Academic Coordinators (2) Platforms

Bilge Guven — In Slate with Erin Timur

Hi! My name is Bilge and I’m an incoming third year Psychology specialist double minoring in Linguistics and Women & Gender Studies. I am running to be your academic coordinator this year in a slate with Erin!

As a Mental Health Peer Advisor in Trinity, I have led events centering students’ well-being and providing resources to achieve their goals while taking care of their mental health. I am also involved in TASAH (Trinity Against Sexual Assault and Harassment) and Rainbow Trinity, where I advocated for the gender reaffirming gear program and succeeded in providing care resources to the student community. I bring my passion with me into any position I hold, and you can count on me to provide you with accessible and fun events and programs year-round!

As an academic coordinator, I aim to jazz up the Academic Committee by:

  • creating a feedback platform for students to communicate concerns relating to equity, diversity and inclusion in their courses. This could be in regards to course syllabi, instructors, or accessibility issues (eg. 3-hour classes with minimal breaks). We will then meet with the Psychology Department to deliver your concerns and brainstorm real, attainable solutions.
  • hosting a “wine & cheese” themed networking event with professors for an opportunity to get to know them outside of the lecture hall! This will be the perfect occasion to ask your professors about the research they conduct as well as their career paths.

I am ready to serve the Psychology student community and slay with my expertise in student advocacy and event planning! 💗

Erin Timur — In Slate with Bilge Guven

Hi! I’m Erin, a first year undergrad hoping to double major in Psychology and Women and Gender Studies! Organisational roles have always been my favourite, which is why I am so excited to run for Academic Coordinator! I’ve been the Co-Chair for an Alumni Association back home (Cyprus!), have been an organiser for European Youth Parliament conferences and worked as administrative staff for a MediMUN conference; meaning I know how much work goes into academic gatherings and am ready to put my experiences to use for all of us at PSA! I’ve also been in several roles as a leader in a team, such as Deputy HeadGirl at my highschool, and a First Year Councillor on VUSAC, granting me invaluable experience in working together with people, compromising, and holding events. 

I had the privilege of attending the PSA conference this year and meeting some of you! The conference was so well put together and it got me excited to hold events as part of the PSA, should I be elected. Some events I’d like to hold are:

  • Anti-Procrastination nights:, we would have a quiet place, with some snacks and drinks, for students to come and study! I’d aim to have at least two each semester, before midterms and finals
  • A two-part panel where we invite students from upper years to talk about
  • How to Study: tips and tricks that work for them
  • Choosing a Degree:: before March 1st when program enrolment begin, to help first years
  • A panel exploring career opportunities in psychology that aren’t academic or research oriented

I’m running in a slate with Bilge so make sure to check them out!!

Coco Li

Hey everyone, I’m Coco Li, and I’m thrilled to be running for the position of academic coordinator. As a first-year life science student with a deep passion for psychology, I am planning to specialize in Psychology.

Throughout the past year, I have been actively involved in our community, participating in events like the Dr. Freud Competition, volunteering with PSA, and joining the mentorship program. These experiences have helped me grow so much as a first-year student. They not only have enriched my understanding of psychology but also connected me with peers who share my enthusiasm. Lastly, I have come to love the PSA community and how it has become a staple part of my university life.

Wanting to share this experience, I’m eager to leverage my experiences to enhance the student experience for everyone. As academic coordinator, I hope to expand the mentorship program by introducing more mentorship socials and study sessions, which will provide valuable opportunities for mentor-mentee interactions. By strengthening these relationships, we will be able to create a close-knit and supportive environment for the psychology community.

Please vote for Coco as your Academic Coordinator.
Thank you for your support!

Haneen Basheer

Hi everyone!

My name is Haneen I’m running to be the next academic coordinator! I’m an incoming fourth-year psychology and neuroscience double major. As a Best Buddy mentor of two years, I provided support to individuals with disabilities and facilitated community events. My experience as a mentor has strengthened my compassion, communication, and event-planning skills making me a perfect candidate for the academic coordinator role.

As your academic coordinator, I will focus on:

  • Education & Career Guidance: Tailor events and resources based on the students’ unique paths e.g. networking events with professors and professionals in the field or research info sessions.
  • Inclusive Community: Hold different academic events (ex. Dr. Freud Competition and Graduate School Info Session) that allow all psychology students to have access to academic support. As well as a place to build connections with their peers to build a sense of belonging and community.
  • Communication: Maintain two-way communication, listen to the academic needs of Psychology students, and consistently incorporate your feedback into different academic events.

Thank you for your consideration!

Joanna Meng

Dear fellow UofT Psychology students, 

My name is Joanna, and this is my second year here at UofT. I am so excited to express my interest in the Academic Coordinator position for the upcoming year! With the experience of being a general member of PSA for the past 2 years, I would love to proceed to make the PSA a welcoming space for all our psychology students, and help students succeed in academically. 

My vision for academic coordinator are the following:

  1. Connecting higher-year psychology students and lower year students through the Mentorship Program. As well as coming up with fun ideas and challenges for our mentors and mentees each month. 
  2. Hosting Graduate School Information Sessions, as well as Career Information Session, and inviting alumnus that are in the working field to share their experiences, and answer our fellow PSA students’ questions. 
  3. Hosting general Q&A sessions through our PSA socials at the beginning/end of each semester, to answer any academic related questions, and to motivate our psychology students. 
  4. Regular posting of Lab opportunities on social platforms.

Vote Joanna For Academic Coordinator!  

