to inquire about something, chances are you’ve interacted with me. From designing informative posts to promptly responding to messages, I’ve strived to facilitate seamless communication.

In collaboration with my co-secretary, we’ve played a pivotal role in curating our online presence and driving engagement. Together, we’ve successfully provided vital support to our team, enabling PSA to flourish and thrive.

I have a wealth of experience, knowledge, and a profound dedication to the responsibilities of the Secretary role. My unwavering commitment to PSA as well as having a deep understanding of our organization’s needs, makes me a strong candidate for this position in the upcoming year.

Thank you for considering me for the role of Secretary. I am excited about this opportunity and hope to be a part of the PSA team again!


Sangje Park

Hello UofT’s psychologists, my name is Sangje Park and I am running for the secretary position. I plan to complete a double major in Psychology and IRHR with a minor in Philosophy. Whether it is for me or for others, please do VOTE in general. It is important you engage and have your voice heard–they matter. Like you, I am passionate about psychology, and I wish to be more involved with the community. The mere thought of being able to collaborate with and meet new people here brings me great enthusiasm. Thank you in advance!


Treasurer (1)

Angela Xu

Hello everyone!

I am Angela, a second-year student double majoring in psychology and sociocultural anthropology. I am eager to express my interest in the treasurer position at the Psychology Students’ Association (PSA) for the 2024-2025 academic year!

As a current general member, I want to deepen my involvement and contribute to the team’s growth. I strongly believe that financial management is the key to creating a strong base for a team’s nourishment and potential success.

If elected, my top priority will be to understand our students’ needs and materialize them through efficient funding management.

During my role as the registration team manager for an annual charity ball, I used financing softwares (i.e., Xero and Zapier) to track incomes, refunds, and other financial flows. Moreover, being the fundraising coordinator of a non-profit organization allows me to practice communicating with sponsors for funding.

Finally, I am committed to fostering effective teamwork and ensuring open communication. In addition, I will also protect PSA’s financial health (and ensure we don’t go into debt :p).

Vote for me as your treasurer and I will provide you with what was promised – a fun, exciting, and well-planned year for your enjoyment! Thank you for your consideration.

Angela Xu

Parham Bokaei Jazi

️Hey everyone! I’m Parham ✌️, a life science student majoring in psychology and specializing in Pathobiology (fingers crossed!). Excited to run for Treasurer at PSA! 🎉 I discovered PSA through PSY100 and have loved participating in the mentorship program, seminars, and the Dr. Freud competition.

With a year of financial management experience at UTFC, I understand the intricacies of student club finances at UofT 💲. I’ve also worked in event teams at UTFC and UTIRAN, priming me to coordinate with PSA’s diverse teams and create new opportunities 👤.

As Treasurer, I’ll ensure:

  • Financial Stability: Ensuring that PSA’s finances are managed responsibly and by ASSU regulations, avoiding any deficits or debt accumulation.
  • Transparent Budgeting: Prioritizing members’ needs with a comprehensive budget, and allocating funds towards a wide range of activities and events.
  • Collaborative Planning: Coordinating budgets and resources effectively with all PSA teams.

Above all, I am passionate about psychology and have truly enjoyed being part of the PSA events. I hope to get more involved at PSA and I have the time and skills to dedicate to this position and hope to positively contribute to the success and growth of PSA.

Vote Parham for Treasurer! 🤝🗳

Shi Jia (SJ) Er

Hi everyone! My name is SJ, a second year Psychology and Economics double major, and I am running to be your Treasurer. As Treasurer, my mission is to maintain and build upon PSA’s financial foundation, hopefully expanding what PSA can offer to all psychology students!

As Treasurer, my goals for the upcoming year are to:

  • Implement new strategies to boost outreach and secure additional funding and partnerships for the association.
  • Developing cost-effective methods to allocate more budget towards socials and events.
  • Maintaining and increasing the association’s float to ensure sustained growth and for bigger events in the future.

Over the past few years, I have had many opportunities from both within and outside the UofT community to gain experience in securing sponsorships, budgeting and outreach for different conferences and organisations. I would like to bring my experiences to PSA to help create more opportunities for us all and join this amazing community. As Treasurer, I am committed to fine-tuning our budget for an exciting year ahead and your support and vote would mean a lot.

Thank you for taking the time to read my statement, let’s work together to make PSA even better! 🙂

Media Coordinators (2)

Clarine Tantowi

Hi Everyone, I’m Clarine (or Clare for short)! I’m a first-year student currently pursuing a double major in Psychology and Cognitive Science. Although I haven’t been previously involved in PSA, I was my high school’s Student Council Co-President and was in a marketing team. Thus, experienced in graphic design and equipped with leadership, marketing, and teamwork abilities, I want to serve as your Media Coordinator this following year. As a Media Coordinator, I would:

  1. Create fun, engaging posts to promote PSA events
  2. Experiment with new kinds of posts (such as more reels) to increase engagement
  3. Continuously iterate and refine the social media strategy based on performance insights and feedback.

Psychology is a discipline I want more people to appreciate and know. If elected, I promise to deliver all of my goals. I’m also the most up-to-date with the latest TikTok trends (obsessed with the cat Chinese song right now), so I know a thing or two about marketing tactics. It would mean a lot if you vote for me 🙂

Jen Oh

Nice to meet you all! My name is Jen, a second-year student specializing in psychology and minoring in linguistics.

Believe it or not, the majority of you reading this passage might have crossed paths with me before. As a secretary, I was in charge of replying to e-mails and designing the posts. Whether you scrolled through your Instagram timeline, or actively emailed us, I was there for you (along with Nichelle). It was a pleasure to make direct and indirect contacts with all of you- it was truly rewarding.

Now, I would like to continue helping you all, making avid efforts to foster a more welcoming environment within the psychology department. As a media coordinator, I plan to:

  1. Work closely with other coordinators for fun and creative promotion ideas 
  2. Frequently ask for suggestions, enabling PSA to be more reflective of the psychology students
  3. Collaborating with other clubs when possible

With my experience as a secretary of PSA, I believe that I will make a great media coordinator who has learned from their past mistakes. Please consider voting for me- I promise you won’t regret it!

