Conference Coordinators (2) Platforms

Gigi Kittaneh

Hi everyone! My name is Gigi, I’m currently a third-year psychology specialist minoring in economics and I am running for conference coordinator next year.

Participating in several PSA roles over the past years has given me valuable insights about executive team dynamics and how to enhance our performance. My goal is to make next year’s conference accessible, inclusive, and stimulating (both intellectually and socially) to help you get the most out of your psychology journey! To ensure our conference captures the multifaceted nature of this field, I will:

  • Expand our number of sponsors and decrease fees.
  • Work closely with our department and faculty.
  • Survey students for suggestions and feedback.
  • Bridge gaps between students, faculty, and opportunities.

My previous experiences coordinating model UN conferences, fundraising for charities such as CAMH, and working in multiple psychology labs have equipped me with the communication, networking, and leadership skills necessary for executing a successful conference. Coupled with my eagerness to create a sense of belonging for our student body, I am confident in my capability to be part of next year’s executive team!

Don’t hesitate to reach out for details about my campaign 🙂
IG: ghadakit_

Aarna Rao — In Slate with Clizia Martini


I’m Aarna, and I am a Psychology major running for Conference Coordinator with Clizia Martini for the upcoming election.

I am passionate about creating experiences that bring people together! With extensive leadership experience in planning and organising events, including socials and fairs, I have honed my skills over the years. Additionally, my dedication to volunteering in mental health access, sustainability initiatives, and empowering young girls/women has further enriched my passion for psychology.

This conference serves as a crucial platform for individuals interested in psychology to connect with peers and professors, fostering relationships within the psychology community. We aim to:

  1. Increase accessibility, by decreasing the prices of tickets and making them more affordable for students to connect to more professionals outside their classrooms
  2. Diversifying the speakers, bringing in a greater variety of speakers for the conference from a range of different fields that implement psychology. This can include doctors, professors from other universities and departments
  3. Additional Resources, provide students with resources for after the conference to further their connections and knowledge built during the event

Collaborating with the executive team and all members of PSA, Clizia and I aim to ensure the success of the 2025 PSA conference.

Vote Aarna Rao and Clizia Martini as your Conference Coordinators!!

Clizia Martini — In Slate with Aarna Rao

Hi everyone!

I’m Clizia, a second-year Psychology specialist and Global Health major running for Conference Coordinator alongside Aarna Rao.

This past year I have had the opportunity to serve as part of the conference subcommittee, bringing the team’s vision to life. I enjoyed assisting in planning the conference, including generating the theme, brainstorming speakers, and bringing psychology students together.

Alongside PSA, I am part of the UofT Friends of MSF chapter and the Sexual Education Centre, where I have further improved my event planning skills among collaborating with others. Previously, I helped plan my city’s first pride event with a turnout of 3,000 people and hosted numerous large-scale advocacy events.

As conference coordinators, we aim to:

  1. Diversify the speakers, bringing in a greater variety of speakers from a range of different fields that implement psychology. This can include doctors, professors from other universities and departments, etc.
  2. Increase accessibility by decreasing the ticket prices making them more affordable and allowing more students to connect with professionals outside the classroom.
  3. Provides resources after the conference for students to further their connections and knowledge built during the event

Please vote for Clizia Martini and Aarna Rao as your Conference Coordinators! Thank you for your support

Ashley Cheung — In Slate with Zi Qi Liow

Hi! 🤍

My name is Ashley Cheung, a third-year student double majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience. I’m running to be your conference coordinator with Zi Qi! This past year as subcommittee members, we took active roles in organizing PSA’s largest conference, and I had the opportunity to lead the first ever formal night at Chelsea hotel. With your vote, we will elevate all upcoming events.

  1. We are dedicated to executing a conference that is intellectually stimulating and tailored to your needs. Via instagram Polls, you can share your input on everything from themes and speakers to venues and dining!
  2. We aim to cultivate meaningful, long-lasting connections beyond small talk and networking. Attendees could win raffle prizes like complimentary lunches and workplace tours with professionals…
  3. We will partner with vendors and clinics, to provide you with practical volunteering opportunities.
  4. We’re excited to plan PSA’s second formal night, creating the ideal setting for students to connect more closely, and share our passions for psychology.

My negotiation skills, attention to detail and past successes, can assure you that I’m committed to fostering exceptional experiences across all events. I’m eager to meet you all and to experience many moments of learning and enjoyment at this year’s conference! Vote Ashley and Zi Qi as your Conference Coordinators! 🤍

Zi Qi Liow — Ashley Cheung

Hey Psych students! 🤍🤗

My name is Zi Qi, and I’m a 2nd year student pursuing a double major in Psychology and Neuroscience. I’m running in slate with Ashley as your next Conference Coordinators!

As a member of the Conference Subcommittee this year, I had the wonderful opportunity to plan PSA’s most ambitious conference yet that encompassed a panel session, wellness session, and a formal night. Next year, we have 3 goals in mind:

  1. We want this conference to be made FOR the psychology students, BY the psychology students. Through Instagram Polls, you’ll have the chance to voice your ideas on the theme, speakers, venue, food, and more!
  2. Go beyond traditional networking. We plan on fostering lasting connections that extend beyond the event itself. As an attendee, you can enter a raffle and win: a free lunch with our  speakers, a tour around the workplace, and more!
  3. Partner with vendors and clinics to facilitate meaningful, hands-on volunteering opportunities for attendees. We want to empower students with practical experiences in the field, enriching their understanding and application of the knowledge shared by our speakers

If our mission aligns with you, vote for Zi Qi and Ashley as your next Conference Coordinators!