Safah Basir

Aloha friends! I’m Safah, a second-year Psychology major, thrilled to run for the position of Academic Coordinator. I’ve spent the past two years involved in the mentorship programs, as a mentor for Woodsworth College, and this year PSA. I’m committed to prioritizing not only academic support but also mental well-being.

As your Academic Coordinator, I aim to:

  • Host a course fair for psych students to get more insight into courses they are interested in before enrolling in it. Provide concise summaries of over 100 psychology courses, guiding you towards valuable experiences and skill development for your career path.
  • Organize a Graduate School Info Session to explore diverse fields within psychology, how they use psychology in the field of law, business…and etc. abroad.
  • Provide a list of opportunities where you can gain clinical skills, with reminders of deadlines throughout the year.
  • Advocate for CCR recognition for mentees, acknowledging their participation and dedication.
  • Customize the mentorship groups to include students that share common interests. As well cultivate a vibrant mentorship program through monthly emails featuring socials and workshops, fostering engagement with challenges and prizes.

Your vote for Safah Basir as Academic Coordinator is a vote for a supportive and enriching academic journey 😉

Ishi Cordero — In Slate with Tarini Kapoor

Hey everyone! I’m Ishi, a third-year student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Statistics and Computer Science. Alongside Tarini, I’m running for the Academic Coordinator position.

Having obtained experience in helping students with their academics through POSt system-guidance, drafting emails connecting them to their professors, and researching potential career paths through contacting registrars and TAs, I wish to incorporate everything

I’ve learned and help students out on a much larger scale. Our problems and priorities throughout undergrad are constantly evolving and changing shape. I understand how it feels to get lost in the chaos of it all and thinking that you’re behind everyone else. As your Academic Coordinator, I’m committed and eager to help those striving to see the light at the end of that tunnel. My main goals are to:

  • Revamp the mentorship program and graduate information program, which will accommodate each person’s individual needs and levels of growth
  • Information sessions and mentorship programs will happen more regularly to give students more opportunities
  • Prioritise feedback in order to tailor the information sessions specifically to students
  • Providing increased curative support for students in navigating university life

It would truly be an honour to be a part of the PSA team, vote Ishi for Academic Coordinator!

Tarini Kapoor — In Slate with Ishi Cordero

Hey everyone! I’m Tarini, a second-year transfer student specializing in psychology. Alongside Ishi, I’ll be running for the academic coordinator position! My experience as a transfer student fuels my passion to ensure nobody feels alone or lost in their university transition. Incorporating what I learned from personal experience, some of my many aspirations for the team include:

  • Recognizing our diverse backgrounds and learning methods, transitioning to a new way of learning can be intimidating. Therefore, building on the mentorship program to strategically pair mentors and mentees to create a supportive environment for growth and bridge the gap between high school and university learning.
  • Introducing the “shadow-a-research-professor for a day” program and networking sessions with industry professionals and alumni- offering invaluable insights, opportunities and connections for life.
  • Prioritizing your feedback above all else so I can better understand how to improve your academic journey, leaving no student behind. I’ll personally hold regular sessions to address your queries and foster a community that feels like home.

Your voices matter, and I’m committed to amplifying them! Vote Tarini for Academic Coordinator, and let’s craft the most supportive academic journey imaginable. PSA helped me find my footing in this daunting new environment, and I’m eager to offer you the same support.

Krisha Khanna — In Slate with Somya Duggal

Hello Psychology Students!

I am Krisha Khanna, an incoming 3rd year Psychology Specialist and Women and Gender Studies Major. I am so excited to be running for the position of Academic Co-ordinator in a slate with Somya Duggal. I have worked with the Psychology Students’ Association as a Seminar Subcommittee member in 2022-23 and as an Academic Subcommittee member in 2023-34. Through my roles, I have not only successfully organized events including online and in-person seminars, the Dr.Freud competition, and but have also found a community of academically driven individuals. I have also assisted with the successful execution of our Mentorship Program in the past year.

As Academic Co-ordinators, Somya and I aim to :

  • Make academic writing resources, which are specific to psychology students like lab report writing aid, accessible to the students.
  • Bridge the gap between students and the plethora of opportunities like research and volunteer positions and organize workshops to help them through those applications.
  • Organize more in-person events for the mentorship program, along with the social, to strengthen the sense of community within that program.
  • Offer study drop-in sessions to facilitate collaboration for all psychology students, specifically PSY100

Please vote for Krisha Khanna and Somya Duggal as your Academic Coordinators. Thank you for your support!

Somya Duggal — In Slate with Krisha Khanna


I’m Somya Duggal and I’m running with Krisha Khanna to be next year’s Academic coordinator! I am an incoming 3rd year double majoring in Psychology and Women and Gender Studies. As incoming campus director of Peace by PEACE, I have experience in teaching and mentorship which gives me insights into how support outside the classroom can strengthen success in the class and in extracurriculars. Furthermore, I understand how important any opportunity is, Krisha and I aim to create more opportunities for students to not only learn and review together but to meet and network with profs, researchers, and peers. Krisha and I aim to:

  • To connect students with professors outside classroom settings in a less intimidating and formal manner.
  • Collaborate more with the social and seminar committee to foster outreach and organize larger scale events focusing on enhancing psychology student success, through networking and socials.
  • Create a formal voluntary tutor system in which upper years can sign up to tutor for specific courses and be paired with lower year students who need help in those courses (and hopefully get CCR recognition!)

Please vote for Krisha Khanna and Somya Duggal as your Academic Coordinators. Thank you for your support!