Aiden Lewis In Slate with Lily Huang

Hi Everyone! My name is Aiden Lewis and I am currently a second-year psychology and health studies major. I am running for Media Coordinator in a slate with Lily Huang for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year. I am currently a member of the PSA as part of the social subcommittee alongside Lily. Using our current experience in the PSA organising social events, our aim is to create fun and accessible online spaces to keep you informed and allow you to voice what you want to see from the PSA team in the future! 

If we are voted as Media Coordinators we promise to be committed to amplifying your voices and promote opportunities for everyone to enjoy. With your vote we hope to:

  • Maintain engaging media platforms where students can provide feedback and suggestions for events/activities they wish to see in the future.
  • Ensure that the PSA website and other social media platforms are organised and clear, making information easily accessible to everyone.
  • Provide interactive content for the entire student community through instagram takeovers, Q&As, polls etc. 
  • Collaborate with other student organisations to increase your network and foster a greater sense of community for all UofT students.

We are both committed to creating a fun, open and accessible community for all students interested in psychology! Please vote Aiden and Lily for next year’s PSA media coordinators!

Lily Huang — In Slate with Aiden Lewis

Hey guys! I’m Lily Huang, and I am a second-year psychology specialist. I am honored to run for Media Coordinator with Aiden Lewis for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year. As current members of the Social Subcommittee, we aim to keep you guys informed and foster active engagement within our community.

With a commitment to amplifying our voices and promoting opportunities for everyone to enjoy, we will prioritize the following:

  • Ensuring that our PSA website and social media platforms remain efficient and easy to navigate so every event and opportunity we plan is accessible to everyone!
  • Highlight community voices through interactive content, such as Instagram takeovers and Q&As to encourage interested students to engage.
  • Collaborating with other student organizations to increase the reach of our organization and foster a larger sense of community amongst all UofT students.

As a team, we are committed to creating a welcoming and accessible community for all students interested in Psychology! Please vote Lily and Aiden for your Media Coordinators!

Aneeta Mettapanyalert — In Slate with Jasmine Ho

[Aneeta’s Previous Social Media Content Work]

[Work 1] [Spotify Podcast] [TikTok Video]

Joining the Psychology Student Association represents an exciting opportunity to combine my passion for psychology with my skills in communication and media. Through my experiences, such as co-hosting my podcast, called “UGH! I’M FINE” on Spotify during my last 2 years of high school/IB, I’ve honed my ability to engage with peers on topics related to mental health and navigating high school. In addition to brainstorming topics and producing episodes, I was responsible for creating and managing an Instagram account with a logo, a brand, and stickers to promote our content and reach a wider audience. Leveraging platforms like Canva and Procreate, I designed visuals and posts to enhance our online presence. Additionally, my proficiency in video editing with CapCut enabled me to create engaging TikTok content, remaining up-to-date with fun and entertaining material such as the 2023 recap trend. 

Through effective communication, creativity, and collaboration, I am committed to making a positive impact within the association. I envision utilizing these skills to craft visually compelling and informative content, amplifying the association’s efforts in promoting different events for the psychology community. By actively participating in the PSA, I seek to cultivate increased awareness of future projects of the PSA. 

Jasmine Ho — In Slate with Aneeta Mettapanyalert

[Jasmine’s Previous Social Media Content Work]

[Work 1] [Work 2] [Work 3] [Work 4: Reel]

Hey everyone! My name is Jasmine Ho, and I am currently a first-year life sciences student hoping to pursue a Psychology Specialist with a minor in Education and Society. I am excited and honoured to announce my candidacy for the media coordinator position in slate with Aneeta Mettapanyalert. 

My experience as a mentee in PSA’s mentorship program has been incredibly rewarding and inspiring. The guidance and support I’ve received from my mentor and fellow psychology students have ignited a passion within me to contribute wholeheartedly to our community.

With my current experience as a marketing executive committee member of the UTHKSA, alongside with my graphic design, leadership, creativity, and communication skills cultivated from several projects in high school, I am confident in my ability to produce engaging, interactive, and informative social media content. I am eager to utilize these skills to promote PSA’s events as well as valuable psychology-related knowledge.

Together, Aneeta and I are dedicated to collaborating with like-minded students who share our passion for psychology to enhance the student experience within the field of psychology. 

Please vote for Jasmine Ho and Aneeta Mettapanyalert as your media coordinators! Thank you ❤

Kylie Park— In Slate with Jenny Kim

Hi everyone!
My name is Kylie Park, and I am a second-year student studying psychology and sociology here at U of T. I’m running for the media coordinator position with Jenny Kim for the 2024-2025 school year!

As a media coordinator, my goal is to promote PSA events and manage PSA’s social media channels more effectively. I aim to develop more engaging content and promotion with the team members, stay connected with the audience, and build trust and recognition with them. I would also like to get feedback from the team members and the audiences for quality promotion and content. 

My passion for media and marketing has always been a significant part of my academic and personal journey. Combining this with my interest in psychology, I think the media Coordinator role is an opportunity to blend these interests and for me to contribute to the club’s success.

Please vote for Kylie Park and Jenny Kim as your Media Coordinators! Thank you for your support 🙂

Jenny Kim— In Slate with Kylie Park

As a passionate advocate for effective communication and community engagement, I am thrilled to apply for the position of Media Coordinator, holding a background knowledge of PSA and media production. My primary goal as a Media Coordinator is to enhance the club’s visibility and reach through strategic promotion and engaging media content. By maintaining various social media platforms and our website, I aim to captivate the audience and foster a vibrant online community. I am committed to prompt and effective event promotion, ensuring that each initiative receives the attention it deserves. With a proactive approach, I will collaborate closely with my partner as well as the PSA team to deliver timely and compelling media materials, allowing members to participate in our events with enthusiasm. Drawing from my experience as a volunteer subcommittee, I possess the necessary skills and knowledge to craft compelling content effectively. Experiences setting up the PSA podcast, office hours, study groups, conference, GV appreciation day and welcome week events, I thoroughly understand how to contribute to the club’s success as a Media Coordinator. Having this role means to bring the PSA community together, to elevate our outreach efforts, and to create meaningful connections within our community.

