Treasurer (1)

Angela Xu

Hello everyone!

I am Angela, a second-year student double majoring in psychology and sociocultural anthropology. I am eager to express my interest in the treasurer position at the Psychology Students’ Association (PSA) for the 2024-2025 academic year!

As a current general member, I want to deepen my involvement and contribute to the team’s growth. I strongly believe that financial management is the key to creating a strong base for a team’s nourishment and potential success.

If elected, my top priority will be to understand our students’ needs and materialize them through efficient funding management.

During my role as the registration team manager for an annual charity ball, I used financing softwares (i.e., Xero and Zapier) to track incomes, refunds, and other financial flows. Moreover, being the fundraising coordinator of a non-profit organization allows me to practice communicating with sponsors for funding.

Finally, I am committed to fostering effective teamwork and ensuring open communication. In addition, I will also protect PSA’s financial health (and ensure we don’t go into debt :p).

Vote for me as your treasurer and I will provide you with what was promised – a fun, exciting, and well-planned year for your enjoyment! Thank you for your consideration.

Angela Xu

Parham Bokaei Jazi

️Hey everyone! I’m Parham ✌️, a life science student majoring in psychology and specializing in Pathobiology (fingers crossed!). Excited to run for Treasurer at PSA! 🎉 I discovered PSA through PSY100 and have loved participating in the mentorship program, seminars, and the Dr. Freud competition.

With a year of financial management experience at UTFC, I understand the intricacies of student club finances at UofT 💲. I’ve also worked in event teams at UTFC and UTIRAN, priming me to coordinate with PSA’s diverse teams and create new opportunities 👤.

As Treasurer, I’ll ensure:

  • Financial Stability: Ensuring that PSA’s finances are managed responsibly and by ASSU regulations, avoiding any deficits or debt accumulation.
  • Transparent Budgeting: Prioritizing members’ needs with a comprehensive budget, and allocating funds towards a wide range of activities and events.
  • Collaborative Planning: Coordinating budgets and resources effectively with all PSA teams.

Above all, I am passionate about psychology and have truly enjoyed being part of the PSA events. I hope to get more involved at PSA and I have the time and skills to dedicate to this position and hope to positively contribute to the success and growth of PSA.

Vote Parham for Treasurer! 🤝🗳

Shi Jia (SJ) Er

Hi everyone! My name is SJ, a second year Psychology and Economics double major, and I am running to be your Treasurer. As Treasurer, my mission is to maintain and build upon PSA’s financial foundation, hopefully expanding what PSA can offer to all psychology students!

As Treasurer, my goals for the upcoming year are to:

  • Implement new strategies to boost outreach and secure additional funding and partnerships for the association.
  • Developing cost-effective methods to allocate more budget towards socials and events.
  • Maintaining and increasing the association’s float to ensure sustained growth and for bigger events in the future.

Over the past few years, I have had many opportunities from both within and outside the UofT community to gain experience in securing sponsorships, budgeting and outreach for different conferences and organisations. I would like to bring my experiences to PSA to help create more opportunities for us all and join this amazing community. As Treasurer, I am committed to fine-tuning our budget for an exciting year ahead and your support and vote would mean a lot.

Thank you for taking the time to read my statement, let’s work together to make PSA even better! 🙂