Academic Coordinators (2)

Bilge Guven — In Slate with Erin Timur

Hi! My name is Bilge and I’m an incoming third year Psychology specialist double minoring in Linguistics and Women & Gender Studies. I am running to be your academic coordinator this year in a slate with Erin!

As a Mental Health Peer Advisor in Trinity, I have led events centering students’ well-being and providing resources to achieve their goals while taking care of their mental health. I am also involved in TASAH (Trinity Against Sexual Assault and Harassment) and Rainbow Trinity, where I advocated for the gender reaffirming gear program and succeeded in providing care resources to the student community. I bring my passion with me into any position I hold, and you can count on me to provide you with accessible and fun events and programs year-round!

As an academic coordinator, I aim to jazz up the Academic Committee by:

  • creating a feedback platform for students to communicate concerns relating to equity, diversity and inclusion in their courses. This could be in regards to course syllabi, instructors, or accessibility issues (eg. 3-hour classes with minimal breaks). We will then meet with the Psychology Department to deliver your concerns and brainstorm real, attainable solutions.
  • hosting a “wine & cheese” themed networking event with professors for an opportunity to get to know them outside of the lecture hall! This will be the perfect occasion to ask your professors about the research they conduct as well as their career paths.

I am ready to serve the Psychology student community and slay with my expertise in student advocacy and event planning! 💗

Erin Timur — In Slate with Bilge Guven

Hi! I’m Erin, a first year undergrad hoping to double major in Psychology and Women and Gender Studies! Organisational roles have always been my favourite, which is why I am so excited to run for Academic Coordinator! I’ve been the Co-Chair for an Alumni Association back home (Cyprus!), have been an organiser for European Youth Parliament conferences and worked as administrative staff for a MediMUN conference; meaning I know how much work goes into academic gatherings and am ready to put my experiences to use for all of us at PSA! I’ve also been in several roles as a leader in a team, such as Deputy HeadGirl at my highschool, and a First Year Councillor on VUSAC, granting me invaluable experience in working together with people, compromising, and holding events. 

I had the privilege of attending the PSA conference this year and meeting some of you! The conference was so well put together and it got me excited to hold events as part of the PSA, should I be elected. Some events I’d like to hold are:

  • Anti-Procrastination nights:, we would have a quiet place, with some snacks and drinks, for students to come and study! I’d aim to have at least two each semester, before midterms and finals
  • A two-part panel where we invite students from upper years to talk about
  • How to Study: tips and tricks that work for them
  • Choosing a Degree:: before March 1st when program enrolment begin, to help first years


Coco Li

Hey everyone, I’m Coco Li, and I’m thrilled to be running for the position of academic coordinator. As a first-year life science student with a deep passion for psychology, I am planning to specialize in Psychology.

Throughout the past year, I have been actively involved in our community, participating in events like the Dr. Freud Competition, volunteering with PSA, and joining the mentorship program. These experiences have helped me grow so much as a first-year student. They not only have enriched my understanding of psychology but also connected me with peers who share my enthusiasm. Lastly, I have come to love the PSA community and how it has become a staple part of my university life.

Wanting to share this experience, I’m eager to leverage my experiences to enhance the student experience for everyone. As academic coordinator, I hope to expand the mentorship program by introducing more mentorship socials and study sessions, which will provide valuable opportunities for mentor-mentee interactions. By strengthening these relationships, we will be able to create a close-knit and supportive environment for the psychology community.

Please vote for Coco as your Academic Coordinator.
Thank you for your support!

Haneen Basheer

Hi everyone!

My name is Haneen I’m running to be the next academic coordinator! I’m an incoming fourth-year psychology and neuroscience double major. As a Best Buddy mentor of two years, I provided support to individuals with disabilities and facilitated community events. My experience as a mentor has strengthened my compassion, communication, and event-planning skills making me a perfect candidate for the academic coordinator role.

As your academic coordinator, I will focus on:

  • Education & Career Guidance: Tailor events and resources based on the students’ unique paths e.g. networking events with professors and professionals in the field or research info sessions.
  • Inclusive Community: Hold different academic events (ex. Dr. Freud Competition and Graduate School Info Session) that allow all psychology students to have access to academic support. As well as a place to build connections with their peers to build a sense of belonging and community.
  • Communication: Maintain two-way communication, listen to the academic needs of Psychology students, and consistently incorporate your feedback into different academic events.

Thank you for your consideration!

Joanna Meng

Dear fellow UofT Psychology students, 

My name is Joanna, and this is my second year here at UofT. I am so excited to express my interest in the Academic Coordinator position for the upcoming year! With the experience of being a general member of PSA for the past 2 years, I would love to proceed to make the PSA a welcoming space for all our psychology students, and help students succeed in academically. 

My vision for academic coordinator are the following:

  1. Connecting higher-year psychology students and lower year students through the Mentorship Program. As well as coming up with fun ideas and challenges for our mentors and mentees each month. 
  2. Hosting Graduate School Information Sessions, as well as Career Information Session, and inviting alumnus that are in the working field to share their experiences, and answer our fellow PSA students’ questions. 
  3. Hosting general Q&A sessions through our PSA socials at the beginning/end of each semester, to answer any academic related questions, and to motivate our psychology students. 
  4. Regular posting of Lab opportunities on social platforms.

Vote Joanna For Academic Coordinator!  

Safah Basir

Aloha friends! I’m Safah, a second-year Psychology major, thrilled to run for the position of Academic Coordinator. I’ve spent the past two years involved in the mentorship programs, as a mentor for Woodsworth College, and this year PSA. I’m committed to prioritizing not only academic support but also mental well-being.

As your Academic Coordinator, I aim to:

  • Host a course fair for psych students to get more insight into courses they are interested in before enrolling in it. Provide concise summaries of over 100 psychology courses, guiding you towards valuable experiences and skill development for your career path.
  • Organize a Graduate School Info Session to explore diverse fields within psychology, how they use psychology in the field of law, business…and etc. abroad.
  • Provide a list of opportunities where you can gain clinical skills, with reminders of deadlines throughout the year.
  • Advocate for CCR recognition for mentees, acknowledging their participation and dedication.
  • Customize the mentorship groups to include students that share common interests. As well cultivate a vibrant mentorship program through monthly emails featuring socials and workshops, fostering engagement with challenges and prizes.

Your vote for Safah Basir as Academic Coordinator is a vote for a supportive and enriching academic journey 😉

Ishi Cordero — In Slate with Tarini Kapoor

Hey everyone! I’m Ishi, a third-year student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Statistics and Computer Science. Alongside Tarini, I’m running for the Academic Coordinator position.

Having obtained experience in helping students with their academics through POSt system-guidance, drafting emails connecting them to their professors, and researching potential career paths through contacting registrars and TAs, I wish to incorporate everything

I’ve learned and help students out on a much larger scale. Our problems and priorities throughout undergrad are constantly evolving and changing shape. I understand how it feels to get lost in the chaos of it all and thinking that you’re behind everyone else. As your Academic Coordinator, I’m committed and eager to help those striving to see the light at the end of that tunnel. My main goals are to:

  • Revamp the mentorship program and graduate information program, which will accommodate each person’s individual needs and levels of growth
  • Information sessions and mentorship programs will happen more regularly to give students more opportunities
  • Prioritise feedback in order to tailor the information sessions specifically to students
  • Providing increased curative support for students in navigating university life

It would truly be an honour to be a part of the PSA team, vote Ishi for Academic Coordinator!

Tarini Kapoor — In Slate with Ishi Cordero

Hey everyone! I’m Tarini, a second-year transfer student specializing in psychology. Alongside Ishi, I’ll be running for the academic coordinator position! My experience as a transfer student fuels my passion to ensure nobody feels alone or lost in their university transition. Incorporating what I learned from personal experience, some of my many aspirations for the team include:

  • Recognizing our diverse backgrounds and learning methods, transitioning to a new way of learning can be intimidating. Therefore, building on the mentorship program to strategically pair mentors and mentees to create a supportive environment for growth and bridge the gap between high school and university learning.
  • Introducing the “shadow-a-research-professor for a day” program and networking sessions with industry professionals and alumni- offering invaluable insights, opportunities and connections for life.
  • Prioritizing your feedback above all else so I can better understand how to improve your academic journey, leaving no student behind. I’ll personally hold regular sessions to address your queries and foster a community that feels like home.

Your voices matter, and I’m committed to amplifying them! Vote Tarini for Academic Coordinator, and let’s craft the most supportive academic journey imaginable. PSA helped me find my footing in this daunting new environment, and I’m eager to offer you the same support.

Krisha Khanna — In Slate with Somya Duggal

Hello Psychology Students!

I am Krisha Khanna, an incoming 3rd year Psychology Specialist and Women and Gender Studies Major. I am so excited to be running for the position of Academic Co-ordinator in a slate with Somya Duggal. I have worked with the Psychology Students’ Association as a Seminar Subcommittee member in 2022-23 and as an Academic Subcommittee member in 2023-34. Through my roles, I have not only successfully organized events including online and in-person seminars, the Dr.Freud competition, and but have also found a community of academically driven individuals. I have also assisted with the successful execution of our Mentorship Program in the past year.

As Academic Co-ordinators, Somya and I aim to :

  • Make academic writing resources, which are specific to psychology students like lab report writing aid, accessible to the students.
  • Bridge the gap between students and the plethora of opportunities like research and volunteer positions and organize workshops to help them through those applications.
  • Organize more in-person events for the mentorship program, along with the social, to strengthen the sense of community within that program.
  • Offer study drop-in sessions to facilitate collaboration for all psychology students, specifically PSY100

Please vote for Krisha Khanna and Somya Duggal as your Academic Coordinators. Thank you for your support!

Somya Duggal — In Slate with Krisha Khanna


I’m Somya Duggal and I’m running with Krisha Khanna to be next year’s Academic coordinator! I am an incoming 3rd year double majoring in Psychology and Women and Gender Studies. As incoming campus director of Peace by PEACE, I have experience in teaching and mentorship which gives me insights into how support outside the classroom can strengthen success in the class and in extracurriculars. Furthermore, I understand how important any opportunity is, Krisha and I aim to create more opportunities for students to not only learn and review together but to meet and network with profs, researchers, and peers. Krisha and I aim to:

  • To connect students with professors outside classroom settings in a less intimidating and formal manner.
  • Collaborate more with the social and seminar committee to foster outreach and organize larger scale events focusing on enhancing psychology student success, through networking and socials.
  • Create a formal voluntary tutor system in which upper years can sign up to tutor for specific courses and be paired with lower year students who need help in those courses (and hopefully get CCR recognition!)

Please vote for Krisha Khanna and Somya Duggal as your Academic Coordinators. Thank you for your support!

Conference Coordinators (2)

Gigi Kittaneh

Hi everyone! My name is Gigi, I’m currently a third-year psychology specialist minoring in economics and I am running for conference coordinator next year.

Participating in several PSA roles over the past years has given me valuable insights about executive team dynamics and how to enhance our performance. My goal is to make next year’s conference accessible, inclusive, and stimulating (both intellectually and socially) to help you get the most out of your psychology journey! To ensure our conference captures the multifaceted nature of this field, I will:

  • Expand our number of sponsors and decrease fees.
  • Work closely with our department and faculty.
  • Survey students for suggestions and feedback.
  • Bridge gaps between students, faculty, and opportunities.

My previous experiences coordinating model UN conferences, fundraising for charities such as CAMH, and working in multiple psychology labs have equipped me with the communication, networking, and leadership skills necessary for executing a successful conference. Coupled with my eagerness to create a sense of belonging for our student body, I am confident in my capability to be part of next year’s executive team!

Don’t hesitate to reach out for details about my campaign 🙂
Email: gigi.kittaneh@mail.utoronto.ca
IG: ghadakit_

Aarna Rao — In Slate with Clizia Martini


I’m Aarna, and I am a Psychology major running for Conference Coordinator with Clizia Martini for the upcoming election.

I am passionate about creating experiences that bring people together! With extensive leadership experience in planning and organising events, including socials and fairs, I have honed my skills over the years. Additionally, my dedication to volunteering in mental health access, sustainability initiatives, and empowering young girls/women has further enriched my passion for psychology.

This conference serves as a crucial platform for individuals interested in psychology to connect with peers and professors, fostering relationships within the psychology community. We aim to:

  1. Increase accessibility, by decreasing the prices of tickets and making them more affordable for students to connect to more professionals outside their classrooms
  2. Diversifying the speakers, bringing in a greater variety of speakers for the conference from a range of different fields that implement psychology. This can include doctors, professors from other universities and departments
  3. Additional Resources, provide students with resources for after the conference to further their connections and knowledge built during the event

Collaborating with the executive team and all members of PSA, Clizia and I aim to ensure the success of the 2025 PSA conference.

Vote Aarna Rao and Clizia Martini as your Conference Coordinators!!

Clizia Martini — In Slate with Aarna Rao

Hi everyone!

I’m Clizia, a second-year Psychology specialist and Global Health major running for Conference Coordinator alongside Aarna Rao.

This past year I have had the opportunity to serve as part of the conference subcommittee, bringing the team’s vision to life. I enjoyed assisting in planning the conference, including generating the theme, brainstorming speakers, and bringing psychology students together.

Alongside PSA, I am part of the UofT Friends of MSF chapter and the Sexual Education Centre, where I have further improved my event planning skills among collaborating with others. Previously, I helped plan my city’s first pride event with a turnout of 3,000 people and hosted numerous large-scale advocacy events.

As conference coordinators, we aim to:

  1. Diversify the speakers, bringing in a greater variety of speakers from a range of different fields that implement psychology. This can include doctors, professors from other universities and departments, etc.
  2. Increase accessibility by decreasing the ticket prices making them more affordable and allowing more students to connect with professionals outside the classroom.
  3. Provides resources after the conference for students to further their connections and knowledge built during the event

Please vote for Clizia Martini and Aarna Rao as your Conference Coordinators! Thank you for your support

Ashley Cheung — In Slate with Zi Qi Liow

Hi! 🤍

My name is Ashley Cheung, a third-year student double majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience. I’m running to be your conference coordinator with Zi Qi! This past year as subcommittee members, we took active roles in organizing PSA’s largest conference, and I had the opportunity to lead the first ever formal night at Chelsea hotel. With your vote, we will elevate all upcoming events.

  1. We are dedicated to executing a conference that is intellectually stimulating and tailored to your needs. Via instagram Polls, you can share your input on everything from themes and speakers to venues and dining!
  2. We aim to cultivate meaningful, long-lasting connections beyond small talk and networking. Attendees could win raffle prizes like complimentary lunches and workplace tours with professionals…
  3. We will partner with vendors and clinics, to provide you with practical volunteering opportunities.
  4. We’re excited to plan PSA’s second formal night, creating the ideal setting for students to connect more closely, and share our passions for psychology.

My negotiation skills, attention to detail and past successes, can assure you that I’m committed to fostering exceptional experiences across all events. I’m eager to meet you all and to experience many moments of learning and enjoyment at this year’s conference! Vote Ashley and Zi Qi as your Conference Coordinators! 🤍

Zi Qi Liow — Ashley Cheung

Hey Psych students! 🤍🤗

My name is Zi Qi, and I’m a 2nd year student pursuing a double major in Psychology and Neuroscience. I’m running in slate with Ashley as your next Conference Coordinators!

As a member of the Conference Subcommittee this year, I had the wonderful opportunity to plan PSA’s most ambitious conference yet that encompassed a panel session, wellness session, and a formal night. Next year, we have 3 goals in mind:

  1. We want this conference to be made FOR the psychology students, BY the psychology students. Through Instagram Polls, you’ll have the chance to voice your ideas on the theme, speakers, venue, food, and more!
  2. Go beyond traditional networking. We plan on fostering lasting connections that extend beyond the event itself. As an attendee, you can enter a raffle and win: a free lunch with our  speakers, a tour around the workplace, and more!
  3. Partner with vendors and clinics to facilitate meaningful, hands-on volunteering opportunities for attendees. We want to empower students with practical experiences in the field, enriching their understanding and application of the knowledge shared by our speakers

If our mission aligns with you, vote for Zi Qi and Ashley as your next Conference Coordinators!

Seminar Coordinators (2)

Alicia Wang

Hello! I am Alicia Wang, a second-year Psychology Specialist student, with minors in Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health, and Philosophy. My academic journey has been driven by a deep curiosity in cognitive psychology and a commitment to understanding the complexities of human behavior and mental health through a multifaceted lens.

My Vision:
As a candidate for Seminar Coordinator, my aim is to enrich our academic community by organizing engaging and insightful seminars that cater to the diverse interests and academic needs of our students. I plan to leverage my interdisciplinary background to bring a broad range of topics and perspectives to our seminar series!

Alicia Wang

Ary Kwun

Hello! My name is Ary and I am currently in my second year, majoring in psychology and physiology. When I’m not drowning in schoolwork, I’m usually listening to true crime podcasts, baking, or drinking overpriced matcha at cute cafes. I am passionate about ensuring that you have access to opportunities, events, and resources that will help you make the most out of your time here at U of T (because your tuition is too high not to!!). I have been working to do this in the past year as an executive on the UC student council and the U of T Pre-Dental Association. From these roles, I have gained ample experience in engaging with professors & faculty members, organizing social events, and sharing research & volunteer opportunities, which makes me the ideal candidate for the Seminar Coordinator position. By electing me for this position, you can expect to see the well-loved seminars from past years, like Introduction to Psychology Research, as well as even more opportunities to connect with professors, field professionals, and graduate students. Thank you for considering me for PSA’s Seminar Coordinator!

Tracy Thong

Hello everyone! My name is Tracy Thong, and I am currently a second-year student majoring in Psychology and Pharmacology. As a passionate advocate for academic enrichment and professional development within our community, I am excited to present my platform for the position of Seminar Coordinator. With a commitment to fostering intellectual curiosity and career advancement, I aim to organize a series of engaging seminars catering to our members’ diverse interests and aspirations. 

My vision for this role is to create an inclusive and dynamic seminar series to serve as a platform for learning, networking, and inspiration. By collaborating with esteemed professors, faculty members, researchers, and graduate students, we will explore a wide range of topics spanning academic exploration, career pathways, and the latest developments in psychology.

While honouring the legacy of past seminars, I aspire to expand our seminars to encompass a broader range of topics and formats. I aim to inspire curiosity, facilitate learning, and empower our members to confidently pursue their academic and professional aspirations through thoughtfully curated seminars and meaningful collaborations. Together, let us embark on a journey of exploration, discovery, and growth. Thank you for considering my candidacy.

Elissa Chee — In Slate with Greta Billingsley

Hi everyone! I’m Elissa, a first-year student planning to do a double major in psychology and philosophy next year! I’m excited to run for the Seminar Coordinator position alongside Greta Billingsley for the 2024-25 school year! If elected as the seminar coordinators, we hope to organize:

  1. Monthly psychology movie nights analyzing the psychological concepts and aspects utilized in various films (Eg: Inside Out, A Beautiful Mind, Persona)
  2. Be more active in sharing psychology opportunities inside and outside of campus in a discord server open to all members
  3. Collaborate with PURC to organize more lab tours to learn about the research done by various labs at U of T and how to get involved
  4. Invite speakers in interdisciplinary fields to talk about how they utilized their psychology degree in their work (eg: marketing, law, teaching)
  5. Continue hosting more informal networking coffee & tea chats with psychology professors for you to ask questions and get to know professors!

In addition to making career and networking opportunities more accessible, I’d love to hear more ideas and collaborate on how to make them happen with you!

Vote for Elissa and Greta as your 2024-25 Seminar Coordinators! 😄

Greta Billingsley — In Slate with Elissa Chee

Hello everyone! My name is Greta Billingsley. I’m a first year student, hoping to specialise in psychology, with a double minor in sociology and political science. I’m running in a slate alongside Elissa Chee, for the position of seminar coordinator for the 2024-25 school year. If given the opportunity, we hope to:

  • Inviting mental health professionals to talk about the significance of mental health care in different professional fields 
  • Inviting academics in different fields to join a public dialogue on the importance of interdisciplinary perspectives 
  • Providing conversational spaces for upper year students to help guide students entering the psychological field of study at UofT
  • Graduate school application sessions, helping undergraduates in their final year of study connect with graduate students surrounding the application process
  • Continue the PSA podcast
  • Elissa and I hope to create a fun, enriching environment for anyone interested in psych, and would love to incorporate any outside ideas or suggestions. 

Remember to vote for Greta Billingsley and Elissa Chee (and check out her platform!!) for Seminar Coordinators!! 🙂

Jeanne Polochansky — In Slate with Rachel Yen

Hello psychology students! My name is Jeanne and I’m a third-year Psychology Specialist running for Seminar Coordinator. With Rachel, I will organize seminars that will progress your academic and professional careers.

My experiences at PSA, UofT laboratories, mental health clinics, the Vic Mental Wellness Commission, and Inkblot: The Undergraduate Journal of Psychology have equipped me with a deep understanding of what each domain is currently seeking. Keeping this in mind, I will fulfill three goals when devising the seminars:

  • They will provide guidance, applicability, and novelty. What is new about the 2024-25 year in psychology? How can we provide clear information about direct opportunities to get involved?
  • They will prepare students for RAship and employment, while also supplying diverse opportunities that differ from strictly research or clinical domains. What unique positions value a psychology background, even without a degree?
  • The panelists will give talks that are creative, engaging, and representative of the leaders in contemporary research. Where are UofT psychology alumni now? How did psychological experts become who they are today?

As your Seminar Coordinators, Rachel and I will continue to be dedicated executives of the PSA team and maintain it as the hub for our psychological community at UofT!

Rachel Yen — In Slate with Jeanne Polochansky

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel and I’m currently in my fourth year as a Psychology Research Specialist. Having been a Seminar Subcommittee member this year, I am grateful to have connected with many of you. Through our conversations, I have identified two main needs expressed by our student body: 1) research experience and 2) a better understanding of non-academia-related careers. As a Seminar Coordinator, I hope to meet your needs in the following ways:

  • Host panels with UofT Psychology alumni to discuss a diverse range of career paths, such as research, UX/UI, cultural consulting, and more!
  • Collaborate with PURC and psychology labs to host information sessions and workshops that help students apply for research assistantships.
  • Organize seminars where faculty and non-faculty researchers introduce their work and discuss future directions with students.
  • Communicate with students to understand their career/academic goals to ensure that our seminars provide the resources that foster success.

I believe that my previous executive experiences in PSA and other student associations such as UofTMHA make me a strong candidate for a Seminar Coordinator who is equipped to help you excel in your academics and beyond! Please consider me and Jeanne as your next Seminar Coordinators.

Jennifer Moon — In Slate with Melis Vanli

Greetings! I’m Jennifer Moon, a first-year student at the University of Toronto, soon to embark on a psychology specialist program. I’m excited to run for Seminar Coordinator and bring fresh ideas to the table:

  1. Diverse Speaker Lineup: I am committed to bringing in speakers from various backgrounds and disciplines, not just within the university but also beyond. From professionals in research and education to those in unconventional fields like technology and arts, our seminars will offer a comprehensive view of potential career paths.
  2. Student-Centric Approach: Create opportunities for open discussions where students can voice their career and academic goals. I’ll prioritize student concerns, fostering open discussions and providing resources to support their goals.
  3. Accessible Opportunities: Navigating undergraduate opportunities can be overwhelming. As Seminar Coordinator, I will strive to make these opportunities more accessible to all psychology students. Whether it’s introducing termly introductions to research labs or hosting sessions on career planning, I’m dedicated to empowering students with the information they need.

I’m honoured to serve as your Seminar Coordinator. Feel free to check my Instagram account for more: Jennifer_for_PSA_seminar. We’ll create engaging seminars that inspire and empower our community. Please consider voting for me and Melis!

Melis Vanli — In Slate with Jennifer Moon

I am Melis Vanli, currently a first-year international student at the University of Toronto. You may remember me as a host if you’ve ever listened to our PSA podcast: you may have heard me ask an associate professor in psychology and law questions about the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp case, or talk to a neuroscientist about dream analysis. If not, one thing you should know about me is that I don’t really resonate much with the proverb “curiosity killed the cat” since my curiosity leads me to ask questions. I am passionate about seeking answers to a lot of questions in psychology, and it is for this reason that I believe I am a suitable candidate to become one of PSA’s seminar coordinators. I am always curious and enthusiastic to learn, so I will do my best to organize many interesting seminars and academic talks. Taking part in the podcast as a researcher and interviewer has given me valuable experience in learning how to create intriguing conversations, and I would love to have the opportunity to keep doing this with even more autonomy! Please consider voting for me and Jennifer as your Seminar Coordinators!

Manavi Goyal


Social Coordinators (2)

Hailee Kim

Greetings, Students! I’m Hailee Kim, a first-year pursing interests in Psychology excited to become Social Coordinator within our Psychology Students’ Association.

Engaged in the Korean community, I deeply understand the importance of fostering connections and creating meaningful experiences. My authentic pride in contributing is my aspiration to make this role an exciting avenue for new experiences and memories with diverse backgrounds and to organize engaging social activities that resonate with our diverse student body.

I imagine myself planning interesting events as your social coordinator, aiming to bridge the gap between students and faculty members by offering mentorship opportunities and organizing stress-relieving events. These gatherings will bring psychology professors and students together and create a welcoming environment that encourages conversations to thrive. Shaped by experiences within diverse communities, I’m committed to promising a lively and enriching environment.

Bringing along a fresh perspective and a deep passion for good change, I am well-prepared, with a background in leadership roles and community advocacy, to effectively represent the interests of students. Together, let’s create a campus community where every voice matters. I appreciate your help. Let’s collaborate to design a better future for our Psychology Students’ Association. Thank you for your support again.

Pooja Sivamohan

Hi! My name is Pooja, and I am an incoming third year specializing in psychology and majoring in global health. I am running for the position of social coordinator.

To me, this role entails promoting interconnectedness amongst psychology students at U of T. Social engagement is extremely beneficial to our learning experiences. Through social events, students can meet other people with similar academic interests and goals, as well as learn away from the classroom in a more engaging setting. Therefore, I am passionate about fostering an engaging and supportive environment by coordinating social events.

My past experience in coordinating events, along with my organizational skills, equips me to plan and execute engaging events to promote engagement within the community of psychology students .

Through collaboration and creativity, I aspire to encourage students to form new connections and enhance their university experience.

Kyra Niyogi — In Slate with Megan Huynh

Hi everyone, my name is Kyra Niyogi, and I’m running for social coordinator for PSA alongside Megan Huynh! We are both first years looking to major in psychology, and are currently a part of the PSA as general volunteers and a part of the mentorship program! Our goal with these positions is to help maintain the close community among students interested in psychology! 

In high school, I was a board member for a club called Spartan Buddies, where we would have lunch with students who were actively seeking to make new friends. As a part of this position, I have learned how to host a variety of events and make everyone feel included.

With this position, I hope to be able to facilitate more networking opportunities for students as well as organize different events, including open conversations with psychology professors and bonding events for students that are a part of the club. I also aim to help students create a healthy work-life balance and host events that help students de-stress during the school year. Please vote for Kyra Niyogi and Megan Huynh as social coordinators, and thank you for considering us!

Megan Huynh — In Slate with Kyra Niyogi

Hey everyone! I’m Megan, a 1st year student planning on completing a Psychology specialist and a Spanish minor. I’m running for social coordinator alongside Kyra. As current general volunteers and part of the mentorship program, we both have an understanding of how PSA functions and its mission of connecting psychology students at UofT. Another relevant experience is my position as Sisterhood Chair for the Greek organization alpha Kappa Delta Phi, which involves organizing social events with sisters to encourage and foster a sense of community. I believe that I can transfer these skills to PSA as a social coordinator. 

As a social coordinator, I plan on:

  • Hosting de-stressing events around midterm and final exam season, such as puppy yoga and karaoke nights
  • Inviting professors in a casual setting for students to make connections, ask about research opportunities, etc. 
  • and more!

I would love the opportunity to work with the PSA team to create a tight-knit and supportive community for psychology students. Please vote for Megan Huynh & Kyra Niyogi as your social coordinators! Thank you for your consideration:)

Sophia Park — In Slate with Yewon Chang

Hello, fellow psychology students at UofT!

My name is Sophia Park and I’m an incoming fourth-year Psychology and Criminology Major. I’m eager to run for the Social Coordinator position in a slate with Yewon Chang.

During my time in PSA during this academic school year, I have been an enthusiastic subcommittee member of the social committee. Throughout this experience, I have learned valuable event coordination, planning, execution, and leadership to best serve this Coordinator position. 

As a Social Coordinator candidate, I am dedicated to fostering an inviting and tight-knit environment for UofT psychology students. My biggest goals for this year are to hold events that are of the psychology student body’s interest and execute them inclusively and excitingly. 

Throughout the academic school year, I plan to execute:

  • Stress-relieving events that are of students’ interest (like the tote-bag painting which our subcommittee team executed successfully this year)
  • Informational events for the psychology program
  • Helpful networking events
  • And much more!

Through interpersonal skills learned in my commitments to PSA and other clubs (UofT UNICEF, VISK), I plan to work together with my team cooperatively to deliver the best welcoming social events in the upcoming school year. 

Vote Sophia and Yewon for Social Coordinator, thank you! 🙂

Yewon Chang — In Slate with Sophia Park

Hi everyone!

My name is Yewon, and I am a third-year student, double majoring in Psychology and Political Science. I am running as the social coordinator in a slate with Sophia Park! As a Social Subcommittee this year, I have successfully organized various social events such as Tea with Profs, board games night, and tote bag painting! These events created an exciting and safe space for various psychology and non-psychology students to network with faculty members and take a mental break from schoolwork by engaging in various therapeutic activities.

If I were elected, I would create:

  1. Networking events (to bring students and faculty members closer + create connections to potential collaborations on research projects and other opportunities)
  2. Social mixers (collab with other UofT organizations and host social events)
  3. Stress-relieving events (Movie/Game nights, art therapy activities, mindfulness workshops)

With my hands-on experience working in the PSA team, I aim to continue fostering a stronger sense of community within the university, specifically within the Psychology circle at UofT!

Vote for Yewon and Sophia as your Social Coordinators for an exciting year filled with unforgettable events!

Thank you! 🙂

Volunteer Coordinators (2)

Pritika Vatsa — In Slate with Zayna Aqeel

Hi there!

I’m Pritika, an incoming fourth-year Psychology specialist student here at UofT. I’m running for Volunteer Coordinator with Zayna Aqeel for the 2024-25 school year. I have previously been involved in the PSA, where I have one year of general volunteer experience and one year of executive experience as the volunteer coordinator. 

In addition to my experience with PSA, I have volunteer experience with schools such as Branksome Hall and as a research assistant at the Toronto Early Cognition Lab at the University of Toronto. I strongly believe that these positions have helped me strengthen the skills that I require to be a proactive and efficient Volunteer Coordinator. 

As a volunteer coordinator, I plan to:

  • Continue the PSA Podcast, focusing on working with professors and faculty at the University of Toronto to gain more information for psychology students about our professors’ backgrounds and work.
  • Work with the PSA general volunteers for more external volunteer roles, such as working with local communities and volunteer services. 
  • Play an integral role in all psychology students’ weekly hours.

I hope to work with the rest of the PSA members to achieve their mission and create a diverse and accepting environment for all Psychology students at The University of Toronto.

Zayna Aqeel — In Slate with Pritika Vatsa

Hi everyone! 

My name is Zayna Aqeel, and I am one of the current Volunteer Coordinator for PSA! I’m an incoming 4th year student doing a double major in Psychology and Health & Disease, and am very excited for the opportunity to continue on with my role. 

As the current Volunteer Coordinator, my involvement with PSA has given me executive experience with planning and hosting events, being in charge of groups with 30+ members, and facilitating office hours/ study with me hours. 

Furthermore, a large part of my role includes maintaining the PSA Podcast (@psapodcast on Spotify!). I have taken on the role behind the scenes in editing and uploading these podcasts, as this is something I am very passionate about! 

Some of my goals for the upcoming year are to continue: 

  • Facilitating office hours/ study with me hours to allow psychology students to navigate their program while building a sense of community 
  • Organizing and planning events that allow PSA volunteers to come together while also giving back to the community
  • Creating and uploading podcast episodes tailored to psychology students to facilitate collaborations and a sense of community among students 

Thank you for considering my candidacy.

Esther Lai

Hi everyone! My name is Esther, a second year student studying Psychology and Health Studies, and I’m excited to be running for the Volunteer Coordinator position in a slate with Sunny Chen.

With my positive experiences being a PSA volunteer this year and understanding team responsibilities, I would seize the great opportunity to serve my peers and optimize volunteers’ experience. In addition, as a PSA mentor for two first-year students, I find great fulfillment in supporting fellow psychology students. My position as Director of Marketing at UofT Volunteers Connect has further built my connection and involvement with various volunteer organizations. There is no doubt that PSA volunteers have brilliant ideas to offer to the club and the wider community, and I am dedicated to creating an inclusive and welcoming platform where those ideas are heard and achieved.

Sunny and I bonded over our common goals of creating a tight-knit volunteer community and increasing engagement in current initiatives.

Together, we aim to:

  1. Diversify podcast topics and areas of interests beyond research, encouraging volunteers to participate proactively
  2. Strengthen relationships between volunteers during office hours
  3. Introduce on and off campus psychology-related volunteer opportunities

Please vote for Esther Lai and Sunny Chen as your future Volunteer Coordinators!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find people to sign my nomination form? How will they sign it?
You may use the #election-candidates channel on the PSA Discord server or other PSA platforms to ask for nominations. Do NOT campaign on PSA platforms. Electronic signatures OR UofT emails are acceptable forms of signatures.

Can I nominate more than one person?
Yes, you can nominate more than one person regardless of whether you are a candidate yourself.

Can I nominate myself?
No, you may only sign the nomination forms of other students.

What is the candidate platform for?
Platforms will be posted on the PSA website and Facebook page when the campaigning period starts. It is for PSA constituents – undergraduate psychology students at UofT such as yourself – to get to know the candidates that are running for PSA executive positions. Platforms will also be included on the voting ballot.

What do I put on my platform?
Your platform can include information such as why you want to join the PSA, what you hope to achieve in your position, relevant experience, skills, and/or traits. This will be in the form of a statement (max 200 words).

I’m interested in two or more positions. Can I run for more than one?
Candidates may only run for one position.

Can I campaign on the PSA Discord server / Facebook page / Facebook Social Group?
You may NOT campaign on any official PSA platforms.

Can I vote for myself?
Yes! We encourage you to vote for yourself.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Election-related inquiries go to: psa.elections.cro@gmail.com